Jody Calitz, Jody C, Body Freedom Coach, Plant Based Nutritionist, Self Love Coach

30 day self love & body freedom course

The biggest secret to achieving abundant self love, self worth & unshakable confidence, is to let go of all limiting beliefs, false illusions & internal conflict happening inside so that you can embrace ALL that you are & fall in love with being your unique, beautiful self.

After nearly 2 decades of learning to understand, appreciate & love my body, I am sharing the resources, secrets & tools I have learnt, so that you too can achieve the BODY FREEDOM I experience every day!

Get ready to go on an adventure… take the road less traveled & discover just how incredibly beautiful & valuable you are in this world.

It is a 30 day journey that includes your own personal journal (digital or print) & a powerful meditation series to help you blossom & bloom.

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Jody Calitz, Jody C, Body Freedom Coach, Plant Based Nutritionist, Self Love Coach

60 day body breakthrough nutrition program

This is an Anti Inflammatory nutrition program designed to assist your body in healing, repairing & transforming itself so that your body can function, feel & look it’s best!

Inflammation causes havoc in the body. Whether it is recurring indigestion & bloating, unwanted weight gain & water retention or as serious as diabetes & cancer…..inflammation is present & prevents your body from functioning at it’s best

By healing your body from inflammation, you allow it to transform from the inside out. This is an all inclusive & beautifully structured LIFESTYLE plan that is designed to give you everything you need to achieve your body goals!

100% plant based YET versatile enough to adapt into any lifestyle! This is not about converting to veganism, it’s about healing, nourishing & strengthening your body.

Get ready to FEEL & look YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST!

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Jody Calitz, Jody C, Body Freedom Coach, Plant Based Nutritionist, Self Love Coach



When you discover BODY FREEDOM, you will have the courage & ability to achieve anything your heart desires.

You will be physically strong & healthy….you will be mentally strong & healthy …..& you will be spiritually strong & healthy to know that you are worthy of greatness. That you worthy of love & that you are worthy to feel & radiate your authentic beautiful self, unapologetically!!!

 If you are tired of fumbling from one program to the next, struggling & hoping to achieve the body, health & confidence you desire…then it’s time you join the BODY FREEDOM ACADEMY.

This is my exclusive 8 week 1 on 1 coaching program for those who are serious about achieving everlasting Self love, INCREDIBLE health & complete Body Freedom.

We dive deep to crush limiting beliefs, fears & failures. We break old habits & destructive thought patterns & we heal & transform your body from the inside out!

 It’s a physical, emotional & spiritual journey to help you rediscover the incredible Goddess living within you!
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