Attention all busy women who are feeling frustrated, stuck & overwhelmed with their journey to a healthy, sexy & confident body….


Get ready to break free of self sabotaging, late night binging & tiring & depriving calorie counting diets.

Get into the best shape of your life in 6 weeks with ULTIMATE BEACH BODY 1.0  

What is the ULTIMATE BEACH BODY 1.0 Program?

It is a program EXCLUSIVELY for busy women (this includes motherhood because that in itself is equivalent to a career…) to help them get into the best shape of their lives in 6 weeks without starving, depriving or calorie counting!

It is the NEW AGE approach to health & fitness & a secret that every women should know!

Using a plant based meal plan which incorporates the HCLF diet, I combined this with a my highly effective body training system, to ensure you achieve results fast !

start today; get into the best shape of your life in 6weeks

My name is Jody C. I am a women’s Holistic WELLNESS Expert, plant based nutritionist and multi published fitness model & expert.

Trust me, I have been where you are. Trying every possible diet out there to achieve the results I wanted.


From low carb high fat, to 1000cal or less, I have done them all!


Week in & week out I would restrict & bully my body in the hopes it would change shape & become the body of my dreams.


Before I knew it, my body was suffering, my confidence was at an all time low & I I kept asking myself……”HOW DID I GET HERE?”

Years of too much stress, starving myself & over training, led to adrenal fatigue & chronic exhaustion & in the process messed up everything else in my body.

My hormones where out of whack, my skin was breaking out, my hair was falling out & my heart was actually struggling!!!!!


Suddenly I was picking up weight around my tummy (even when I was doing my best to stay healthy), I was constantly exhausted & struggling to keep up & my mental space was not good. Insecure, zero confidence & zero health!


You don’t have to get to that point, and trust me, YOU DON’T WANT TO!!! It’s a very vulnerable & hopeless feeling.

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So what do I mean by “THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE”???

  • Abundant energy 
  • Confident, sexy & fit body where “size” does NOT define your worth.
  • Reduced stress & anxiety.
  • A detoxed body that is rid of unwanted toxins, excess body fat & unbalanced water retention.
  • Improved fitness & endurance to keep up with life’s hectic demands and schedules while still enjoying life.
  • Wake up every day with energy & vitality
  • Unstoppable confidence & self love that will help you embrace all that life offers.
  • NO MORE feelings of deprivation, starvation or restriction. I teach you how to live a healthy life in ABUNDANCE!!!
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Want to step into self love, abundant health & body confidence by becoming the best & healthiest version of themselves.

* * * *

Are ready to make a mental “shift” & stop the self sabotage their results with fad diets, crazy workouts & poor excuses.

* * * *

Are DONE with calorie counting, food restriction & weekly binging. They are ready to embrace an eating plan of unlimited FRESH plant based foods, easy & tasty vegan recipes & food that nourishes, not punishes. 


Are DONE with daily 2 hour gym sessions, endless fasted cardio & machine dependent workouts. They want to workout ANYWHERE, ANY TIME & still see AMAZING results!


See their bodies as their most valuable asset & want to take incredible care of it! 


Understand health is not just a physical component but a mental & emotional one as well & they want to make all 3 elements part of their health & wellness journey.


Want to start LIVING a life they love & LOVING the body they live in!

What you can expect to achieve:

1.Excess fat loss, especially body fat around the middle and thighs (our stress areas).

2. Massive increase in your fitness, firmness & body strength.

3. up to a total loss 20 inches around the body

4. More shape and definition in the arms, legs and glutes.

5.Improved physical and mental endurance and stamina

6. Improved skin & hair quality 

7. Abundant energy and vitality that will have you jumping out of bed every morning with vigor to take on the day

8. Reduced stress, strain and anxiety levels

9. Dramatic risk reduction for heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer

10. UNSTOPPABLE body confidence that will have you taking charge of business head on!



The HIGHLY effective body shaping & fat burning BEACH BODY WORKOUT SYSTEM that can be done anytime anywhere! Whether you are on a beach, in your living room or at your office gym, you can do this workout system with incredible results!


6 week structured nutrition plan that includes meal layouts as well as shopping list planners & healthy vegan recipes to make your life easier & save time.


My EXCLUSIVE personal feedback and assistance over email for the full 6 weeks (t&C’s apply). So when you need help adjusting or adapting the program as you come into some time or location challenges, I will have your back for the full 6 weeks & I am only an email away!


My 3 Day Detox plan to help kick start your journey.


3 guided meditations to help reset your confidence & relieve & ease stress & anxiety. 


BONUS: on completion of the 6 weeks, there is a chance to receive weeks 7 to 12 of the BEACH BODY TRAINING for free!


There is no fuss or frills or extra hours you need to somehow miraculously squeeze into your day. This is for women who want a fast, effective & compact program that will bring amazing results and benefits.

START TODAY with your ultimate beach body 1.0

Investment & Planning

The 6 week ULTIMATE BEACH BODY PROGRAM is yours for only $249.

 * * * *

Modules will be released weekly, but you’ll have lifetime access to course materials

* * * * *

You won’t need to download and navigate your way through a confusing apps & endless options….I give you structured choice that is highly effective.

* * * *

You won’t have to sign up or subscribe to a monthly plan that will be removed once you stop. What you get is yours for life and you can use it for life….it’s that effective.

* * * *

You won’t have to spend endless hours in a gym to gain amazing physical results

* * * *

You won’t have to resort to crazy diets, weight loss supplements or dangerous pills

* * * *

You won’t have to achieve unrealistic demands or expectations…..YOUR HEALTH is my priority and the beautiful body that naturally flourishes is your bodies gift to you

* * * *

You don’t need to fit a certain size or weight, we are aiming for fit, firm & fabulous….and that comes in many shapes & sizes!

For only $249 the full ULTIMATE BEACH BODY 1.0 program is yours!

T&C’s Apply
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Disclaimer: Testimonials, case studies, and examples found on this page & PAGES CONNECTED TO THIS PROGRAM are results that have been forwarded to us by users of JODY C products and related products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Terms & condition apply