Jody Calitz, plant based nutrition, vegan diet plan, plant based eating plan
I am so happy that I eventually decided to follow the programme.
Although I have been vegetarian for the last 5 years, I was stuck on eating the same things. Your programme has given me new inspiration and also showed me that eating plant based food can be interesting and exiting.
I have started a new recipe book for myself with all your recipes and keep it in my kitchen now permanently. No more boring salads and only roast veggies! 
Thank you very much again for all your help. You really have been an inspiration to me. I love your vibe and your outlook on life. Will continue to follow you on Facebook. You are awesome!
Carien Woodburn
Jody Calitz, plant based nutrition, vegan diet plan, plant based eating plan

Jody Calitz, you’re my hero. Thank you for being such a special part of my journey. Your understanding of my needs makes us very much connected in a special way. I look forward to the rest of our journey together


Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

Carol Anthony / Raw Cafe
how to overcome emotional eating

I competed in my first bikini competition as a vegan & would never have dreamed that I could achieve this with my body & health on plants. Your change my life, thank you Jody xxx

Julia Pia / School Teacher
Jurese Venzke

My favourite part is definitely the mental break through.  That feeling of let go and acceptance.  It’s been so liberating.  I also love that you never judge and that you understand.  And you see the lessons in everything.  So when things go wrong, you don’t see it as a failure you saw it as a lesson.  This taught me not to be so hard on myself, to have grace on myself and of course now when things go wrong I try to look for the lesson instead of beating myself up over it.  It’s all about discovering yourself and finding what works for you.  I LOVED that.

My confidence is no longer linked to the size of my body or what other people think.  I live for me now.  And I refuse to miss out on anymore special moments because I am self-conscious.  I try to live life to the fullest!

Jurese Venzka / Cement Technician
Jody Calitz, plant based nutrition, vegan diet plan, plant based eating plan

You’ve motivated me to train more yoga & outdoors, thank you!

It was spiritually crushing to spend time in the gym every day, recovery was harder and harder, sleeping longer…. just basically my time was being consumed. 

And now I have the gift of time!

Lucy / The Vegan Diva
Jody Calitz, plant based nutrition, vegan diet plan, plant based eating plan

I can whole heartedly say that after doing the 28 day Vegan Fat Lass challenge (which I didn’t really do for the fat loss, however it was an added bonus), was the best decision I have have ever made.

Been almost 100% plant based since March 2018 and couldn’t be happier!

Jacqui Chandler
Jody Calitz, plant based nutrition, vegan diet plan, plant based eating plan

You have been my change, always have been. Jods, you’ve brought me into a world of enlightenment. You are such an unbelievable woman, have so much love and respect for you and the path that you’ve chosen…..thank you 🌸

Suskia Strafella / TheVegan Body Project
Jody this is incredible!!
I, myself, have recently experienced burnout and at the age of 34 initially did not want to accept that’s what it was. However it’s become my greatest teacher and I’ve been learning to love myself again however in a deeper way! 
I absolutely loved your piece on your journey through burnout and rediscovering yourself. It was a great inspiration at a low moment in my life. I am thankful.
Joy Dreyer

This has been the best 12 weeks of my entire life…I have proven to myself that I can achieve whatever it is that I put my heart and mind to.

This program has taught me self discipline and self love xxx

Tasneem Kirchner / Mother & Globe trotter

You inspire me every day. I love your philosophy & outlook on health & life. It makes such sense….and it works!

Janine Smith / Mother, Wife, mountain adventurer
Thank you SO much for this wonderful program. Like I said before, I was very scared to transition to Vegan because of all the myths and ‘propoganda’ out there.. if you know what I mean 😉  But…this program was everything to me. I feel great!
I have definitely lost cm’s, but this was not purely about weight loss for me. I have found what my heart and body has longed for! Very easy to follow, with tasty and easy recipes that fills not only the stomach but also the soul 🤩 and I rarely felt hungry… ( the best part)! 
My absolute favourite is your green smoothie breakfast recipe. 
I would most definitely recommend this to anyone seeking vegan guidance. 
Jacqui Botes
Jody Calitz, plant based nutrition, vegan diet plan, plant based eating plan

“I met Jody in November 2013, and she has definitely changed my life around.

I had spent the previous 2 years over-working myself and not taking enough care of myself, after the loss of my mother. Eventually reality hit and I needed help to get my health back on track……

Having Jody as a Personal Trainer has been an amazing experience: the time and effort she puts into her clients is worth every penny. “

Anastasia Tsobanopulas / Film production
Jody Calitz, plant based nutrition, vegan diet plan, plant based eating plan

When I met Jody she opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of fitness and healthy living. She has been and continues to be an amazing role model and motivator.

Chad Waller / Organic Canvas
Jody Calitz, plant based nutrition, vegan diet plan, plant based eating plan

Jody is an absolute gem, one of those rare people who truly cares and wants you to succeed in reaching your goal. She is kind, understanding, motivating and extremely patient. She is always honest but never insensitive, even when it comes to tough-love you never feel like a failure, she is always uplifting

Liebe Van Rooyen
how to overcome emotional eating

I am 6 weeks in…….I am 4kg down and a total of 41cm. Thanks Jody! You are amazing!

Looking forward to try that leg workout of yours today and to exceed even my own expectations in the next six weeks.

Loving every moment of getting my FRESH on 😉 Love Hanri xxx

Hanri Bezuidenhout / Teacher, wife, mother
how to overcome emotional eating

“ …I’m very impressed with how amazing I feel and look. I’ve gotten many compliments and tons of stares.  I’m much more toned, much more shape,  my posture is more straight, my energy has increased, and well I’m looking much more bikini ready. I absolutely have loved your program and believe in it 100%…

You definitely created it to achieve results and that I have. I love everything you stand for and the inspiration that you have given me.”

Amy Burke / Make-up artist