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Don’t get left behind – THE GAME CHANGERS


If you are still stuck on the fact that you need protein with every meal and the only way to get lean, strong & super hot is through meat….my friend you are stuck in the stone age, literally and figuratively.  You HAVE TO watch the teaser for the hottest MUST WATCH documentary this year called […]

HCLF diet & does it work?

vegan diet plan

I often get asked what diet I follow and very often that gets followed by the questions, so do you mix your carbs and fats and protein. I don’t like giving my “eating methods” a title because I see it as a way of life but to make things easier to understand especially for someone […]

Gluten FREE Protein Breakfast Bowl

easy vegan breakfast

Gluten FREE Protein Breakfast Bowl With the amount of processing our food goes through now days it is no surprise many of us suffer from intolerance’s or allergies. It can become a nightmare and EXTREMELY uncomfortable when you develop a reaction to a certain food. Even though it has become a bit of a “fad” or […]