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Fresh Vegan Spring Rolls

vegan spring rolls with spicy peanut butter sauce

  If you haven’t seen it yet, I have become a BIG fan of FRESH vegan spring rolls with spicy peanut butter dipping sauce (…and pretty damn good at it as well if I say so myself). It has taken some practice to get the assembling right so that it doesn’t end up like a […]

10min Delicious Breakfast Ideas Worth Trying

easy vegan breakfast ideas

I love breakfast, as in L.O.V .E in capitals. As Nutritionist, eating breakfast is high on my list of priorities in the morning after my yoga session. The easy vegan breakfast ideas are ideal because they can be prepared in 10min or less!!! It needs to be easy to make, it needs to taste amazing […]

Healthy Coconut Granola Recipe

healthy coconut granola recipe

I have had LOADS of requests for my healthy coconut granola recipe. I am a huge fan of granola but unfortunately the shop bought ones are not the “healthy” option we sometimes think it is. They are so packed with sugar, corn syrup, processed wheat and preservatives, it’s really not a good choice to start […]

The perfectly grilled Tofu recipe

grilled tofu recipe

  When people first hear of tofu (never mind taste it) they can be put off quite quickly. It is pretty tasteless and the texture can be something to get use to. But when it comes to preparing it, that’s when the panic starts. I think many believe it will be this complicated, 2 day […]

Chickpea & Butternut Yellow Thai curry

Chickpea & Butternut Yellow Thai curry

I love a good curry, I think because there are so many pungent and powerful flavours. Then again, that’s my palette, I love texture and I love good flavour. DON’T give me bland and boring! I rather chew on a piece of bark than have to sit through a plate of food that just does […]

Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon Vegan Muffins

Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon Vegan Muffins

Muffins are my “go to” for an easy, quick and super tasty meal. These Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon Vegan Muffins are ideal because they are so nutritious. They contain everything you need, from vitamins and minerals to fibre and protein. It really is a time saver during the week! I get it, many people consider […]

Gluten FREE Protein Breakfast Bowl

easy vegan breakfast

Gluten FREE Protein Breakfast Bowl With the amount of processing our food goes through now days it is no surprise many of us suffer from intolerance’s or allergies. It can become a nightmare and EXTREMELY uncomfortable when you develop a reaction to a certain food. Even though it has become a bit of a “fad” or […]