I help beautiful brave women overcome the fears, struggles & insecurities they have with their bodies, so that they can finally embrace the TRUE GODDESS that they are & believe in manifesting their authentic dream body.

I COACH & guide them through the techniques, tools & practices required in EACH STEP OF THE TRANSFORMATION – GOING FROM confused, hopeless & doubtful to becoming confident, healthy & self-loving women who live their lives with complete BODY FREEDOM!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

That’s who I am now…..but I wasn’t always this comfortable in my own skin.

In all honesty I hated my body so much at one point I wanted out…..I wanted to quit….Since a young age I have fought with my body. Never feeling good enough or pretty enough or worthy enough for societies standards.


Jody Calitz, Jody C, Body Freedom Coach, Plant Based Nutritionist, Self Love Coach

At school, I was not that “hot chick” with straight hair, smooth skin & skinny legs.

I was pretty much the opposite of my schools “it” crowd.  I had curly red hair, freckles, a fuller body & pimply skin. Because of this, I got bullied badly on a regular basis & often was excluded & isolated from social circles.

I didn’t fit in to society’s model of “ideal” or beautiful. I constantly felt odd, awkward & just plain ugly.

There was this constant pressure of needing to look a certain way in order to be liked & maybe loved. Little did I know it was not others I needed love from…. but myself.

Jody Calitz, Jody C, Body Freedom Coach, Plant Based Nutritionist, Self Love Coach

I carried this dislike towards my body late into my 20’s.

It was only when life through me into the deepest end of anxiety & depression that I was forced to find the strength, wisdom & courage to embrace EVERYTHING that I was & become the woman I was born to be…..because all I had was me…..

This journey was the road less traveled. It was bumpy, steep & long, very long! It took me years to work through this internal battle I had with myself.

I believe it was life’s way of showing me my gifts & teaching me the lessons I needed to learn to be able to pass them on to other women, like yourself.

I have lived through, learned & survived 3 eating disorders (anorexia, orthorexia & compulsive eating disorder).


I have ballooned my way up to 75kg (which for my frame, is not healthy) and I have starved myself down to 45kg (…..it still scares me at the thought of how close my body was to giving up on me).

I struggled with severe depression & debilitating anxiety ….& in all honesty I still have bad days, but I now have the tools & skills to get through those moments & not let them define me anymore.

I have been physically & verbally bullied by others & I have physically & verbally bullied & abused my own body.

I have broken my body with crazy workouts & I have starved & depleted it with insane diets. All in the hopes I that could turn it into something (someone) I could love.

These have been some of the darkest times of my life. It is such a scary & hopeless place to be in….feeling trapped & detached from one’s own body. I can remember many nights crying over something so beautiful (my body) that I just could not see.

I wanted to get out. I wanted to break free from the feeling of being trapped & hopeless. I wanted to become MY version of happy & healthy & super sexy! To hell with what society & the media was showing me, I believed I DESERVED to feel & look beautiful as well!


* * * * * * * * * * * *

I am not sharing this for sympathy or “woe is me”….NO! I am sharing this to help you understand so that you can trust me when I say….I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE FEELING. I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH…I HAVE BEEN THERE TOO!



My life has been a colourful mix of self-discovery….from a shy, red-headed little girl in a small town in South Africa, to an international Pro Bikini Athlete competing at the World event in Las Vegas… to being a woman so overcome by chronic anxiety & fatigue that I couldn’t leave my house…….


I have defeated social stigmas (especially in the fitness industry), battled huge personal obstacles & learned how to love myself completely, flaws & all. This is when I discovered what it truly means to be FREE in my body. This is how I discovered BODY FREEDOM!


Jody Calitz, Jody C, Body Freedom Coach, Plant Based Nutritionist, Self Love Coach
Jody Calitz, Jody C, Body Freedom Coach, Plant Based Nutritionist, Self Love Coach
Jody Calitz, Jody C, Body Freedom Coach, Plant Based Nutritionist, Self Love Coach

So how did things change from “I don’t love my body, i hate it”  …..to……

I feel like a goddess & I am proud of it! i love being me!


I invested in ME! I did the coaching, counselling & therapy I needed to become the woman I wanted to be.

 * * * * * 

I saw my health & body as the most valuable asset I would ever own & I promised myself to invest in HER every day….from the food I ate, to the sleep I got, to the conversations I had with myself.

* * * * *

I changed my mindset (HUGE….it was the biggest shift of all). I started practicing & applying the techniques & tools I learnt over the years with intention & trust.

 * * * * * 

I BELIEVED in myself & I BELIEVED I could manifest the body of my dreams.

 * * * * *

I surrounded myself with people who loved & supported me.

 * * * * *

I took small strategic actions steps EVERY SINGLE DAY.


 * * * * *

I valued myself enough to place my happiness, health & love first…..which allowed me to become the best I could be for others in my life!

 * * * * * 

And I let go…..I let go of all the lies & stories the world had told me about who I was & instead I embraced who I knew I wanted to be…..unapologetically me!

* * * * * 


BODY FREEDOM is the beautiful balance of:

…  staying grounded & letting go.

placing your health & happiness first, above any superficial gain.

having the confidence & courage to be your authentic, beautiful self yet staying humble & grateful for all that you are blessed with

knowing who you are yet being willing to LEARN more

embracing your body for all that it is, but still wanting to reach it’s full potential

nurturing & nourishing your body yet still being able to let go and enjoy life

challenge your body to be it’s best but without punishing or breaking its spirit

achieving your DREAM BODY without having to manipulate or conform to societies definition of what it should be

loving yourself unconditionally no matter the stage of the journey

KNOWING that self love starts WITHIN the body at the souls centre, not without

 … owning your brave, bold & beautiful body & living your life to the fullest.

If this is something that is resonating with you….I invite you to join my BODY FREEDOM TRIBE (free) to start you journey with my FREE Guide: 8 Key Steps to your DREAM BODY

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yes i am
Jody C Vegan diet plan Detox diet easy healthy vegan recipe beach body workout plan
Jody C Vegan diet plan Detox diet easy healthy vegan recipe beach body workout plan


Life experiences & lessons are the only true way to enrich one’s life, gain knowledge & expand ones’ skills. This allows us to discover our gifts and share it with the world.

Having said that, I do have some credentials I am proud of and want to share with you. I hope it will give you some reassurance of my capabilities (along with my life lessons) to help you in the process of transforming your body & life…..

  • Women’s Fitness & Wellness Specialist (Exercise Training Academy – Sports Science Institute)
  • Nutritionist (vegan & vegetarian) (Exercise Training Academy – Sports Science Institute)
  • Advanced Personal Trainer -(Exercise Training Academy – Sports Science Institute) 5000+ hours
  • Advanced Group Trainer (Exercise Training Academy – Sports Science Institute & Virgin Active) 8000+ hours
  • Spinning Instructor (Reebok)
  • Eating Disorder & Body Image counsellor (Hope House Training Centre)
  • Marie Forleo B-School Business Program 2015
  • Mastin Kipp – Wellness Professionals Prosper Program 2017


  • WBFF Pro International Bikini Athlete
  • 1st placing South Africa 2014
  • 5th placing Europe championships 2014
  • 6th placing World Championships 2015
  • WBFF Pro Judge – South Africa Championships 2016


  • Women’s Health SA
  • Fitness Magazine SA
  • Muscle Evolution
  • The Yoga Journal (cover)
  • Fit Life Magazine
  • Green Monday SA
  • Leaders In Wellness
  • Wellness Warehouse Magazine
Ladies (& men if you want), I would like to know your opinion on this .....
. ✳As women, we are constantly being told how we should feel about our bodies.
Ladies (& men if you want), I would like to know your opinion on this ..... . . . ✳As women, we are constantly being told how we should feel about our bodies. "Cover up".... "show it off"..... "Embrace it"....."change it"...."let it go".... "punish it".... "celebrate it" .... "do what you like" ... "restrict & control".... . . ✳There are so many mixed signals we receive that we become paralyzed within a body we can't identify with.....because we don't know what it truly means to love ourselves. . . . ✳The only message you should be listening to is the one that your body is asking for which is unconditional love (and even that we get confused with because "love" has been given a "ego"). . . . To love your body is not to let go and not care, or to obsess & manipulate to become something it's not.....this is what true self love is ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . . . ✳To love yourself is to accept yourself completely as you are in the present moment (however that may be). This is the hardest step for most...... It is to forgive yourself for what you did to your body in the past & to let go of an egotistical outcome for the future. . . . ✳To love yourself is to care for your body the best way you can in the present moment, NOT because you have to or because you dislike certain things you wish you could change, but rather because you WANT to give it the best care, respect & appreciation that you can to this gift of a miracle. . . . ✳To love your body is not to hide it from the world or display it as an object....to love your body is to celebrate it as you would celebrate love, in your own unique way without attachment to outcome or judgement. . . . ✳So my question is....what are you struggling with to understand in the realm of "self-love" in this modern world? . . . #selflove #selfacceptance #bodylove #bodyfreedom #bodyfreedomcoach #lovetheskinyouarein #confidencecoach #livethelifeyoulove #lovethelifeyoulive #happinessineverymoment #bodypositivemovement #bodygoals #bodypositivity #bodypositivemovement #beyourbodygoals #beachdays