These 2 questions changed my relationship with food.

my relationship with food

8 or so years ago I would have looked at this bowl of food & experience contradictory thoughts (emotions) of wanting & fearing what was in front of me…. ( which would  normally be followed by an overwhelming feeling of deprivation (if I didn’t eat it) or guilt ( if I did eat it).

I struggled to believe that I could achieve my body goals without ‘suffering’. Somewhere in my life, my brain told me that to look good, you will have to sacrifice and if it doesn’t feel ‘hard’…well, you’re not working hard enough.

Nuts isn’t it?!?!? It took me 2 decades, 2 eating disorders and a looooong journey with my body to understand this is not true, in fact, the opposite is true.

My turning point came when I asked 2 basic questions…

  • Why would God place these natural wholesome foods on earth for us to eat if it came with a set of consequences threatening to destroy our perception of beauty…”Eat this and you’ll get fat, forgo your goals & physically look YOUR worst”?

  • The 2nd question I asked was, if we are living in an age where possibilities are limitless & man has walked on the moon & transplanted a heart…why is it that we can’t get the most basic thing right, like looking after our bodies through the food we eat?

These were the 5 answers that revealed themselves to me.

  • We are a society that is lazy (looking for quick fixes).
  • Addicted (every processed food contains chemicals & hormones that keep us coming back for more)
  • Irresponsible (we want to point the finger at everyone else except ourselves)
  • Gullible (we fall for anything that promises us the impossible without putting in much effort).
  • But most of the time we are just too overwhelmed, confused & scared by all the information thrown at us.

And there’s the problem. Our perception of health & beauty has been defined by societies false sense of reality & huge corporations have invested in that. They make big money off this fearful & limiting belief.

anti-inflammatory diet

Guess what? Food SHOULD be a joy, food SHOULD be fun, enjoyable & satisfying & it should make you look & feel good…REAL good!!!

The good thing is, EVERYONE has the capacity to change, BUT (there is a but)…in order to get to that point, it will take the undoing of many years of limiting beliefs & distorted perceptions. It is not easy because it’s brain work & there is nothing harder than brain work!!!

It’s NOT another diet or work out or supplement that’ll get you there. If that is what you are waiting for, you’ll be waiting forever!

It’s a mental, emotional & spiritual shift that you will need make within & until you work on that side of things, you’ll always be trapped. Unable to achieve the confidence, satisfaction & joy you can experience when you set yourself free from this fear & obsession around food & your body.

My advice would be….DON’T WAIT! I wasted many years of my youth fighting with food & my body when in actual fact when they are in harmony, everything unfolds with ease & joy.

If you are not sure where to start or how to get to that point, I encourage you to start here with my 30 DAY SELF LOVE & BODY FREEDOM COURSE!

Jody Calitz, Jody C, Body Freedom Coach, Plant Based Nutritionist, Self Love Coach

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