The new F word – Fasting

fasting for weight loss

There is ALWAYS an “it trend” circulating the health & fitness industry and currently it is FASTING (among others….but it is one of the hottest words right now)! However, fasting has been around for centuries, YES CENTURIES my friends!


Fasting is a time tested and ancient tradition. It has been used for religious and health reasons.Fasting has always had a deeper meaning, NOT purely for just aesthetic reasons & purposes.


Thanks to main stream media & the health & fitness industry, it is being “sold” as a weight loss solution, which it is not! I believe many mistake it as the “answer to weight loss” when in actual fact it is something much more. Fasting is a good thing, but not for the reasons it is currently being advertised as.




Various religions practice fasting in different ways and have been doing so as far back as time can measure! However, each one is done to teach a lesson or bring awareness to what is and what should be valued and appreciated.

Fasting is one of the most ancient and widespread healing traditions in the world. Hippocrates (who is widely considered the father of modern medicine), approved and supported the practice of fasting, and the consumption of apple cider vinegar as a method for curing and preventing illness. He wrote, “To eat when you are sick, is to feed your illness”.


The ancient Greeks believed that medical treatment could be observed from nature. Humans, like most animals, do not eat when they become sick. For this reason, fasting has been called the ‘physician within’.


Think about last time you had a viral or bacterial infection. Eating was probably the last thing you wanted to do. So, fasting seems to be a universal animal instinct for multiple forms of illnesses. Fasting is therefore ingrained into our human genetics, our bodies natural way to heal itself….for which it was designed!




Sadly, fasting today has become a bit of a punishment followed by a reward of feeding (and often it’s over feeding….of the wrong food). I believe in fasting but not as a long term solution for weight loss. It is a highly effect solution for assisting in the weight loss process by helping the body heal and cleanse itself. Can you see the difference???


When the body is healed and cleansed it will NATURALLY function at it’s best. And when it is functioning at it’s best, IT WILL NATURALLY LOSE THE EXCESS WEIGHT.


Your body naturally fasts every night…..when we rest and sleep, it’s the bodies chance to digest the last of the food remaining in the stomach and then start allocating it to where it is needed in the body.


Problem here is that our modern society overeats at night (and often on the wrong things)…..placing too much pressure on the bodies digestive system. So what should be the chance for the body to rest and heal, it is now trying to digest and filter through large quantities of toxic and harmful foods….only to wake up and start the process again the next morning!


So, by doing mindful & healing fasting for a specific period of time (NOT a lifestyle solution) does do the body AMAZING good.



I personally believe in intuitive fasting. This is where you have the ability to “listen & feel”  your body’s signals and then make the right choice for what it is asking for.

When you eat and fast intuitively your body will be in a natural cycle of showing you when it needs to cleanse itself and when it needs to nourish itself.


Many struggle with this because we have so many mixed messages coming our way. One minute we are told we MUST eat within 30min of waking  and then next minute we are told to force fast for 16hrs from our last meal….

Fasting is GOOD for you…..the important part is that you got to do it right!

Fasting for 24hours and then overloading with the wrong food can do more harm than good.

Sometimes shorter fast work better for some while longer fasts work better for others and many times one will have to start off small to build up to a longer fast.


Fasting has also been one of the most effective ways to cure cancer…..when done correctly and with the correct diet and lifestyle to accompany it.




I strongly believe in fresh juice fasting. The incredible healing benefits from this practice is amazing and can turn ones health and life around.

There have been individuals who have reverse & cure IBS, stomach ulcers, skin disorders, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart disease….fresh juice fasting has brought many amazing results for individuals over the past* 



  • Fasting can start as simply as eliminating a certain food group from ones diet every week….like meat for #greenmondays or dairy & eggs on a Tuesday or sugar & coffee on Thursdays. All these suggestions I recommend as excessive amounts of these foods do a lot of harm to the body.
  • Another suggestion would be to start with smaller time periods and then slowly build up from there. If you are unfamiliar with how to do that, I would recommend getting coached in the process.
  • focus on INTUITIVE FASTING. This means to learn to listen when you body is needing to abstain from eating and when it is asking to be nourished.
  • If you are not ready to complete eliminate solids from your diet, I recommend a plant based 10 DAY DETOX & BODY CLEANSE. I have  personally designed this 10 day plan to help heal & reboot the body to start functioning at it’s best. It includes a combination of whole plant based foods and juices and is the ideal place to start, if fasting is something you would like to try. CLICK HERE for more details!
  • I also design 5 and 7 day juice fasts if you are ready to take it to the next level. CLICK HERE to inquire about my 5 & 7 day Juice Fasts.




FASTING is an incredible tool that can benefit the body ONLY WHEN done correctly.

ALWAYS REMEMBER….each of our bodies are on a journey. They are constantly speaking to us, telling us what they need to HELP them become their best. Intuitive eating, nourishing & healing is a gift we are all blessed with and the more we practice it, the louder we will hear the signs and signals!

.Intuitive eating has become my gift that has helped my body heal & transform. If you are wanting to learn more about coaching for intuitive eating, drop me a message here!


Always consult your personal Doctor first before embarking on any new Nutrition program
*results may vary depending on individual & are not guaranteed

One thought on “The new F word – Fasting

  1. Liebe says:

    I was told to try a 16 hour fast at the end of last year, it didn’t work for me, I would wake up in the night ravenous and couldn’t sleep as a result. When I did manage it I would get sick while sitting in traffic on the way to work. I only tried it for a few days and then went back to my normal meals. During the holidays I managed IF without even trying, I just ate when I was hungry but I wasn’t really training at the time. I started weight training again 3 weeks ago, still struggling to get back into it and not having all the meals I’m supposed to, always under on protein and over on fats, carbs are sometimes over and sometimes under. I found that counting my calories and macros worked for me while competing last year and it has helped me to not balloon in off season while not training. I haven’t been feeling myself of late, not ill, just “meh”. Feeling a bit in two minds about competing again this year, though I do want to compete again…

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