Would you swap out your body: Part 1

swap out your body

I read this hypothetical scenario on a post somewhere the other day and it got me thinking. What if we had to swap bodies with someone else for a day (or a week, or a month)? How would you feel about it?

Just think about this for a second, it’s the same as if you had to swap homes, right. It is your private and personal space that someone is about to take over and live in.

🤔That leads me to the next set of questions: If you had to swap out your home with someone else’s for a month…how would you feel about the state it was in? Would you try clean and tidy up….try fix anything that was broken? Or would you leave as is, not care how it looked

🤔Would you set strict rules for the new inhabitants of your home? Would there be a “do’s & don’ts” list?

🤔Lastly, how would you treat the other persons home? Would you leave it in a better or worst state than you found it IN?

⚠️NOW….what if the same had to happen for your body??? Would you apply the same strict rules for your body that you would if someone had to come live in your home?

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You see, your body IS your home, it’s the space you get to live in every day to experience this beautiful life on this planet. And speaking of planet, that is your second home!!!!

In actual fact it’s the only 2 homes that really matter because if you lose or destroy either one you are pretty much screwed.

It’s funny but many of us don’t see it that way. The pride, love and care we place into the building & caring for our materialistic homes should be the same pride, love and care we place towards our bodies to nurture & take care of them (…..in my opinion it should be 10x more).

Same applies to this planet!!!

As humans we have a tendency to wait. We wait for things to get bad and uncomfortable before we change. And we like comfort zones, no matter how destructive they may become.Sadly sometimes we wait to long. We get compliant with accepting discomfort and destruction as “the norm”……until one day it becomes so unbearable we have to change. 

But that “one day” is often too late.

⚠️Don’t wait for things to get bad before you choose to MAKE a change. YOU have the power to change your health, your body & your life (as well as this beautiful planet) in this very moment.

Don’t let anyone tell you any differently.


This beautiful body you have, as well as this beautiful planet we live in, are “homes” that are “on loan” to us from our divine creator. We don’t own it, it is a temporary gift …..

So, my last 2 questions (…I know there are were many questions in this blog but I really wanted to get your mind thinking deeper…) to you are:

  • How do you want to leave the state of your home(s) when you leave? 
  • Would it be worse or better off for having you lived within it?

I would love to hear from you! Leave your comments below!

Jody Calitz Ocean


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