How to stay motivated….PERMANENTLY!

how to stay motivated

Have you ever questioned the concept of motivation? Like one day it can be so strong, you feel like you can overcome ANY challenge…..and then the next day (normally morning) it is gone! Vanished as if it were never there!!! What’s up with that?

I use to look at some of these fitness “influencers” & I would wonder how they would keep this constant, never waning motivation going (I use inverted commas because I now know they have nothing worth being influenced over)

For the everyday person on the street, it seemed an impossible & unattainable puzzle to solve. Turns out though, motivation is BS…..YIP! The motivation we have been led to believe is completely BS!!! 

Here’s why. It’s not the superficial exterior things that bring long lasting motivation, it’s the internal beliefs, morals & priorities.

You see, you can split motivation over 3 levels.

First level is the superficial stuff (like wanting a toned ass & washboard abs…. ). There is nothing wrong with it but this motivation only lasts for a short period, especially if the methods used are too extreme & unmaintainable. They can easily be pushed aside if there is something too irresistible to say no to (these are normally linked to unhealthy bad habits, like too much alcohol over a weekend, too much sweets & sugar at night, or hitting the snooze button for the 5th time every morning).

how to stay motivated

The 2nd level is external events, like training for a cycling race, learning a new language for a holiday trip, doing a training course to apply for a new position in your job. They are all exterior factors that motivate you……HOWEVER once that external reason for doing something is gone, the motivation disappears.

Now the 3rd level is where you need to focus if you want lasting change & results in your life.This motivation is internal. It’s when it changes from an external stimulation to an internal CHOICE!

Motivation is a CHOICE that is driven by the internal reasons, beliefs & life changing moments. It is the drive to want something better for yourself & others. These reasons & beliefs are eternal & everlasting, meaning they are there for life.

  • A great example is when there is a huge challenge presented in your life that will change it forever. Being diagnosed with cancer is one….the motivation to heal & nurture your body becomes huge! Or maybe you get involved in an accident & you were drinking a little too much….the motivation to quit drinking is multiplied. Another example would be when you loose your business & your families safety & security is threatened….the motivation to do what you must to provide for them is huge!

When you can have goals that are beyond your superficial needs & be able to turn that motivation inward to want something more & better for your life on a permanent bases, the motivation & CHOICES to do what needs to be done will come around easier.

Also look at the realism of your goals. If they are unrealistic and unmaintainable the motivation (choices) to do what needs to be done, will quickly fade and you’ll be back at square 1.

If you want a smoking hot body…..let your HEALTH be your motivation. Let the desire to be free of disease, discomfort & the possibility of a hefty medical bill be your motivation to make healthy choices. The smoking hot body will be a GUARANTEED result of these CHOICES.


So the bottom line is, if you want motivation to stick around permanently, you need to change your mindset to CHOICE. Let that be driven by the internal desire to make your life better & as well as the lives of those you love.

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