I lost half the volume of my hair…this is how I grew it back.

How to grow your hair back

I never use to have a problem with my hair. For as long as I can remember it was always thick, shiny & bouncy….until it wasn’t. I lost half the volume of my hair & this is how I grew it back.

I am going to share something with you and please don’t take it lightly because this is something that many people struggle with. In all honesty, I feel very vulnerable sharing these “before” pics because it was a really difficult time for me (physically, mentally & emotionally). But I know this could help someone else who is struggling…so here goes.

It was in 2016 when I notice my hair falling out….in chunks! Every time I brushed or washed my hair, a handful would come out by the end of it.

It scared me because I didn’t know what was going on. I am someone who is so healthy & conscious of what I put in and on my body, this wasn’t supposed to be happening! I was embarrassed & angry.

It took 2 years & many blood tests before I realized what had been happening.

how to grow your hair back

In the end, it boiled down to 2 things, which were both related. Stress & EBV (Epstein bar virus). The symptoms from these to elements often get labeled as Autoimmune disease.

My life had been a consistent build-up of stress up until I started noticing physical problems. And the stress was not just in one area of my life.

I had been competing as a bikini athlete for a solid 6 years. And even though I enjoyed it most of the time (I truly did), it was extremely taxing, physically & mentally. Extreme diets, a massive workload on the body & mental challenges of being in a very distorted & unhealthy industry places huge pressure on one. Some people aren’t phased by it but others are….and I was one of them.

On top of that, my relationship was very stressful at the time. I had moved out of my little apartment into a place that created more stress that could have ever imagined. I was working 3 jobs & I had started suffering from anxiety & panic attacks.

Looking back it should have been “obvious” but when you are in the middle of it, you can’t see the light through the noise.

how to grow your hair back

My hair really suffered. I lost over half the volume of my hair! It became dull and lifeless & I found myself “hiding” it away.

I believe in divine intervention and it was through that, that I discovered I had EBV. It took me 15months before I was brave enough to step away from a very stressful environment & start to work on me.

Stress is a destroyer of health my friend. It is the root of so many diseases. Like with EBV, stress can be the trigger & fuel for it to spread. At the same time, stress alone doesn’t need a virus or disease to make it bad. It is destructive just as it is with no assistance needed. 

SO what did I do?

I stopped…..in all honesty, my body stopped & it forced me to stop in the process.

I started addressing the elements that were causing stress in my life. I started to eliminate the things that weren’t making me happy. I started to practice & live life consciously & in the moment. I let go of relationships that caused more pain & positivity.

I stopped punishing my body through exercise (because it’s something that many get into a habit of doing when competing in the fitness world).

My diet changed. Even though I was healthy I knew I had years of catching up to do due to depletion & stress I placed on it physically in early years (eating disorders, competing on a professional level, 18hr a week workouts, restrictive diets etc.

I began to eat consciously & I chose foods that were as close to nature as possible. I swapped over to an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET which has had the most significant impact on my health. (You can read more about my BODY BREAKTHROUGH DIET here)

anti-inflammatory diet plan

Another important element to my health & transformation has been the incredible Synerchi Organics Family.

You see, when your body is so depleted & empty, it needs a powerful assistant in the form of food to help it get back to where it must be. “Supplements” can do this for you but not just any. I place “supplements” in inverted commas because, in all honesty, the supplements should actually be a source of food & nutrition in itself.

Many supplements today cause more harm than healing to the body & that’s why it is vital you choose carefully.

Synerchi Organics is a company that cares about your wellbeing on all levels and it shows through the quality of their products & the love & care they have for their clients.

For the past 2 year I have consistently been taking their products (along with the other elements of transformation), focusing on healing & rebuilding my body & especially my hair.

It has paid off!

I am so grateful for their support & the incredible brand they have allowed me to be a part of.

how to grow your hair back


So the take away from my story is this:

  • The body is an AMAZING machine that can heal itself but only WHEN it is given the right assistance & help.
  • You have to change ALL areas of your life if you want healing & transformation to happen.
  • Supplements are there to support the diet, not replace it. You have to change your diet & assist it with supplements.
  • Be PATIENT! This process of healing takes time. From the worst state my body was in, to where I am now, it has taken 2 and a half years!!! AND…..
  • It is a lifelong journey!!!! If you go back to the circumstances that cause stress & disease in the first place, your body will start to deteriorate again.

Here is a list of some of the Synerchi Organics products I use to supplement my diet:


OmegaMe Mix



Synapse Ignitor

Granola (I alternate between their 3 flavours)

Hemp hearts

Purple potato



There are MANY others but these are just a few of my favourites.

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