The HOT & NOT list for 2019

hot and not list for 2019


What’s the HOT & NOT list for 2019? No, it’s not about a size! It’s about incredible health and giving a damn about what you do to your body and this planet.


This Hot and NOT list for 2019 will not only help you make smarter choices to get a rocking hot bod, but it will also improve your mental well-being, invigorate the soul as well as reduce your carbon footprint on this planet……..Who doesn’t want to look and feel incredible while making a positive impact on this world (ps……before someone jumps to conclusions, there is no size that will look hotter than what healthy looks, so throw out that scale and any limited mindset because it’s all about feeling AMAZING from within!!!!).


As you may already know, in order to progress forward in ANY area of life, change has to happen. Change is important, it is inevitable but let’s hope we choose to change our actions before it’s too late.


hot and not list for 2019


HOT – bamboo straws

NOT – plastic straws


HOT – re-usable coffee cups

NOT – throw away coffee cups


HOT – Eating to nourish

NOT – Eating to punish


HOT: knowing whats in your food & where it came from

NOT: not giving a s&*$ what’s in your food or where it came from


HOT – Treating your body as a temple

NOT – Treating your body like a dustbin to pile in the junk


HOT – Hemp fields for healing

NOT – Corn fields for cattle feeding



hot and not list for 2019


HOT – fresh fruit

NOT – artificial sweeteners (that includes all food and drink…..that stuff is poison)


HOT – celery juice

NOT – bulletproof coffee


HOT – Plant based pizza (with a REAL pizza base)

NOT – 3 cheese meat pizza with a carb free base


HOT – cannabis oil

NOT – palm oil


HOT – building muscle from plants

NOT – building muscle from dead animals and steroids


hot and not list for 2019


HOT – anti-inflammatory plant based diets

NOT – Banting (the future of premature aging and cancer creation (in my opinion))


HOT – intuitive eating

NOT – Obsessive macro & calorie counting (PS….I understand when you are competing its a different set up but as a lifestyle, nope not the answer)


HOT – daily creative fresh cooking

NOT – Eating 3 day old stale food out of plastic containers …..prepping is good but why not dump the time spent on social media in exchange for some action in the kitchen (the other type of action in the kitchen will also do 😉😉


HOT – using recycled jars as food storage or  “lunch boxes”

NOT – Using plastic containers or “cling” wrap to store food


HOT – natural fasting of the body

NOT  – 16/8 intermittent fasting


hot and not list for 2019



HOT – Bright colourful fresh breakfast bowls & smoothies

NOT – Egg whites & whey shakes


HOT – Delicious, healthy abundant variety

NOT –  a destructive cycle of weekday starving & weekend bingeing …..CHEAT meals don’t work


HOT – men who have serious muscle, save the environment & show compassion for all living beings

NOT – men who have serious muscle, disregard the environment & consume unhealthy amounts of animals (yes, I said it…..the body might look hot, but the actions behind it aren’t….you don’t have to become a veggie eating tree hugger, just show a little compassion)


HOT – Living by action (do what you say & inspire by showing)

NOT – Living by empty words (all talk and no action)



HOT – plant based lover

NOT – crazy angry vegan (soooooooo unattractive….you do more damage than good…….)


HOT – Street Size (the dynamics of healthy body sizes that you come across in real life)

NOT – Extreme size (a healthy body doesn’t have extreme….)


HOT – self care

NOT – don’t care (obesity is not a healthy role model to celebrate self love…….)


HOT – Self love

NOT  – Self obsessed (there is a fine line between confidence & narcissistic)


HOT – love the skin you are in

NOT – judge the skin you are in (and others)



hot and not list for 2019


HOT – confidence with a ton of kindness

NOT – confidence with an over inflated ego


HOT – Embracing your beauty

NOT – becoming a carbon copy of a celebrity you wish you were


HOT – compassion, supportive & loving social media community

NOT – self righteous, entitled social media troll/bully


HOT – balanced approach with lifelong solutions

NOT – extreme choices & temporary results




hot and not list for 2019


HOT – natural beauty

NOT – filters that are so fake no one would recognize you in real life


HOT – using and relying on your brain to achieve your goals (the mind precedes all else)

NOT – using and relying on apps to achieve your goals (there is no app in the world that can train the brain out of bad habits my friend… got to train your brain by using it )


HOT – living a life of love, care & compassion

NOT – living with ignorance, unconsciousness and carelessness


hot and not list for 2019


It’s not about having to make a 180 flip and dive straight into a completely different way of eating & living. It’s MORE about becoming CONSCIOUS and aware of the choices you make. By doing YOUR best when you can and making compassionate decision for your body & environment, you will see massive positive changes happen in your life!


WONDERING WHO’S IN THE PICS? All these beautiful images belong to their rightful owners whom I have listed below. I follow them on social media because they spread such a beautiful message, they show support, love and compassion to ALL living beings, they are very inspiring AND they are an INCREDIBLE example of what a plant based diet can do for the body! Here are their instagram links (PS there are MANY more amazing veggie peeps, but I couldn’t list them all…..):

Conscious Muscle

Dominick Thompson

Tia Blanco

Torre Washington

Rully Raw Kristina


Yes I have included myself BECAUSE I represent the change that is starting to happen in South Africa and I am proud of it! You can follow me here Jody Calitz


hot and not list for 2019

SO, whether you agree with this list or not ….That is the HOT & NOT list for 2019. And my prediction is that THE BIGGEST hot topics for 2019 will be about reducing the use of plastic and converting to a plant based way of eating.


I know many people are resisting it because it will mean having to let go of unhealthy habits, comfort zones, addictive behaviour & ignorance but when you start to FEEL and SEE the incredible benefits it brings to your body AND environment, you are going to want to dive straight into the ocean and start saving turtles (or cuddling pigs……each person has a different reaction to this awesomeness)💙🐢💙🐢


If you are ready to embrace the Plant based way of living……make sure you reach out to one of these incredible individuals OR give me a shout (CLICK HERE). We each have our own unique style but the base line remains the same ….COMPASSIONATE PLANT BASED CRUELTY FREE LIVING!!!

Hot & not list for 2019

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