Why I dumped the traditional “food prep” for more fun & enjoyment

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I REALLY enjoy creating colourful, flavoursome & beautiful meals. For me, that’s “healthy food prep”.

It’s a creative process for me & I truly love it. It takes my mind off  life’s “stuff” and allows me to just BE in the moment. Sadly I don’t often see this in todays crazy busy world.

When someone mentions cooking or preparing food, it often comes with a reply of  “I don’t have time to slave for hours in the kitchen”….. That statement makes my head spin because A) preparing & creating beautiful nourish food is not slaving (and should not feel like slavery….it’s actually a blessing) and B) no one should be spending hours in the kitchen…if you are, you are probably killing your foods nutritional value!

You see, food prep has become a chore. It’s all about the “prepping job” for the week ahead & the joy & creativity has been lost.

Individuals will sweat hours (normally on a Sunday) making huge quantities of food (all repetitive meals) only to pack them into plastic containers and place in the fridge to ‘eat on repeat’ in the weak.

Why I chose the 'fitness' road less traveled
My way of food prep has come a looooong way 😉

Warming up week old food that was the same for the last 6 days hardly sounds like fun & trust me it isn’t. I did it for the first 3 years of my competing career and as much as the “structure” was appealing, the entire process from shopping to preparing to eating was a drag & not enjoyable at all. I began to hate it…..It’s no wonder people see food & the preparation of it as a chore, I DID TOO!

I believe in PLANNING don’t get me wrong, especially if you have a busy & hectic life. But here’s where many have got it confused, or in many cases, been given the wrong advice.

Planning & prepping meals to be able to step on stage & compete in a physique competition is a very strict and restrictive lifestyle that is not a ‘typical’ everyday way of living. In many cases not healthy either. It’s NOT a way of life that you should try convince yourself as normal (or have anyone else try convince you for that matter) because it’s not.

Food prep

Sadly many coaches use their standard “comp prep” meal plans as meal plans for clients who are looking for lifestyle solutions. Yes, results will come but they are not maintainable & not healthy. The success rate of individuals who are able to maintain a “comp prep” plan & routine as a way of living (indefinitely), is veeeeeeery small & many poor peeps fall off the wagon….HARD!

If it’s something that works for you, then go for it! But if you have been struggling to achieve & maintain results on a strict & restrictive food prepping routine, consider a different approach to preparing & enjoying your meals.

I also found the more I restricted & forced myself to eat prepped food the entire week, the more I disliked it & wanted to break free.

My idea of “prep” has change a lot over the years from when I first began in this industry…..Here is how I do my “healthy food prep” for the week ahead…& why is has become such a joy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I allow & allocate more time during the week to be in the kitchen preparing my meals. Endless series watching and social scrolling gets cut in favour of getting creative in the kitchen.
  • I plan a variety of different meals that I will be making for the week ahead. Keeping in mind what I enjoy, what my body is needing & what is in season in terms of the fresh foods available.
  • Make a shopping list accordingly & plan a day or 2 in the week when I’ll head to the grocery store.
  • My time in the kitchen has become my safe space to be creative, unwind & distress.
  • I make an occasion out of it when I have the chance. Put on some good music, poor a glass of something (kombucha, pressed juice, wine, lemon water…..whatever, having it in a beautiful glass feels good).
  • It’s a time I use to give gratitude for the blessing of having healthy & abundant food in my fridge….and which allows me to have a healthy body.
  • I give love to the food I create. The energy we put into our foods makes a huge difference! ….food prep is not just about the macros & calories in it, the vibrational energy it carries effects your body in powerful ways.
  • I try make an effort to sit down and eat…..a spot that is calm and peaceful. I use to be in a terrible habit of always having it in front of a screen so I make a conscious effort to be “screen free when I eat”……food actually tastes better & registering the satiety level in the body is much easier.
  • Often I will make enough for the next day, especially if it’s going to be a busy one (but no more than 1 day ahead) . E.g extra roast veggies which I then add to some brown rice & hummus which I always have in the fridge.
healthy food prep
This is my definition of soul happiness in full colour!

So this is my approach to how I prep & plan my week.

Sadly, people don’t see it as a blessing or an opportunity for relaxation and creativity. They struggle to see that they can have fun & a healthy food prep does exist!

So many ancient cultures have used food preparation as a social event within their day. I time where they would get together and talk, share and laugh.

We relax when we are cooking and eating food we enjoy…..haven’t you noticed how one can easily open up about personal stories or challenges you might be facing? Why’s that? It’s because it’s the entire occasion, atmosphere & energy that comes with preparing & eating food together.

If you struggle to make time for your partner or family, have them be a part of the cooking process. Allow them to sit there and chat to you….even if you don’t speak, being in each others presence is so important and can help improve relationships.

CONCLUSION to Healthy Food prep

  • Make time to create the food you love, food you enjoy and food that nourishes and heals the body EVERY DAY! Being able to have a fridge that is filled with food (and a kitchen to cook in) is a blessing…..be grateful for that luxury.
  • As you can see from my new approach to food prep, it has become a highlight in my day, something I enjoy & look forward to. IT DOES NOT have to be the repetitive chore & dreaded task many experience every Sunday.
  • And lastly, do it with the people you love. Food brings us closer together….share that love xx
healthy food prep

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