Sharing some of my darkest moments… my extreme behaviour almost destroyed me

Extreme Behaviour


It’s Friday and I have a little story I want to share with you on how my extreme behaviour towards my body almost destroyed me…….


I was never this confident, content or loving towards my body. 12 years ago I was in a really dark place with regards to my relationship I had with my body. It was probably my lowest point.


I really didn’t love or appreciate what I saw. I was depressed and I had thoughts of self harm.

In a sense I felt trapped and wanted to get out. I was constantly looking towards external validation, confirmation and guidance to get me to where I “thought” I wanted to be…….but sadly I was looking in all the wrong areas.


I believed extreme behaviour, all or nothing and “go hard or go home” was the only way to get the body I would love and feel good in.

Here’s the thing……there is a time and place for everything. Going hard and putting in extreme behaviour is sometimes what it takes to excel in certain areas of life.

May it be getting to the next level in your job (……..late nights at work) or “sacrificing” personal time to grow your business or putting in the hours in the gym and eating really clean to be able to step on stage……


But here is what you need to remember…’s only for a period, AFTER which it must go back to a realistic and manageable way of living. When it comes to our health and bodies, I have seen it time and time again that the “competing lifestyle” now gets used as the “normal” factor to compare every day goals. I think most people (the coaches and trainers included) believe there is no other way!

Many women now believe they need to adopt an extreme behaviour to achieve the “health” and body they desire (I place health in ” ” because having a ripped body and washboard abs does not mean you are healthy…….)….and in the process hope to achieve complete self love and body freedom they are truly wanting.



So 12 years back, that is what I thought I needed to do to get where I wanted to be. I believed that 2 hours a day in the gym, 6 days a week….. along with 6 days of dry tuna, eggs whites & steamed greens with 1 “cheat day” (……which lets be honest, for many it’s a full blown binge day which is mortifying and embarrassing act) was the norm and I would have to accept it if I wanted to look good and love the body I had…… (side note: I chose the image in the middle because it was before I went vegan and I was truly living off steamed greens & egg whites….I was competing there, but I carried it over into my “normal” way of living)


For some this might be the “normal” but in my 20 years in this industry, I have yet to see a woman come out of an extreme “lifestyle” like that who is happy and in love with her body.


What followed was a rough road. I felt like I have tried and tested nearly ever diet and training “fad” know to man kind. I have gone from one extreme to the next. I was in a very dark deep hole and many times it felt I couldn’t climb out….. but somewhere deep down inside of me there was always a little voice saying:

“This is not the way…….your body was not designed to struggle like this, there is another way”


There were SO many trials and errors. I have fallen on my face more times than I can remember BUT I kept listening to than little voice and I chose to get back up every time.


Getting back up when you are at your lowest is not easy. Feelings of overwhelm, confusion and defeat only broadens the gad and disconnect from loving and accepting yourself. If you are there at the moment I PROMISE I understand and get where you are at. Sometimes you can’t even see a way out it is so dark and giving up feels like the only solution. You don’t need to do any more extreme behaviour to achieve the body freedom and self love you are searching for!


If this is you, know that it is no coincidence that you are reading this blog. I believe the universe sends you messages and guidance when you need it most! Get excited because the universe heard your call for help and has sent you an answer.


12 years back I could have never imagined I could feel this confident about my body. To wake up and truly love and appreciate what I see in the mirror. To feel strong, sexy and comfortable in my own skin without an extreme physique.


My journey with my body has been a long and hard one. It has really pushed and challenged me to my limits but there was a reason I had to go through it all…..I am now able to help others, like yourself, get out of the turmoil, confusion and conflict you have with their body and achieve a life that is abundant with self love, confidence and body freedom!


So with that being said, my 30 DAY SELF LOVE MANIFESTATION JOURNEY is open again and the next one starts on Dec 1st, 2018!


It is the perfect journey you can take into the New Year… is all you need to change those destructive thought patterns, re-shift your mind set and get you to a happy place between you and your body!

ITS FREE!!!!!! So click the link or image below below and sign up!!!!

Self Love Manifestation Challenge

(PS for those who did the October journey and would like to repeat the Dec one, you need to sign up again xxx)






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