Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body

Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body

Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body

I use to be one of your typical “gym-junkies”….. intensive fasted cardio in the mornings followed by a hard-core weight session in the evening. I worked out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week & believed that it was what was required of me in order to maintain a certain “look” the health & fitness industry wanted. It was what I expected of myself as well in order to feel satisfied & happy in my body. This is my story of why I dumped the gym in favour of my body. As you may guess (or have experienced yourself) this can become very time consuming & physically exhausting. My body became completely depleted, it plateaued often & I never had enough energy for the important things in life. My friends, family & the ability to LIVE LIFE suffered! I was just living for my “rest day” so that I could sleep & recuperate to start it all over the next week.
Working out became a chore & I started to dread it. That’s not what I had envisioned when I started my fitness journey. I started out loving what I did but as time passed I started hating it. I was influenced by the wrong people, wrong role models & wrong information.
  Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body

Before I even continue, I just want to say that I am NOT discrediting the gym environment and the people there who help change lives by getting individuals fit and healthy, NOT AT ALL!

I celebrate and encourage these people and I believe we all have a preferred choice for our fitness journey. HOWEVER I want to share my story of extreme behaviour and limited beliefs that nearly killed me physical and mental health. I want to share this with you to show you that there is another way to achieve amazing confidence, health and freaking gorgeous body and you don’t need to do it by breaking yourself mentally, physically or emotionally! So, if you are relating to what I have said above, this story is for you!!!!  

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  I started at a very young age in fitness, 14 to be exact.I used fitness as escapism and a way to give me strength and courage because I was bullied a lot through my school years. Fitness was what I was good at and this gave me self-confidence and self-belief when others were tearing it down. As time moved on and I transitioned from a small town studio to a big international gym I very quickly felt the pressure to look a certain way at all times. There was a lot of competition in the field and I constantly felt scrutinized by eyes from those who felt threatened or superior to me. As a young woman, this was very pressurizing and I quickly got sucked in.  

As I got older and gained more experience by worked with different women of different age groups, I quickly learned that these struggles were felt by MANY others! It wasn’t just me in my field of work…..it was everywhere!

All women who were trying to achieve their fitness, body and life goals had experience some form of pressure and scrutiny. It wasn’t just from those working in the fitness industry, it was literally every women who stepped through a gym door!!! The bonus of working out so hard (and let me just note I had an insanely strict diet), was that I had an average of 12% body fat with some serious muscle. As amazing as this body composition felt, it was killing my soul inside. Even though it was incredible motivation to my clients, at the same time it was very unrealistic for them to expect the same results for themselves. No working woman, with kids and a husband can spend 2 hours a day in the gym, and eat the way I did. You can’t, it’s just nuts!!!   Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body

I wanted to be able to enjoy life more, take it a little easier without loosing my mind that I might be falling 10 step back from my progress.

In 2010 I started competing and this is where the shift actually started to happen in my mind. I was exposed to very different side of fitness. I learned of many weird, crazy and down right dangerous methods of creating the “ultimate fit body”. Over the next 6 years, I experimented with different training techniques and methods and slowly found something that was working for me. As much as it was a challenge, I enjoyed that time of my life and learned valuable lessons! I started to LISTEN to my body more and respect and appreciate it’s power AND limitations.  

In 2015 I chose to go completely plants based for my health & my personal beliefs. It gave me incredible results however, I was still not finding that balance I needed and my body was tired. In all honesty, my soul was tired.

  Then in 2016 I experienced my 1st anxiety attack. 1 year later I was completely broken and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and anxiety disorder. Literally, I was forced to stop…..I believe it was the universes way of telling me “it’s time to change Jody, as much as this has served you, it no longer serves you anymore”. And so I started my journey of change. I dumped the gym environment and conventional fitness mentality & I went all the way back to the basics. I worked on my body with ONLY USING my body. I haven’t even touched a dumbbell or barbell. It has just been me and my body and that is all I have needed!  

I started to BELIEVE in who I was and I started to fall in love with the body I had been blessed with. I am not talking about the ego driven “love”……I am talking about a deep love that knows no boundaries of size, shape or stigma. Every woman should feel that at least once in her life because it will change her life forever!

  Why i dumped the gym in favour of my body   And guess what??? My body not only started to heal itself from the chronic fatigue and anxiety, it actually started to re-transform itself. I saw it in a completely different way. My body became my best friend and not my enemy. I started to listen to what my body was telling me and make conscious choices based on that and not what others were saying.  

This is why  I dumped the gym in favour of my body. It was no longer serving me and it was not helping me achieve the body and life I wanted.

No, I am definitely not as lean or as defined as I was 10 years ago but I am much stronger and much more confident in a completely different kind of way.

  I now follow a plant based vegan diet. This has been a huge revelation compared to the carb obsessed culture the fitness industry is in. I do regular yoga & body weight exercises called BODY BASE which I incorporate in all of my programs. Hiking & enjoying the outdoors along with regular meditation & breathing has been my saving grace to overcome my anxiety.   Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body   There are so many ways to get fit & healthy without having to destroy or manipulate your body. I encourage you to choose something that brings you joy every time you do it. It should not feel threatening, demoralizing or hopeless. It should feel invigorating, uplifting & absolute pure enjoyment, even during the physically challenging parts 😉  

If you feel you are wanting to break free of restrictive beliefs, exhausting training routines and destructive thought patterns, I encourage you to start here with me!

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☀️YOU DESERVE to have a body and life that is abundant in health, happiness & confidence. ☀️You DESERVE to feel gorgeous and beautiful in the skin you are you…….and YOU deserve to feel love for yourself everyday.☀️


I have been where you are, so allow me show you how to get WHERE I AM NOW!

The body and life of your dreams is waiting for you, it’s up to you to reach out and embrace it!



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