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If you are still stuck on the fact that you need protein with every meal and the only way to get lean, strong & super hot is through meat….my friend you are stuck in the stone age, literally and figuratively.  You HAVE TO watch the teaser for the hottest MUST WATCH documentary this year called THE GAME CHANGERS !!!

“There is no one that can relate to it better than I do, because I have lived in that world” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

I preach veganism (plant based could be another term used) as the diet and lifestyle of the future because it will not only save your own ass but it will save this planet.

“As a combative instructor for the US military and a former UFC fighter, I see the human body as a powerful machine with the potential for excellence in many areas, including strength, speed, stamina, and recovery. Until I got badly injured in 2011, I never thought this potential had much to do with food, which I saw mainly as just calories and protein.

But, unable to train for six months after my injury, I started researching the optimal diet for recovery, and stumbled across a study about the Roman Gladiators which concluded that they ate little or no meat. This seemed really far-fetched to me since I was confident that animal protein was necessary to build muscle, sustain energy levels, and recover from injury. So I flew to Austria to meet the researchers who had made this discovery and left fully convinced that the Gladiators — known at the time as Hordearii, or “barley men” — really did train and compete on a plant-based diet.

This shocking discovery launched me on a five-year quest for the Truth in Nutrition, modeled after Bruce Lee’s Truth in Combat philosophy: “Research your own experience, absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own”. Beginning with this mindset, I put every preconception I had about nutrition to the test, traveling to four continents to meet with dozens of the world’s strongest, fastest, and toughest athletes, as well as leading experts on nutrition, performance, anthropology, and health. 

What I discovered was so revolutionary, with such profound implications for performance, health, and the future of the planet itself, that I had to share it with the world. 

— James Wilks



This whole BS argument about high quality protein comes only from meat or that all essential amino acids can only be obtained from meat, or that the body can only process meat effectively for protein is complete crap. If watching documentaries like The Truth About Cancer, Fork Over Knives or the controversial What The Health, Cowspiracy & Earthlings, didn’t shake you to the core, in my opinion it is a sad reflection how backward and broken our human “race” has become.

It’s not about skinny, tree hugging hippies anymore, it’s about changing every cell in your body to function on a super human level. It’s about taking a stand and making a conscious effort to help save our planet.

One of the main points Wilks and Co. drive home in this documentary is how the meat industry grabbed hold of the market and popularized the idea that eating meat is equivalent to manhood.

If you still think that eating meat & supporting the killing of animals (may it be farm bred or wild) makes you macho and strong, you couldn’t be further from the truth!!! If you think hugging a bunny & eating a bowl of plants is weak, think again. These men and women below prove that you can become the elite of the elite through the power of plants AND look damn fine while doing so.




My purpose as a health professional is to show, educate and help others to become the BEST version of what they can be and I believe going plant based is the only way to achieve that. I have done the whole meat/high protein thing for years before switching over to a plant based lifestyle 3 years ago. My best performance as a pro athlete was when I was vegan despite being ridiculed and criticized by others.

The biggest concern 99% people have about going plant based is 1) where will I get my protein from and 2) won’t all those carbs make me fat? My answers are simple. 1) I recommend educating yourself by watching those incredible documentaries including THE GAME CHANGERS and 2) have a look at these amazing people who have got leaner from carbs not fatter, this should put your mind at ease.

The health and fitness world is changing as we know it. South Africa is a few years behind but I recommend you start making the shift so you don’t get left behind!!!

It’s a new era of veganism. It’s not just tree hugging hippies, it’s about fighting for something greater for yourself and for the future. If you want to live under a rock, be my guest, but I choose to move forward with this elite group of earth athletes.

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