Healing from EBV & what I felt too embarrassed to share about my health.

detoxing ebv virus

Soooooo….i haven’t shared the FULL details of my detox journey & healing from the EBV virus. I am going to be honest here & it’s about putting it out there with the courage that it might help others & give them an opportunity to heal

  I have spoken a lot about detoxing & cleansing the body these last couple of weeks & many have shown interest in what I was doing & why. So I will start with a little more background to show how it all links up.

Ever since I experienced my anxiety, my health went on the decline and I mean a REAL decline. This was in 2016-2017.

My hair started to fall out in chunks (i lost half the volume of my hair), my scalp would get this white layer that I could scratch off with my nails, I would experience periods of chronic fatigue & exhaustion, my mind felt agitated & I couldn’t focus, I would have weird mood swings (super highs & super lows) & my skin would be constantly blocked & flaking.

I had done multiple blood tests for vitamins, minerals, hormones, infections, auto-immune responses & all would come back “normal” yet something didn’t feel right. I have tried hormone creams, topical creams, different skin products, supplements but none have helped my symptoms permanently. I have never gone on medication for anxiety or the treatment of skin conditions etc……ONLY because it would have been a “guessing” game as to what it could be & the side effects of each one (& the cost) I was not willing to risk.

Here’s what I felt embarrassed about….I was suppose to be healthy….for all the amazing foods I ate and healthy lifestyle I followed, I was supposed to look & feel like a million bucks…right? …. Yes my body looked good, I was fit & I don’t have any dreaded diseases but for everything I was doing for my health & body, I should be feeling stronger. My skin shouldn’t be suffering like it was, my hair should be thick & luscious & the chronic fatigue I was feeling should have disappeared…. right?

Just feeling that pressure alone made my stress levels increase even more & this caused the anxiety & physical symptoms to flare up. It’s basically a downward spiral.

detoxing ebv virus

From a far I looked good, but from close up one could see things weren’t right….& on inside I felt it too! Truth is, I didn’t want to be that person who practiced so much health yet was still ill. I didn’t know what was wrong and I had no answers to give to possible questions that would come my way.

But here’s the thing…. I believe in all my heart that we are given this journey (within our bodies), to learn a lesson & ultimately gain an insight that we may then use this knowledge & experience to help others.The only time I have TRULY understood & become more knowledgeable in health & vitality was when I went through the struggles with my own body.

Mine started with severe anxiety & has led me to discovering I have EBV (possibility stage 3 or 4 of the EBV virus. Why I say “possibility”, well, there is no blood test in the world that will pick up this virus at those stages (which by the way has multiple strains)……so even though I know on a intuitive level I have it, it can’t be proven with modern science). PS, I only discovered this a couple of months ago, so my healing from EBV hasn’t been long.

detoxing ebv virus

For 2 years I struggled with what could be wrong. Things would get better and then ‘out of the blue’, they would get worse. However, through it all, my subconscious kept pulling me towards my thyroid. At one point I thought I had an autoimmune disorder, but again, blood tests came back normal…..however I couldn’t shake the feeling that my thyroid needed help, yet I couldn’t find anything that could point me in the right direction. (ps that feeling is called intuition & consciousness…..don’t under estimate it’s power).

It was through divine intervention where I met Adien (at a girls dinner in mid 2018) who told me about this book she was reading & what she had been struggling with in her body. It felt like she was describing my body as her own. I eventually decided to get the book & it was then than many things started to fall into place. I felt a sense of relief that I wasn’t going nuts. You know when people “think” themselves ill? Well, I was considering at one point if it was all just in my head.

this book is called Thyroid Healing by Anthony Williams which is an in depth look into the EBV virus (among others), how it effects the body, how one gets it in the first place & how one can heal from it.     I started analyzing where I could be going “wrong” and a few key triggers stood out. Slowly I started to remove them & replace it with foods that would heal & help kill off this virus. What I know for certain is that if I wasn’t as healthy as I am, my body would have been in a much worst place than it is today. 

detoxing ebv virus

It takes time & on days when things feel like they are going backward, it’s vital that one must remain in a state of calm & trust……because what I have learnt for certain, is that STRESS is one of the biggest triggers! And with my past record of stress over the years, I am not surprised it came to a head.  

STRESS is one of the biggest causes of disease in this modern day & age however it is being overlooked & “masked” with medication & fear of looking incapable/weak/vulnerable. Stress can bring on many unwanted conditions LIKE anxiety & depression, conditions we don’t like to talk about that much.

  Healing the body is a gentle & patient journey that requires faith, love, trust & understanding towards yourself & your body, something many struggle with in this fast paced world we live in.    

So, where am I now?

detoxing ebv virus

I am in the process of healing, nourishing & repairing my body through celery juice, nourishing foods, meditation & getting out into nature. It’s only been a few weeks but I feel hopeful. I am also learning & gaining more knowledge of how the body works & what a power effect food has on our bodies ABILITY to heal us. Not only that, but how our minds, emotions, thoughts & feelings DIRECTLY effect our well-being & physical state…..EVERYTHING from as simple as struggling to lose excess weight that won’t budge, to suffering with painful fibromyalgia.

I am no expert with EBV (& the other strains & viruses) & the work by Anthony Williams is definitely something I highly recommend if you are struggling with any form of auto-immune disorder OR a symptom or illness which the cause is unknown in the medical world. CLICK HERE to find out more.

I am also fortunate enough to have the support of Ethan & Kiara from Synerchi Organics with their INCREDIBLE & powerful super foods & natural plant based supplements to help me in this process of healing. You can check out their amazing array of products by clicking here. I will also be sharing the products I’ll be using & how it is helping me.

healing from ebv

I have gained more understanding & insight into my body over the past 2 years than I have in my entire career in health & fitness. But what I can say without a shadow of a doubt is that your body was designed to heal itself from chronic illness, through the food we eat & the well-being of our mental state.  There is something to be said about BODY INTUITION & self healing. It’s something that science or modern medicine can’t prove or understand & that’s ok……that’s the part where trust & faith comes into play IN THE REALM of what it means to be human.

How long my journey will take, I don’t know. But I am prepared to do it for as long as it takes to help my body the best I can. There are still symptoms that flare up every now & again, but I am more patient & understanding because I KNOW what my body is dealing with now.

I know there are many other severe cases of illness out there BUT if you are NOT feeling like your normal energetic self, like you have hit a dead end and the only answer given to you is “The cause is unknown, learn to live with it”,  my story is to give you courage & hope & to let you know DON’T SETTLE FOR FEELING JUST “OK”, YOUR BODY WAS DESIGNED TO SELF HEAL & THRIVE!

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