THIS part of you, is your superpower

Body Freedom

Embrace EVERYTHING that makes you different & unique because that is your superpower.

That is what courage & beauty looks like blended into one. That is where you’ll find the strength to set your body free & become the best version of you that you can be!!!

I never fitted into society’s definition of the “in crowd”, “beautiful” or “hot”…

I had red curly hair, freckles (with bad skin), and a  body that was far from skinny…… I was bullied for what I looked like from grade 1 all the way up to my adult life…..I never knew what self-love or body freedom felt like.

Jody Calitz, Jody C, Body Freedom Coach, Plant Based Nutritionist, Self Love Mentor, confidence coach

When you are young, all you want to do is escape your body when it feels like the 1 thing that is keeping you trapped.

It’s only when we get older that we begin to understand & see the power in our uniqueness. Life can’t be lived to the fullest if we are still those little girls trapped inside out beautiful bodies we just cannot see.

Here is the AMAZING part……you have the power to turn that around!

YOU have the power to become the strongest, & most beautiful women who are born to be…You have the power but it’s going to take courage, commitment, perseverance & an unshakable faith in the person you are.

Promise me never to trade in your uniqueness for mediocre

Your courage for doubt

Or your beauty for acceptance

You are so damn special it’s time you saw it & owned it! Don’t settle for normal… You want to be extraordinary & you can be by embracing who you are & becoming your very best!

Never stop trying & never stop believing in your incredible ability & beauty.

I always believe in divine intervention when we need it the most……when our mind has been asking for it from the deepest part of our soul.

Trust me, if I can pull myself out of the darkest days of self-doubt, self-loathing, insecurity, depression & eating disorders… can too!!!

I get to celebrate my body & me every day I want every woman I meet to have the ability to do the same!


If you are ready, please head on over to my 30 Day SELF LOVE & BODY FREEDOM  course which is now available in print & digital.

I designed it as a 30 DAY journal & 8 part meditation series based on my OWN personal experience within my journey to reaching complete body freedom & self-love


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