Body Confidence VS Objectifying Women

objectifying women

I had struggled with this side of the fitness Industry for a long time…..maybe because the line between body confidence & objectifying women is so fine it becomes blurred.

However after 2 decades (yes that’s 20years) in the industry (…I started when I was 14, teaching classes), that line isn’t blurred for me anymore. My eyes are so sharp I see exactly where it is & on what side I am standing.

I believe many women feel the same about this & that is why I am writing about how social media is objectifying women. There is also a generation of young girls growing up who are feeling pressured into doing something they don’t want to OR who think it’s what they NEED to do be successful, liked or even loved.

I recently read a post by Janne Robinson which was just so ON POINT with the subject of objectifying women, I had to share! This is for the women who know their value & who KNOW which side of the line they stand!!!

I’ll let you read her words before I continue:

body confidence vs objectifying women

“Does it matter if men follow a bunch of Instagram accounts containing only the substance of tits + ass?

Yes. It matters. Red flag. It completely and entirely matters.

You are what you eat, gentlemen. 
When you follow a bunch of “hot chicks” on Instagram you’re energetically opening up your field and energy body.

When I see that a man is following a bunch of soft porn accounts where women are objectifying themselves (probably unconsciously) for attention because they think that’s what men want here’s what I think: Gross. And also—shallow. And also—lacking integrity. And also—opening himself up to be distracted and engaged to women who are choosing to portray an empty part of themselves.
Please note I do not believe nudity is sexual. Some nudity is liberating and artistic. Then there are photographs and accounts that are innately shallow, and sexual. What I’m talking about is something you can feel.
If you’re a man and you follow a bunch of women on Instagram, ask yourself why—is it just because they’re hot and you’re hoping one day Instagram will turn into tinder (it won’t) or do you actually receive value from following them? Do they challenge or enrichen your life? Do they add substance? Or is it fucking eye candy and lust?
I asked 
@thelovedrive and @createthelove as they are both men of distinction to me and their replies were “Maybe when I was 20” and “I’m not on Instagram to look at hot chicks”.
The quality of the water we drink, the quality of our food, the quality of the people we hang out with, the Television we watch, the books we read, the conversations we entertain—all become who we are. .
If you’re the sum of the 5 people closest to you, and you follow a bunch of tits and ass soft porn accounts—your space isn’t sacred and I don’t want to be in it.

Do better. You are what you eat.

Yo dudes: We watching fire, it’s no longer “boys will be boys” …..”it’s men are the boys who choose to rise”.

And if you’re a dude and you’re just following me because you think I’m a hot chick. Either read the fuck out of my brilliant words + get what I’m here to say or get the fuck off my page.”

body confidence vs objectifying women

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Here is the thing, my body is my job. It is my art & it is how I share my message in the world. I am proud of my body & I want to celebrate it, but don’t get me confused with the soft porn & sexualized nudity on social media!

I believe women should celebrate their bodies, they should be proud of them AND they should celebrate their sexuality but here it is……there is a solid line that separates the shallow desperate cry for attention and the confident & beautiful authenticity of being a women with values and respect.

I love social media but this part of it where it objectifies women & categorizes them all into the same box is ugly & degrading!

I know my value as a professional in my industry & as a women & I am so much more than that, over and above any number of likes, comments or follows.

body confidence vs objectifying women

So….to the Men & women, who think soft porn & sexualised/objectified nudity is your thing, go for it. I get it….it can come down to opinion & what you believe is your freedom of expression…. But just remember…..what you allow for yourself to do, means you are ok with other men doing it to your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister…daughter!

Like I said, I love the female body, I appreciate the female body & it should be celebrated with beauty & integrity….. that is what I stand for. Don’t smudge out the fucking line between body confidence & objectified desperation…..I know the difference & I know where I stand.

OK, rant over 😉 If you like what you read please share or leave a comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic of body confidence vs objectifying women!

(PS all images in this blog are from instagram and are considered acceptable to their standards)

body confidence vs objectifying women

body confidence vs objectifying women
Article Name
body confidence vs objectifying women
Social media, especially instagram has started to blur the line between what is acceptable & what isn't when it comes to objectifying women & their bodies.

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