Ladies, if you have these body struggles…DON’T WAIT! Signs of autoimmune disease.

autoimmune disease

I want to share this with you because I don’t want you to suffer for as long as I did!!! YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF from autoimmune disease! I just want you to know that before I start.

have worked with 1000’s of women, watching & studying how their bodies change within their journey & with the choices they make.

There is a common thread that has run through all these women & one that binds them to  a constant struggle, discomfort & blockage when it comes to their body.

Whether it is as simple as struggling with daily fatigue & indigestion…..or constant bloating & unexplained weight gain…… something as concerning as degenerating joint tissue & unstable hormones….there is a common element that runs through all these illnesses & physical ailments…..and that is inflammation.

Inflammation in the body can happen within each & every cell and when it does, it prevents our bodies from functioning & transforming to their optimal best!

Inflammation is the big bright red warning light that one would normally see in a car when something is wrong. Our bodies have the same warning light & that warning is inflammation.

autoimmune disease

It can come in many forms are here is a list that you may be experiencing…

  • Ibs
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Joint pain
  • Unexplained weight gain (especially around the abdomen)
  • Muscle & body ache for no reason
  • Exhaustion after minimal activity
  • Poor mental concentration
  • Brain fog
  • Mild to severe depression or anxiety
  • Unexplained Hormone imbalance
  • Unexplained Thyroid issues
  • Slow recovery (after exercise or illness)
  • Always getting sick (low immune system)
  • Struggle to gain lean muscle
  • Hair loss
  • Skin problems (everything from acne to psoriasis)
  • Irregular sleep patterns (often struggling to sleep or restless sleep)
  • Low sex drive
  • Regular vaginal infection
  • High blood pressure
  • Weak heart function
  • Constant bladder infection

As you can see there is a long list of symptoms of inflammation, & all of these symptoms can often be a sign that your body is heading towards an Autoimmune disease (e.g celiac disease, CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cronhs disease, Hashimoto’s, and many others)

Autoimmune disease often creeps up on you gradually. It hides as something else & before you know it you have been given a diagnosis of autoimmune with no tools or promise of healing.

Inflammation is a sign that the body is fighting something that often medical tests won’t be able to pick up. Inflammation is showing up in the body because either a) you have a physical injury (e.g. from playing a sport, poor posture, physical accident like falling….etc, etc) OR b) you have a pathogenic invader (harmful bacteria or virus) that is causing harm to your body and as a result inflames the body.

Autoimmune disease is a sign that the body IS NOT attacking itself but rather trying to attack an invader (pathogen) that is burrowed or hidden itself in the bodies tissue or organs.

I personally had gone for many tests, from blood to hormone, all coming back “normal” yet I was not feeling well. The symptoms above were many I was experiencing on a regular basis at one point!

The more I read & dive deeper, the more I began to understand WHAT was happening to my body & WHY.

Thanks to the help & information of Dr. Garth Davis, Anthony Williams & Dr. Michael Greger I was able to figure out what was wrong with me.

autoimmune detoxing ebv virus

I have EBV and it is hurting my body. As a result, my immune system has been compromised & taking heavy strain trying to find and fight this virus. It began to make sense why these things were happening to me, even when I thought I was doing things right (….which I wasn’t for some parts)

When I first found out, it freaked me out….I was scared & felt overwhelmed…..helpless. All the information out there made it even more overwhelming & confusing & I didn’t know which step I should start with first.

That’s my first bit of advice….stay calm. The calmer you are the quicker you can get into action& heal.

Slowly I was able to compile a plan that worked for me to help fight this autoimmune disease & EBV. This plan is one that I know I can maintain, benefit AND enjoy at the same time.

autoimmune disease detoxing ebv virus

That’s my next bit of advice is to PLAN & have a structure in place that you know you can manage & stick too. Consistency is key if you want to heal & see good progress.

Once you have calmed down & planned your journey, decide to change your lifestyle habits & nutrition habits because they are going to bring the BIGGEST changes. This will have the most powerful effect on your body. Here are my guidelines.

STRESS will kill you, don’t underestimate that statement & the more stressed you are the more out of balance your body is. The more out of balance your body is the more you are going to struggle with healing & transforming it. You have to start changing your lifestyle choices

Focus on scheduling time in your day (as little as 10min) where you start to practice techniques that will help calm your body & reduce your stress levels. Here are my top 5

  1. Getting outdoors into nature. The power of nature & it’s energy is incredible!
  2. Breathing techniques…..learn to breath properly & deeper again. O2 is vital for optimal body performance.
  3. Yoga….it has literally been a lifesaver to help keep my body strong without placing unnecessary strain or stress on it when I was at my worst.
  4. Meditation……so powerful because the effects are almost instantaneous!
  5. Get enough rest and sleep!!!

The next powerful change you can make it through your diet! This is a make or break step when it comes to your body & fighting autoimmune disease & EBV!!!!

That is how I came to design & compile an anti-inflammatory diet that was easy to follow, gave me structure & stability YET was versatile & packed with foods & meals I would enjoy and look forward too. I wanted to have a life while I fought this virus!

Anti-inflammatory diet, Jody Calitz

This is why I designed my 60 DAY BODY BREAKTHROUGH NUTRITION PROGRAM is an anti-inflammatory diet so that it can help HEAL your body from autoimmune disease (INCLUDING ALL the other physical symptoms listed) as well as transforming your body to become it’s most radiant & beautiful self again.

If you are sick & tired or feeling sick & tired, this is the time & place to change that! Take it from me, I have been where you are, I know what it feels like & I can promise you, you can change all of it to feeling AMAZING again!!!!


Jody Calitz Anti Inflammatory diet

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