32 850 Days….that’s it!

32 850 days

32 850 Days….that’s it! From the day you are born to the day you reach 90 years old (which many of us don’t), you have 32 850 days to live!!!!

I don’t know about you but that number suddenly looked real small to me….. In my head, I had a number that had an extra zero added to it, but turns out…..IT AIN’T THAT MUCH!

It really sank in hard for me. Time is short, life is short. Yet still we wait for the right moment, right opportunity, right timing. I relay this specifically to our health & bodies because it is our BODIES that give us the ability to live out this life! HOWEVER when we don’t have the energy, strength, vitality, health, confidence, love, faith, belief, endurance, stamina (the list is long) in our bodies (physically, mentally & emotionally) then WE CAN’T LIVE OUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST! This relates to our jobs, careers, relationships, marriage, friendships, experiences…..EVERYTHING!!!

That means that number at the top (32 850 days in case you missed it) gets shorted even more! Never mind that you will be sleeping about 10 000 of those days & wasting another few years scrolling through useless social media. THAT NUMBER IS SMALL!!!!

32 850 days

We wait our of fear…..

  • Fear of making a mistake
  • Fear of losing something
  • Fear of embarrassment
  • Fear of missing out (this is a dangerous one especially when it comes to love & relationships….people don’t commit because they are waiting for the “next best thing”)
  • Fear of failing (not starting something because we have no faith that we can succeed)
  • Fear of succeeding (yip, that feeling of “can I keep it up” or “how will I cope” can also be paralyzing)
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of taking a chance
  • Fear of risking it all

But the biggest fear that you should REALLY be scared of is not living at all. Having that feeling inside of you of “I should have given it a go”.

SO how does this relate to your health & body?

32 850 days

YOU NEED YOUR BODY, your MIND & your spirit to be strong & confident & resilient to be able to go for the life that you want, that you deserve, without hesitation & without fear.

You don’t want to reach your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s and say “I wish I had taken better care of myself, then I could have done ………..(fill in the blank)”

“I wish I had loved & appreciated my body more when I was younger, then I wouldn’t have such problems now”

“I wish I had not worried about what others thought about me & how I looked & just gone for my dreams”

“I wish I had the confidence to have just spoken to that person….who know’s what could have happened”

Basically, you DON’T want to reach the end of your life & live with regret of not having done something better for your body to extend the number of days you have been given as far as possible.

Regret is the biggest pain point of all because there is no money in the world that can by it back.

32 850 days

So no, I don’t want to wait until I am 63 to LOVE my body, to appreciate my body, to value my body & to celebrate my body as the unique woman I am!!!

I don’t want to look back and wish I had taken better care of her and told myself “I love you” every day.
That is why I am choosing to do so NOW BECAUSE I don’t want to live with the regret of losing the one thing I value most in this world! I encourage you to do the same!

It doesn’t matter what age you are at now, it is never too late to start, to try!

Your health & body are your most valuable assets.

Your body is worthy of the deepest love & unconditional care you can give to her every day.

⭐I have come to know for certain that all answers to incredible health & happiness lies within & starts within.

⭐You can’t create something beautiful if you are constantly breaking it down.

⭐You can’t nurture something precious if you are constantly harming it with poison.

⭐You can’t love your body unconditionally if you are constantly abusing it’s soul with hurtful words (the one’s said & felt!).

Let go of those hang-ups, limiting beliefs & soul destroying messages you are telling yourself. Don’t waste one more day of the 32 850 you have been given, on such BS!!!

32 850 days

🌍After years of searching, learning & growing, I now know for certain that there is no handbook or manual to understanding the bodies power & ability…..its a journey that must be taken. 🌍It can be a challenging journey but I encourage you to take it anyways, embrace it & make the most of what’s left of those 32 850 days!

Seeing that number yesterday was a reminder to me keep LIVING life NOW. 🌍Life on this earth, in this body, is short….therefore choose to love, appreciate & take care of your body the best you can….in this moment….NOW.

It’s never too late to start NOW 🌍☀️🌴 .

I am OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING my 30 DAY SELF LOVE & BODY FREEDOM Course on the 18th of April.

It has been a labor of love & created from my heart out of my own experience & journey with my body.

I have designed this course to help bring out the best, most bravest, & most beautiful parts of who you are as an individual so that you won’t look back on your life with regret of not loving, embracing & celebrating your body & who you are every day!

If you would like to find out more & stay up to date with the official launch of the program, send me an email here hello@jodycalitz.com

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