My 10 daily health Habits that help keep my body in check

10 daily health habits

As a nutritionist and Women’s Wellness Coach, I often get asked what I do every day to keep balance and optimal health.

I do believe we are all different and it’s good to have your own unique take on things, but I have 10 daily health habits that try to apply to keep my health in check, my body in check and my mental well-being in check.

Mental wellness is HUGE! When we are stressed and anxious, they have an effect on our bodies which includes poor concentration, lack of patient, irritability, lack of will power, irrational choices and behaviour and VERY often, poor dietary choices.

So don’t underestimate the effect your mental health has on your physical results and these 10 practices will help make sure both your mind and body stay fit, firm & feeling fantastic!

  • 1) One coffee a day……

Eeeeeeeek (you may be screaming ;), but this is coming from someone who use to live off 6-7 coffees a day! I LOVE coffee! The smell, aroma, flavour, taste, everything about coffee I love. However, like with all things, too much of it is not good for you!


Even though caffeine can give one a nice little boost when the energy is low, too much of it will start to have the opposite effect on you! I have also found that it dehydrates ones body WHILE holding water retention. Yes, I know it sounds impossible, but coffee coffee does that!


What I also found was that too much coffee effected my anxiety. So if you struggle with anxiety, try cutting it out for a while. Slowly reintroduce it later when your body has flushed it all out.


When I feel my anxiety creeping up, coffee goes out the window until I am back on track.


  • 2) I Keep half of my plate raw

I embraced this last year and it hasmade such a HUGE difference to my health AND my weight. We all fluctuate in weight as we move through the month, it is normal. However, having half of what I eat be raw, it has helped tremendously with keeping things firm, toned and in check.


It also has a great effect on the digestive system and helps the body to detox itself naturally.

It will also help boost your nutrition intake as well as those anti-oxidants!

And one more thing! Whenever possible, try get green onto your plate and the fresher and more natural it is, the better!


10 daily health habits


  • 3) SLEEP

I understand there are some of us who can literally survive of 4hrs of sleep a night, but take it from me, IT WILL catch up on you!

Sleeping is a GOOD thing and vital for the body to repair, heal and detox itself. A good nights rest means a very productive day.


Sleeping is also vital for brain function and another essential key to keeping stress and anxiety levels low. The key is having a solid nights rest, and the next few of my daily health practices will explain.


  • 4) Turn off your wifi, laptop, PC AND social media by 8pm

If any of these are in your bedroom, turn them off when you sleep. I think many would get anxious just reading this! Turning off your phones wifi and even your modem makes such a huge difference to your sleep and well-being.


All these devices release frequencies and radiation which travel through our brains and have a HUGE effect on our health. The more devices you can turn off during your sleep the better.


I am not going to lie, I fail hopelessly when it comes to stopping social media after 8pm. I tend to do quick little “catch ups” during that time. EPIC FAIL, because they are never quick! This is DEFINITELY something I must work on to improve (and this is my verbal accountability to you ;).


Here again, huge amounts of information and images are processed through our brain that a lot of the time is negative and uninformative. It actually causes irritation on our brain and effects how we rest and sleep during the night.


Not to mention unnecessary stimulation of unrealistic images & videos we expose ourselves to is not good for our mental happiness.


  • 5) Daily meditation & body gratitude

My oh my, if there is one thing I recommend, meditation is it! And before you say “I can’t get my brain to stop thinking”, let me tell you it’s NOT about that!


It about slowing your brain down, and BREATHING deeply! The more stressed and anxious we get though the day, the more we over think things and our breathing becomes shallower and shallower.


By stopping for even 60sec just to slow the mind down and focus on deepening your breathing, does AMAZING things for the body!


I recommend you try going it every 2 or 3 hours through your day.


Morning and evening body gratitude is such a powerful tool. The  purpose is recognizing and give thanks for each and everything that is working in your body.


This was a massive turn around for me on my journey to self love and abundant confidence. Understanding and valuing every little thing my body does for me on a daily bases without me asking for it, become an overwhelm of wonder and admiration.


I gained the deepest appreciation for my body and all it does for me and through that, an immeasurable respect to want to only give it the best I could.


This is literally 5-10min in the morning and evening.


10 daily health habits


  • 6) Daily exercise that is enjoyable

I am not talking about body breaking workouts. I am talking about effective training that is helping you achieve your goal without hurting your body in the process.


Often we think we need to break ourselves with every session in order to make progress which can’t be further from the truth!


I believe challenge is necessary for growth and progress but there is a fine line when the challenge becomes detrimental to your well being and the obsession for the goal becomes greater than the importance of your own health.


Also do exercise that you enjoy! Yes, we all need to do cardio and strength and flexibility training but choose a method that you enjoy!


For me it’s yoga, I practice it daily!


  • 7) Weekly treats

I don’t believe in “cheat days” and I lay it out pretty clearly over here. However I do believe in treating yourself during the week. Whether that is a midweek on a Wednesday or over the weekend on a Saturday, having something that you enjoy and ALLOWING yourself to enjoy it, will allow you to relax around food AND give you more confidence in making healthy choices.


My weekly treats are sparkling wine and dark chocolate and I don’t have a specific day I am “allowed” to eat it. It’s on the day I feel I want it. It’s all about balance and believe me, from someone who was “all or nothing”, you CAN achieve balance!

My raw vegan chocolate brownies are a great choice and a guilt free treat….here is the recipe!!!

  • 8) Drink water

EVERY health guide, program book or guru will tell you this, drink more water. It really is a simple and super effective habit to have.

Your skin will brighten, cellulite will diminish, toxins will flush out, excess weight will start to drop and all in all, every little cell in your body will start to function at it’s best.

The good old 8 glasses a day is a great place to start!


  • 9) Get out into nature

I speak about this ALOT in my blogs about anxiety and you can READ IT HERE, but nature is the most effective (and cheapest 😉 form of therapy for our physical and mental well being.


Nature actually played a pivotal part in helping me achieve complete Body Freedom and self love. This is one of the techniques I share in my BLUE OCEAN BODY PROGRAM.


All you need to do is walk into your garden for 10min, go stand underneath a tree for 5min (this can even be in the middle of city) or have a pot plant in your home that you can have next to your desk or bed to help filter your air and bring calmness to your surroundings.


  • 10) Cooking

YES, cooking is such a therapeutic and relaxing process. Unfortunately I think many people dislike it because either

  1. They don’t know what or how to cook
  2. They don’t have time

Turns out, we all have time. Our little social media profiles are what causes us to NOT have time for cooking.

And as for not knowing what or how to cook, don’t you worry, I have you covered. Here on my blog i have loads of incredible and easy recipes for you to use and enjoy.

Not only do they taste delicious but they are Jody C approved meaning they will bring amazing health and results to your body! CLICK HERE to get going!

Otherwise check out my FRESH e-book which is packed with over 50 mouth watering recipes. Vegetarian and vegan inspired, each recipe is laid out with beautiful pictures, easy to follow methods and organised categories.


These 10 habits may sound really basic and simple bit they are so powerful! It is often the smallest things that we tend to ignore that bring the biggest impact.

Slowly start to incorporate these 10 daily health habits into your day and very soon you will start to feel their incredible benefits!!!


10 daily health habits

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