You don’t have to let your health & body suffer while trying to put in the hours & time to create your 6 figure entrepreneurial business. Get the health & fitness program that will slot in perfectly to your busy life without disrupting any progress in your business or career.

What is the Fit & Fabulous Entrepreneurs Program ?

It is a Women’s Wellness program that helps busy entrepreneurial women (this includes motherhood because that in itself is equivalent to a career…) prioritize their health so that their bodies & businesses don’t suffer.

In 12 weeks, I help you get a fitness & nutrition plan in play that will compliment your work schedule AND bring amazing benefits to your business as well!

Expect abundant energy, mental endurance & serious firm & fit physique. Your self confidence will double, your body confidence will double & you will be able to knock any contract or proposal straight out of the park!


My name is Jody C and I am a women’s Holistic WELLNESS Expert and EntrepRenuer.

Trust me, I have been where you are. Being a “one-women-show” is hard especially when you are having to juggle all the elements in a business while making time for life, like cooking, laundry and washing your hair!

One would think we would have more time for those important elements like fitting in a workout or making a meal that doesn’t require a microwave…unfortunately 90% of the time, that is not the case.

Before you know it, your body is suffering, your confidence is dropping & your business & career starts to reflect this struggle.

Here is the thing, you CAN’T be a successful entrepreneur if your health is suffering. YOU are the life force behind your business and if that takes strain (or heaven forbid takes a serious knock) not just your body but your business will really suffer…..or even collapse.

The Fit & Fabulous Entrepreneurs program helps you make time and space for your health and your body WITHOUT having to neglect your business’s important commitments and processes.


I know how it is, feeling like you need to spend every waking hour on your business to make it a success or in some cases keep it a success. HOWEVER the biggest downfall MOST entrepreneurs make, is to neglect their own well-being!

It happened to me….I was working 3 jobs at the time, spending every waking moment to try get my business running successfully but I was neglecting my health. Suddenly I found myself with severe anxiety, mild depression & loads of stress. This had a HUGE effect on my mental AND physical well-being.

Years of too much stress and not enough rest had exhausted my adrenal system and in the process messed up everything else in my body.

My hormones where out of whack, my skin was breaking out, my hair was falling out and my heart was actually struggling!!!!!

Suddenly I was picking up weight around my tummy (even when I was doing my best to stay healthy), my muscles where constantly fatigued (which stopped me from being able to workout) & my mental space of anxiety pushed me into a little dark hole I was too afraid to climb out of.

You don’t have to get to that point, and trust me, YOU DON’T WANT TO!!! It’s a very vulnerable & hopeless feeling.



You are a driven female entrepreneur, no matter your fitness level or business size.


You are passionate & committed to realizing your purpose & dream as an entrepreneur AND you don’t want to compromise on the commitment & dedication.


You understand the importance of good health & how it effects all other elements of your life, including your business.


You are wanting to feel strong, fit, fierce & fabulous in your health, body & business.


You see your body as a vital key in your business success & you want to start taking amazing care of it NOW before you run into problems later.


You understand health is not just a physical component but a mental & emotional one as well & you want to make all 3 elements part of your health & wellness journey.


You understand your health & body have a direct impact on your business success & your personal confidence levels.

What you can expect to achieve:

1. Improved physical and mental endurance and stamina

2. Abundant energy and vitality that will have you jumping out of bed every morning with vigor to take on the day

3. Reduced stress, strain and anxiety levels

4. Dramatic risk reduction for heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer

5. Massive increase in your fitness & body strength

6. Improved muscle tone, firmness and definition.

7. Excess weight loss, especially body fat around the middle and thighs (our stress areas).

8. More shape and definition in the arms, legs and glutes.

9. UNSTOPPABLE body confidence that will have you taking charge of business head on!


12 week training plan that can be adapted to 10, 20, 30 or 40min, depending on what time you have available.


The HIGHLY effective 12 week BEACH BODY WORKOUT SYSTEM that can be done anytime anywhere! Whether you are on a beach, in your living room or at your office gym, you can do this workout system with incredible results!


A well structured nutrition plan that includes meal layouts as well as shopping list planners to make your life easier & save time.


My personal feedback and assistance over email for the full 12 weeks. So when you need help adjusting or adapting the program as you come into some time or location challenges, I will have your back for the full 12 weeks & I am only an email away!


Meditation & mind exercises that will help calm the mind, improve mental focus & reduce stress.


Guides & charts that will help make your life easier & more efficient. Less stress + less effort = more calm, time & energy.


Teach & provide you with essential tools & skills that you can apply AFTER the 12 weeks to ensure you maintain your amazing results AND improve upon them.


There is no fuss or frills or extra hours you need to somehow miraculously squeeze into your day. This is for women who want an efficient, effective & compact program that will bring amazing results and benefits.


Investment & Planning

The 12 week FIT & FABULOUS ENTREPRENEURS online course is $299 when paid in full, or you can choose to pay in two installments of $199. Modules will be released weekly, but you’ll have lifetime access to course materials

You won’t need to download and navigate your way through a confusing apps & endless options….I give you structured choice that is highly effective.

You won’t have to sign up or subscribe to a monthly plan that will be removed once you stop. What you get is yours for life and you can use it for life….it’s that effective.

You won’t have to spend endless hours in a gym to gain amazing physical results

You won’t have to resort to crazy diets, weight loss supplements or dangerous pills

You won’t have to achieve unrealistic demands or expectations…..YOUR HEALTH is my priority and the beautiful body that naturally flourishes is your bodies gift to you

You don’t need to fit a certain size or weight, we are aiming for fit, firm & fabulous….and that comes in many shapes & sizes!

For only $299 the full FIT & FABULOUS ENTREPRENEUR program is yours!

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