Frequently Asked Questions


BODY FREEDOM is the ability to embrace your beautiful body for ALL that it is, take the best care possible that you can & love it completely

It’s about breaking free from destructive behaviour, unhealthy habits & negative thought patterns that have kept you stuck & frustrated for so long.

It’s about developing a deep connection with how you think, feel & communicate with your body & yourself.


The Body FREEDOM technique embraces the plant based way of living, as well as specific  techniques & coaching to help you become your most beautiful & authentic self.

To achieve complete body freedom, you must first fall in love with who you are NOW in this present moment!

It starts in your mind & then flows to your body.


What Body Freedom is NOT!

Body Freedom is NOT a way of boosting the ego.

It is NOT about achieving the perfect body….it’s about embracing the one you have been blessed with & then taking incredible care of it!

It’s not some quick fix or “once off” event….It’s a journey, a life long journey & I help teach you the tools & techniques to be able to handle what life throws your way.  

It’s NOT about fixing our bodies on the outside……it’s about healing what is going on, on the inside. That being your physical, emotional & spiritual body.


I don’t care what shape, size or colour you are……what I care about is that you learn how to fall in love with who you are on a physical & spiritual level.

I care that you start to feel an intense love & nurturing towards your body so that you will ALWAYS want to give your body the best you can & make the best decisions you can for it.

I care that you start to treat your body like your best friend & love her fiercely as if it was the air she breathed.



HOW do you achieve it?

Body freedom can be achieved by any women who dares to embrace their inner goddess & live their truth with passion.


From the moment we are born & start our journey through life, we get questioned, we get judged & very quickly doubt, uncertainty & unworthiness starts to creep in.


However Body Freedom can be achieved & empowered by ANYONE no matter how hard life has been to them & no matter where they are currently on their journey.


I have put together beautiful programs that have been created out of my own experience & journey with my body. I have been through the trials & tribulations….I have done the work, I KNOW the areas that need to be addressed, healed & set free.

You won’t need to spend years of your life searching & hoping for the confidence, love & freedom you are desiring for you body!

SO I encourage you to take some time to explore my site, get to know me, ask questions, read my blog, join my body freedom tribe… yourself up to the possibility of living a life with complete body freedom!

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WHY choose this way of living?

Food has been placed on this earth to heal our bodies not harm them, and in order to heal we need to eliminate all harm that is placed on & in our food. This includes toxins,  poisons & physical abuse to ourselves & those of animals.

Food is a blessing NOT a curse.

It is here to nourish us, NOT punish us.

And it is meant to be eaten with love, care & enjoyment, not guilt, harm & dread!

You CAN get into the best shape of your life, while actually enjoying the food you eat.

You CAN drop the excess weight & achieve abundant health without restriction and constraint.

And you CAN feel INCREDIBLE in your body without having to suffer and deprive yourself.

This is the NEW ERA of HEALTH, VITALITY & achieving a gorgeous body….and I can show you how!!!



So, what does a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle mean?

Whole Food Plant Based (otherwise referred to as WFPB) lifestyle is when the majority of ones nutrition (+80%) comes from natural whole foods (not processed or manufactured) & these foods are all plant based. One also chooses to make conscious health choices for your body & your environment.

* * * * *

But what is HCLF?

This stands for High Carb Low Fat, which is the natural state in which many (not all) plants provide nutrition in. Yes there are many sources of plants that contain a high protein &/or fat content BUT the MAJORITY of what is consumed is HCLF….simple examples are apples, bananas, sweet potatoes oats etc 🙂

I stick to a 60/20/20 split rule(carbs/protein/fats) as it has brought the best results….others believe it should be an 80/10/10 ratio…. but I adapt it to suit my clients needs & goals. 

 * * * * * * 

Does vegan mean all of the above?

Veganism is when someone stops eating & using ALL animal products for ethical reasons. This can go as far as the clothes they wear, beauty products they use & businesses they support. 

Being vegan does NOT necessarily mean healthy or environmentally conscious. Many Vegan products or animal free alternatives are often highly processed, chemically enhanced & use synthetic materials. These products, materials and processes are not healthy for our bodies or our planet. 

 * * * * * * 

I choose to an approach that is not crazy rigid but rather a balanced, complete & healthy way of living that tries to minimize the harm to your body or your environment.

It’s NOT about perfection but rather doing your best with what you have.


Do you have to be a vegan to be able to do your program?

No, you can be starting from anywhere and at any fitness or health level!


I wouldn’t know where to start……do your programs guide me me with that?

Yes they do! I design my programs so that you can clearly see where you start and where you are going.


What are the benefits from your program?

Oh my gosh, there are so many I don’t know where to start…..

  • Amazing weight loss, specifically fat loss.
  • Decrease in high blood pressure
  • Reverse the effects of high blood pressure
  • Decrease high cholesterol
  • Reverse the effects of high cholesterol
  • Decrease risk of diabetes
  • Reverse the effects and even cure diabetes
  • Strengthen the heart and decrease risk of heart disease
  • Reverse the effects of heart disease
  • Decrease risk of cancer
  • Help in the preventing & curing of cancer
  • Slow down and even reverse aging
  • Improve skin, nail and hair condition
  • Improve stamina and energy
  • Increase metabolism
  • Help cure metabolic damage
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Kill off dangerous pathogens 

There is tons of evidence and research of the above (see list below), but if you are in doubt, please do your own research and inquiring to reassure your mind.

How quick will I see results?

Everyone’s body will adapt, transform and improve at different paces, so I can’t put a set time limit on the result outcome. What I can say is that if you are consistent, persistent and committed, you will be amazed by your results!



Is this a RAW diet?

No, however I include a lot of raw food as I believe the benefits of raw eating are incredible. My focus is really on getting you to eat more plants and to show you have easy, dynamic and delicious it can be. A RAW VEGAN program will be the next step but for now, it is a combination of vegan food that is fresh and cooked.


I am not interested in living off lettuce and “bird seed”, will there be variety?

YES, DEFINITELY YES! That was always my hesitation as well until I started to change my view on what vegan food can be! It is such a passion of mine to create AMAZING, HEALTHY and DIVINE vegan food and this is what I share with you in the program.


Are the foods listed expensive and hard to find?

No. All my programs and courses are based on seasonal eating which means you eat foods that are in season. These foods are normally very easy to find AND they are cheaper because they are in season! Because the programs and courses are so versatile, I also teach you how to interchange and swap out foods when you need.


Does it show calories & macros?

From someone who has wasted a very large part of her young life counting meaningless calories, I refuse to put it into my programs. Yes, it is important not to consume excessive amounts of calories, that is logic, but my programs are so well designed and structured that you will never have to worry about counting a calorie every again in your life!


I am “carb intolerant”, is there a carb free option?

The key thing to remember is that all carbs don’t fall under the same category yet the term “carb-free” has done such. Carbohydrates found in plants like sweet potato, fruits, beans, carrots, oats and many other forms of natural foods, are the carbohydrates that help heal and strengthen the body.

Carbs that are highly processed (including many gluten free products) are the ones that do most of the damage and what has caused most of the problems. My programs and courses eliminate these bad carbs and use only ones that bring amazing results to the body while tasting just as good (think vegan burgers with sweet potato wedges 😉 ;)!

The term “carb-free” has been used and abused in the health and fitness industry as a form of selling products, making money and damaging people’s health. Most people have been sold into the lie that carbs make you fat or cause diseases like diabetes. It is the biggest fallacy been told in health and well-being today. I personally don’t believe in any diet that states “carb-free”. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to show and prove the body is very capable of using carbohydrates correctly, effectively AND can actually bring AMAZING benefits (mentally and physically) to the body. It all comes down to eating carbohydrates in the correct form and in the correct way.

Carbs have also shown to make one leaner, increase the metabolism and help maintain the ideal body weight indefinitely.

For someone who has tried and tested most crazy diets out there, eating carbs has actually brought me the best results ever……and keep in my I competed as a pro-athlete on a vegan diet.

If you are more interested in “carb-free” living, I have created a Keto Vegan Recipe E-book & 7 Day Eating plan that is 100% plant based & is a beautiful introduction to the plant based way of eating and living.

CLICK HERE to find out more


What is the difference between the ‘stand-alone’ program and the 1-on-1 coaching?

Essentially the stand alone program you will purchase, download and follow through on your own.

The 1-on-1 coaching allows you many other benefits which include Skype & WhatsApp coaching calls, access to me via email (and WhatsApp for exclusive programs), personalized feedback and answers to all your questions and queries throughout the program, custom applied adjustments to the program for your specific needs (e.g. if you have a food allergy or have a specific goal like to run a marathon) and loads more.


What’s the difference between email support & 1-on-1 coaching? 

Email support allows you access to me via email to ask question or queries that may come up relating to the program purchased (not all programs have email support, they will state if they do). It does not involve custom designing or personalization of the program.

1-on-1 coaching is much more personal & intensive where personalization & adjustments are done to the program for the client. 1-on-1 coaching calls & counsel session are done & we dive much deeper & get very specific on the clients needs, goals & transformation.


What if I have an urgent question for a program that doesn’t have email support or coaching?

You can always feel rest assured that you can ask questions as I don’t want any of my clients to feel lost or confused….however if the answer requires a lengthy explanations, personalization or in depth discussion, OR the questions are too frequent, I will advice a coaching call OR email support service which is an additional cost.


Do I have to live in South Africa to do it?

No, it is all digital and can be done from anywhere, including the exclusive 1-on-1 coaching programs!


I am very keen on going vegan but I suffer from many food allergies as well as some medical complications, can I still do this program?

I would recommend you invest in the 1-on-1 monthly coaching program where you will work closely with me and I will custom design a program that will suit your goals and your limitations. 

Always remember to speak to your doctor first before embarking on any of my programs (also see T&C’s).

Email me for more details on 1-on-1 coaching!

Do you have alternatives for those who don’t want to be completely vegan?

All the programs I create and design are 100% plant based however they are so versatile you can adapt it into any non vegan food choices.

My family has many different pallets , will I be able to adjust the nutrition plan so that I can fit it into my family life? 

Yes, the program is very versatile and adjustable, and you will be able to make changes to fit it into your family life.

I highly recommend you get your family on a healthy meal plan with loads of fresh vegetables and fruit ASAP. This will help minimize their chances of developing diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, obesity and cancer.


Is the program safe to use if I am diabetic? 

A plant-based diet has show to improve and even reverse diabetes but ALWAYS first get clearance from your doctor before embarking on any of my program or courses. Please see T&C’s.

Is the program safe to use if I have high blood pressure? 

There are amazing results and evidence showing that a plant-based diet can reduce high blood pressure but ALWAYS first get clearance from your doctor before embarking on any of my program or courses. Please see T&C’s.


Is the program safe to use if I have a heart condition? 

This program is designed to strengthen and rejuvenate the heart and it has been proven that damage to the heart due to stress and disease can be reversed on a plant-based diet but ALWAYS first get clearance from your doctor before embarking on any of my program or courses. Please see T&C’s.

I have cancer, can this diet help me?

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to show a whole food plant based diet can assist in the prevention and cure of cancer BUT you MUST first get clearance from your doctor before embarking on any of my programs or courses. Please see T&C’s.


I am pregnant and/or breastfeeding, can I do this program?

Whole Food Plant Based eating will bring amazing benefits to you & your babies health HOWEVER you MUST first get clearance from your doctor before embarking on any of my programs or courses. Please see T&C’s.




I want to compete in a Fitness Bikini competition….do you have a Vegan Competition Prep Program?

I have a set designed program called THE VEGAN BIKINI PREP which has been designed for you to achieve you stage ready physique. For more details about my Vegan Bikini Prep Coaching,drop me an email at

Do I need to purchase supplements E.g protein shakes, fat burners and meal replacements, to be able to use your programs?

I pride myself in designing programs that are 100 % natural and free of animal derivatives, artificial colourants, flavourants, preservatives and anything that is not how nature intended it to be.
Natural plant-based supplements are very convenient in our busy life. They help add extra nutrition and essential vitamins to your diet that is sometimes hard to do if you don’t always have the time to prepare, stop and eat.

Not enough time is THE MOST COMMON hurdle most people struggle with and having a supplement to assist with that is ideal!

​This is also useful if you are prepping to compete.

I use & sell Synerchi Organics. Should you have any questions about this brand and their products, please don’t hesitate to ask.



Where can I find evidence of the benefits of a vegan/PLANT-BASED diet for the above conditions & over all abundant health?

I would recommend you invest some time and watch the following documentaries;

  • Forks over Knives
  • Vegan – Everyday Stories
  • Cowspiricy
  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
  • The Truth about CANCER
  • Fed Up
  • Planeat
  • What the health
  • Speciesism
  • Heal
  • Game Changers

These documentaries are packed with information from top professionals & experts in their field!

Otherwise head over to . This website is phenomenal and shares amazing facts, research and evidence on how a plant based diet can change your body and life!


It’s all in Dollars, where can I find the cost in my currency?

Google “currency converter”, this will help you. It’s super easy, just type in the search tab the currency that is displayed on the website to the currency you want e.g. “Dollar to pound” and hit enter.

How can I pay?

All payment is done via paypal (international credit card) or payfast (South Africa) and if you live in South Africa you also have the option of doing EFT. For EFT payments please contact me via the contacts page or send an email to

(PLEASE read T&C’s for payment, refunds as well as copy right conditions).


How do I create a PayPal account?

It is super easy, quick and free! Click on the link to get started


How do I get my program?

Once you purchased the program and the payment has gone through you will be e-mailed a link where you will be able to download your program.


How many times can I download the program?

Just once, it is for a single person use only. If by any chance you have problems with the download link, please email me so that I can help you get your program asap!

Can I use it on any device?

Yes you can! A tablet, phone, laptop, i-books and kindle. Make sure to save the PDF to your Dropbox or laptop and then you can transfer it to your preferred device.


Can I share it out with my friends?

No, this is strictly prohibited. Each purchase is for 1 person only. I do understand there is no way of regulating this but I have trust & faith in the honesty & integrity of the people who use my products & programs & that they won’t abuse it.


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