10 things I’ve learned from the CELERY JUICE CRAZE

celery juice craze

Here are 10 important things I’ve learned from the celery juice craze & why you should try it too!!!

If you haven’t heard of the celery juice craze then you may have been living under a social rock (there is nothing wrong with that btw 😉 however, last year, the celery juice trend went viral due to its miracle cures of a variety of ailments & illnesses.

I too have tried the celery juice craze. Here is what I’ve learnt & my journey so far.

  • 1) First thing I learned is that celery is not a vegetable, it’s a herb and hence the super powerful properties it holds.
  • 2) The second thing I learned is to drink it on an empty stomach (which was the only way I could manage it…..) but it has to be PURE celery juice for maximum benefits…..not even diluted water! I got this wrong for the first 2 or 3 weeks of my journey.
  • 3) The reason for lesson number 2 (and the 3rd thing I have learned) is that the benefits of celery lie in the cellular structure of its’ minerals & salts and when it comes into contact with other substances, it breaks this cellular structure down, reducing its potency & benefits on the body. However not all is lost, you still receive amazing benefits, just not as powerful as when it is done on its own.
  • 4) The 4th Lesson, IT TAKES TIME!!!! Like with ANYTHING in life, especially when it comes to the body & doing things naturally & effectively, it takes time. The before and afters are amazing but don’t compare 2 weeks of juicing to someone else’s 20 months of juicing!
  • 5) You can’t do it in isolation. Yes, drinking celery juice will bring incredible benefits but if you are still carrying on with junk food & destructive diet & lifestyle, the benefits will be hard to come by, if at all. It has to be accompanied with the right nutrition plan…..that’s when big changes start to happen!
  • 6) Consistency is key without expecting perfection. Being consistent for the first 60 days is so important so I recommend planning (basically know when celery is in season). At the same time, life happens and there are days where it doesn’t happen…..don’t beat yourself up, just continue with it the next day. That is why eating right plays such an important role because it helps maintain the benefits achieved!

Celery is currently so hard to find at the moment & extremely expensive so I have actually stopped my juicing until it is back in season. However, I am continuing with my 60 DAY BODY BREAKTHROUGH Anti-inflammatory program and so far all the benefits that I have gained from celery juicing have remained!

  • 7) Every person’s progress & results are different but progress & results DO HAPPEN…..you just got to stick with it and focus on your journey. Don’t compare, rather use other peoples stories as motivation & inspiration.
celery juice craze
  • 8) Don’t use “soup celery”…..OMW, worst mistake I made. There are more leaves than stalks & by the time you actually got 16ounces out…..it took about 4 bunches & tastes like pond water….. don’t make the mistake I did!!!
  • 9) Things get worse before they get better! Yes, you heard me right, for some (not all) things may feel like they get worse before getting better but this is kind of a good thing…it shows the body is killing off its pathogens & eliminating toxins, so it is VITAL you hang in there with things feel bad!
  • 10) Even though it is a “health trend” and some might say it is extreme behaviour……it really has incredible benefits & I wouldn’t say extreme if I had to compare it to some “normal habits”. People think it’s “normal” to consume huge quantities of dairy (which includes milk, whey, yogurt, cream & cheese in full fat, low fat & powder form) from animals that have been induced with hormones & steroids & have unnaturally high levels of estrogen floating in it…..or another example would be regularly consuming pharmaceuticals for headaches, indigestion, sinus or any other physical symptom (often caused by the consumption of dairy) as “normal”……….yet, drinking a glass of celery juice daily to reverse illness is extreme….I think not! I believe it is a trend to stay & should become as “normal” as what consuming dairy is.

I love how light and energized my body felt with it and how incredibly healing it was to my body. But while I wait for the celery to return, I am sticking to my anti-inflammatory protocol to ensure all my benefits remain!

Body benefits include :

  • Better digestion (goodbye ibs, heart burn & indigestion)
  • Better skin condition (goodbye acne, psoriasis, eczema & other skin disorders)
  • YES, it really helps with weight loss but you have to do it with a healthy plant based nutrition plan.
  • Boost energy levels big time!
  • Clearer mind & concentration
  • Quicker recovery period
  • Better sleep quality
  • Goodbye bloating pms & water retention (that alone was motivation for me)

I highly recommend you try this celery juice craze too, but you HAVE to change all areas of your eating habits to really feel the benefits!! You’ll be surprised how easy & enjoyable these changes are!!

As you can see there are many amazing benefits but it’s just the tip of the iceberg! In the end, it’s your choice how you want to feel…..average or incredible…you choose! And if it means trying out the celery juice craze, I say go for it!

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