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Why Cheat Days will destroy your mental & physical well-being

cheat day

I don’t know who invented the concept of a cheat day but ever since I got introduced to it, it has been the most destructive and bizarre concept of my life! Seriously thought…..the term “cheat” means to deceive, trick, defraud or bamboozle. Now my logical brain tells me that NONE of those words seem like […]

(SUCCESS STORY) How Hanri went from anxious & overwhelmed to feeling FIT, FIRM & FABULOUS

Beach Body Transformation

How Hanri went from anxious & overwhelmed to feeling FIT, FIRM & FABULOUS with her Beach Body Transformation. Hey, my name is Hanri Bezuidenhout. I am a full time high school teacher, mom of two lively, beautiful little girls & wife to my incredible husband Theo. I use to be a fitness instructor and incredibly active […]

The final letter written by a 27 year old dying of cancer – it will change your life!

Holy's final letter

You know those moments when life gives you a message you can’t ignore. It could be in a form of an e-mail, text message, movie you watch or conversation you have. It is just so relevant to what you need to hear it gives you chills. Holy’s final letter was one of those moments. I have […]

How Diane transformed her body from the middle of nowhere

beach body for all women

This is not just another weight loss success story….I believe in more than just transforming your body. It’s about transforming your life and how you start to live it once you are fit and healthy!  * * * * * If you don’t know where Riebeek Kasteel is, that’s probably because it is a tiny […]

Do you have CARBOPHOBIA, the fear of eating carbs?

what is Carbophobia

What is Carbophobia? DO you fear carbs more than you fear a spider? I get asked many times what is carbophobia. Carbophobia is the fear of eating carbohydrates. Something that started roughly in the early 2000’s when the Atkins diet became popular. There are varying degrees of Carbophobia, but in general most individuals who suffer […]

Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body

Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body

Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body I use to be one of your typical “gym-junkies”….. intensive fasted cardio in the mornings followed by a hard-core weight session in the evening. I worked out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week & believed that it was what was required of me in […]

How to guarantee your success with your business, body & relationship goals!

Achieve your goals

How to achieve your goals and guarantee your success in your business, body & relationship! These are 5 essential factors that will determine whether you will achieve your goals or not, no matter when in the year you begin. 1. The ‘realisticness’ of your goals in relation to your life Wanting to become a Olympic sprinter […]