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The Eco Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush that EVERYONE should consider investing in, ESPECIALLY Vegans!

Eco friendly bamboo toothbrush

Being vegan has many positive traits as far as health benefits and saving animal lives, but why stop there? The fundamental reason for most people becoming vegan is to prevent cruelty perpetrated against animals and more importantly respect all forms of life. Naturally, looking at the food we eat is the first step in combating […]

Destination Addiction & our bodies

Destination Addiction

Have you ever heard of destination addiction? It is one of THE MOST common “disorders” of our modern day society. And it is especially prevalent when it comes to our bodies and health! Last week I had 2 destination addiction quotes cross my path in a matter of 2 days and it made me realize […]

Don’t get left behind – THE GAME CHANGERS


If you are still stuck on the fact that you need protein with every meal and the only way to get lean, strong & super hot is through meat….my friend you are stuck in the stone age, literally and figuratively.  You HAVE TO watch the teaser for the hottest MUST WATCH documentary this year called […]

How to let go of the old fitness mindset….because fasted cardio & egg whites are so last season!

new age health & fitness

New age health & fitness ….it’s easier than what we have been sold to believe! I use to be stuck in the mindset that the only way to achieve and maintain a fit, firm and super sexy body was to sweat buckets in the gym and live off egg whites at home. I could never […]

Listeria outbreak & 5 reason why you should GO VEGAN!


Listeria outbreak …..5 reasons to go vegan The Listeria outbreak had caught south Africa by surprise especially when they couldn’t find the source of the outbreak. Until recently (as in yesterday, the 4th of March) The Minister Of Health made an official announcement stating that all processed meat, specifically the ENTERPRISE brand, should be avoided […]

HCLF diet & does it work?

vegan diet plan

I often get asked what diet I follow and very often that gets followed by the questions, so do you mix your carbs and fats and protein. I don’t like giving my “eating methods” a title because I see it as a way of life but to make things easier to understand especially for someone […]