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Why I dumped the traditional “food prep” for more fun & enjoyment

anti-inflammatory diet

I REALLY enjoy creating colourful, flavoursome & beautiful meals. For me, that’s “healthy food prep”. It’s a creative process for me & I truly love it. It takes my mind off  life’s “stuff” and allows me to just BE in the moment. Sadly I don’t often see this in todays crazy busy world. When someone […]

Healing from EBV & what I felt too embarrassed to share about my health.

detoxing ebv virus

Soooooo….i haven’t shared the FULL details of my detox journey & healing from the EBV virus. I am going to be honest here & it’s about putting it out there with the courage that it might help others & give them an opportunity to heal   I have spoken a lot about detoxing & cleansing […]

The new F word – Fasting

fasting for weight loss

There is ALWAYS an “it trend” circulating the health & fitness industry and currently it is FASTING (among others….but it is one of the hottest words right now)! However, fasting has been around for centuries, YES CENTURIES my friends!   Fasting is a time tested and ancient tradition. It has been used for religious and health […]

Why guilt is a dream killer & how it’s holding you back from making progress

Guilt is a dream killer

  Guilt is probably the most common word that comes up when I chat to my clients about how they feel about their bodies, their relationship with food, the fitness journey they are on, the life they want……and 9/10 guilt will be a dominant word in the conversation. They are feeling this way 90% of […]