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Do you have CARBOPHOBIA, the fear of eating carbs?

Do you have Carbophobia?

Do you have Carbophobia? DO you fear carbs more than you fear a spider? Carbophobia is the fear of eating carbohydrates. Something that started roughly in the early 2000’s when the Atkins diet became popular. There are varying degrees of Carbophobia, but in general most individuals who suffer from it have an intense fear of […]

How to guarantee your success with your business, body & relationship goals!

Achieve your goals

How to achieve your goals and guarantee your success in your business, body & relationship! These are 5 essential factors that will determine whether you will achieve your goals or not, no matter when in the year you begin. 1. The ‘realisticness’ of your goals in relation to your life Wanting to become a Olympic sprinter […]

Top 7 Health & Fitness Trends for 2018

top 7 health & fitness trends for 2018

Just like with fashion and beauty, so does the health and fitness industry go through trends. Our brains like to be stimulated with new things, new ideas and new adventures. There is nothing wrong with that! My biggest challenge is always having to explain to clients WHY some trends are just fads. They often do […]

Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body

Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body

Why I dumped the gym in favour of my body I use to be one of your typical “gym-junkies”….. intensive fasted cardio in the mornings followed by a hard-core weight session in the evening. I worked out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week & believed that it was what was required of me in […]