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Super-food Strawberry Breakfast Bowl

Super-food Strawberry Breakfast Bowl - Jody C

It’s Friday Food FEAST!!!!! This is currently my favourite breakfast at the moment, not just because it tastes like heaven, but because it is so power packed with amazing nutrition! It transforms you from the inside out! My Super-food Strawberry Breakfast Bowl is packed with fiber, antioxidants AND it has a low GI index. This means it helps […]

Asian Style Zucchini & Carrot Salad with Rye TwirlyPasta

Friday Food Feast! This literally takes 15min to prepare, it is so easy. It is my Asian style Zucchini & Carrot salad with rye twirly pasta. Grate 4 large zucchinis Grate 4 large carrots Chop up 4 large spring onion1 cup chopped coriander Cook x1 500g packet 100% rye twirls (they are very quick). This can be easily […]