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The PERFECT Kale Chip Recipe

kale chip recipe

When it comes to the ideal snack which matches ALL the requirements of what “healthy” should be, this Kale chip recipe hits the nail on the head! There are all the points it ticks off: ✔ Vegan friendly ✔ Gluten Free ✔ Low Carb ✔ Low fat ✔ high protein ✔ nutrition dense ✔ low calorie ✔ high fiber ✔ no preservatives, colourants or […]

HCLF diet & does it work?

vegan diet plan

I often get asked what diet I follow and very often that gets followed by the questions, so do you mix your carbs and fats and protein. I don’t like giving my “eating methods” a title because I see it as a way of life but to make things easier to understand especially for someone […]

The perfectly grilled Tofu recipe

grilled tofu recipe

  When people first hear of tofu (never mind taste it) they can be put off quite quickly. It is pretty tasteless and the texture can be something to get use to. But when it comes to preparing it, that’s when the panic starts. I think many believe it will be this complicated, 2 day […]

Why Cheat Days will destroy your mental & physical well-being

cheat day

I don’t know who invented the concept of a cheat day but ever since I got introduced to it, it has been the most destructive and bizarre concept of my life! Seriously thought…..the term “cheat” means to deceive, trick, defraud or bamboozle. Now my logical brain tells me that NONE of those words seem like […]

Chickpea & Butternut Yellow Thai curry

Chickpea & Butternut Yellow Thai curry

I love a good curry, I think because there are so many pungent and powerful flavours. Then again, that’s my palette, I love texture and I love good flavour. DON’T give me bland and boring! I rather chew on a piece of bark than have to sit through a plate of food that just does […]

Do you have CARBOPHOBIA, the fear of eating carbs?

what is Carbophobia

What is Carbophobia? DO you fear carbs more than you fear a spider? I get asked many times what is carbophobia. Carbophobia is the fear of eating carbohydrates. Something that started roughly in the early 2000’s when the Atkins diet became popular. There are varying degrees of Carbophobia, but in general most individuals who suffer […]