Are you ready to set your mind & body free from the unrealistic expectations, frustrations & restraints of the “diet & Fitness” world?


It’s time to achieve that gorgeous body they radiates health, happiness & vitality. It’s time to drop the old & useless methods that do more harm than good. It’s time to embrace your body for everything that it is & allow it to become the best version of what it can be. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

– You have tried countless “diets”, wasted valuable time on calculating macro’s & counting calories

– you have exhausted your way through hours of fasted cardio & back breaking weights & yet you are still no closer than where you were when you started.

Your mind feels trapped, frustrated & hopeless.

– Your body feels exhausted, deprived & depleted.

There is more fear & frustration within your body than there is courage & confidence.

– And your soul, that little fire that burns inside, has gone out. You don’t love or even recognize the person in the mirror. Your confidence has vanished & you feel like you are drowning in this exhaustive & confusing cycle of “do’s & don’ts” of dieting & training.

But what if you could change it all?

Your Body, your mind & your soul should feel like the crystal clear waters of a blue ocean. Clean, vibrant, thriving & beautiful….And when all 3 become aligned, your life will thrive!

If ANY of that has resonated with you and you felt a tug deep within your heart, then you are in the right place! Welcome to …….

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Unfortunately we have been brain washed by an industry that has created a pool of mercy grey water. It is intoxicated with processed products, dangerous supplements, dangerous methods & unrealistic goals.

It’s a pool that is over crowded & suffocating WITH INDIVIDUALS desperately trying to find the happiness within their body and life.

They are drowning from false promises, destructive behavior & old methods that are broken.

It’s time to move out of this “ grey water” that everyone is struggling & floundering in, and into a “blue ocean” that is calm & abundant. It is free from deprivation, starvation & down right crazy expectations.

“This has been the best few weeks of my entire life… I have proven to myself that I can achieve whatever it is that I put my heart and my mind to.. This program has taught me self discipline and self love.”

Tasneem Kirchner / World traveler, mother & wife to professional rugby player
JODY C, vegan diet, easy vegan recipes, healthy vegan recipes

Turning 30 was a turning point. A good one. I kinda “got it” and have been working on her program (with consistency) for 2 years. I look great and feel even better. It is now a part of my life I love”

Diane Kocsis / Mother, business owner, farmer & yogi
how to overcome emotional eating

“I competed in my first Bikini Competition as a vegan & never would have dreamed that I could achieve this body & health on plants. You changed my life Jody, thank you !!”

Julia Pia / Teacher, wife & fitness Enthusiast

I have worked in this “fitness” industry for nearly 2 decades and have gone through the pain, disappointment, shame and heart ache of constantly failing at trying to achieve the body of my dreams.

Any result that I did achieve was only temporary. Short lived with the fear of knowing I could never maintain this crazy schedule or lifestyle. No matter how amazing it was it was never good enough. My confidence was always at a low and I never got to the point of actually LOVING the person I saw in the mirror.

There was constant doubt in my mind “have I worked hard enough?”.

There was constant fear in my mind “what if I can’t keep this up?”.

There was constant shame in my mind “why did I binge again last night?”

And there was constant discontent & confusion going on “am I doing the right thing? is this the latest trend? Should I be doing this diet/workout or should I be taking this supplement/pill?”

I could probably count every calorie that passed my plate & I knew exactly how much I needed to “burn off” to make up for any mistake i might have made.

Who wants to live like that? It is exhausting & just plain nuts!!!!

 BLUE OCEAN BODY is an 8 week life transforming program where I help take your body, your mind and your soul out of a red alert state (scared, ashamed, confused, toxic & frantic) , and into a tranquil blue water state of clarity, calmness & confidence.

Your body will change from feeling tired & getting nowhere….to feeling energised, alive & sexy as all hell….because you are! And you deserve to feel that way!!!

And what really sets this program apart from EVERY OTHER ONE ON THE PLANET….

It has been designed to keep your body beautiful & clean AS WELL AS this exquisite blue planet we live in!

It is designed to make sure the positive changes you make to your body, has an equally powerful impact on our earth!

If we use processed & artificial foods, our physical body & our planet suffers.

If our food comes out of containers or plastic bags, our physical body & our planet suffers.

If we spend more time on machines that consume more energy than we actually use, our physical body & our planet suffers

how to overcome emotional eating

“So I am 6 weeks in……….I am 4 kg down (from 67 to 63) and a total of 41 cm. Thanks Jody! You are amazing! ”

Hanri Bezuidenhout / Teacher, runner devoted wife & mother of 2
how to overcome emotional eating

I’m very impressed with how amazing I feel and look. I’ve gotten many compliments and tons of stares. I absolutely have loved your program and believe in it 100%.

Amy Burke / Talented photographer & make-up artist
how to overcome emotional eating

“You have taught me how to place health before appearance and by doing so, my natural inner beauty came shining through”

Jade Liddell / Fitness Enthusiast & Corporate Professional
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It’s time to reset the way we think about our health & our body and it’s time to take responsibility for what we do to our bodies & this planet.

Massive positive change can be achieved by taking the smallest of steps, and I WILL show you how.

This program is perfect for you if:

You know you deserve a gorgeous body you love, appreciate and feel proud of.

 * * * * * * *

You want to break free from destructive behaviour, unhealthy habits & negative thought patterns that have kept you stuck & frustrated for so long.

 * * * * * * *

You are done with the old school way of health & fitness (chicken, egg whites & broccoli)…you are ready to embrace the new era of health & fitness & rock a SUPER hot body.

 * * * * * * *

You want to develop a deep connection with how you think, feel & communicate with your body & yourself.

 * * * * * * *

You want to achieve incredible results without having to count calories, starve your body in the kitchen or break your body at the gym.

 * * * * * *

You have a deep connection & care for this planet and you are keen to learn how by changing the way you eat, train and live will have a direct, powerful and positive impact on this planet.

 * * * * * *

You have wanted to try a plant based way of eating and living & you want to learn how you can bring it into your life without costing you more (it will actually decrease you food budget by more than a 1/3!!!)

 * * * * * *

You want to learn how you can use your body as your gym! You want to learn how you can train ANYWHERE and get into INCREDIBLE shape!!!



(*This is only for action takers AND those serious about investing + making REAL & PERMANENT changes to their life and body*)
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This is what you can expect:

Increased energy levels…do more and achieve more

Incredible physical results including weight loss specifically fat loss in and around the tummy & abdominal

Increase in stamina, endurance and fitness

Lean out, slim down and super tone your entire body…like never before!!!

Feel and look more radiant and younger from the inside out

Feel & look more confident from the inside out

Develop a deep love, respect and appreciate for your body

Develop a deep love, respect and appreciate for this planet

Gain control over your thoughts and actions when it comes to choices for your health & body

Gain clarity in what you want and what you deserve for your body

Put a system in place that is versatile & adaptable yet structured and planned so that you can continue with it FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE without having the fear of failure, confusion, doubt or overwhelm.

Now, here is the thing. This program is not for everyone & that’s ok, so I want to make sure this is the program for you. If it sounds good above, but you are still unsure….here are some pointers on who this program IS NOT FOR.

If you don’t want to commit 100% & take massive action

If you are not willing to let go of old methods, habits & belief systems that are keeping you stuck & frustrated

If you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone

If you are wanting an A – Z playbook that spoon-feeds you exactly what to do and when. *Sorry, this is not available. That got lost with the “lose weight fast without lifting a finger” BS*….I give you the coaching, methods, nutrition, training, meditation & exercises, BUT YOU have to take action & do the work.

If you are not willing to make a mental & emotional shift

If you are not willing to take daily, constructive action steps towards the new body and life you want to live

If you have no desire to help preserve this planet

If you have no desire to try a plant based lifestyle

If you are not willing to invest time, energy & money (the cost of this program) to change your body & life into that that you desire.

Hi I am Jody C

…and like you, I have always believed that I too deserve a body of my dreams…..but I was struggling to get there. Everyone else on social media seemed to have it, except me!!!

Trapped in what I call a “red alert state” of destructive & poisonous methods & trends, I was on this constant cycle of super highs to deep lows….and the lows always lasted longer than the highs.


My body felt exhausted, drained and broken. I had hurt myself with unhealthy diets, highly processed supplements, toxic pills & back breaking workouts.  My body & mind felt poisoned and brain washed. I was drowning in a red ocean of shame, hopelessness & lies. Lies I told myself and the lies I had been told by the diet & fitness industry.


I wanted out! I couldn’t see myself keeping up with these unrealistic and crazy methods. I didn’t like the direction my body & health was heading and I didn’t like the way I was contributing so heavily to the destruction of this beautiful earth.

Basically I was choosing to harm myself and this planet….it felt insane, and it was!!!


This is when I decided to take the Road Less Travelled. Yes, I was laughed at, made fun of, scrutinized and intimidated. I made this transition at the height of my Competing career & I think many looked at me as if I was crazy. But it has paid off!


I am not your “skinny” chick or rock hard abs iron crusher. Been there, done both & they DO NOT work for me. I represent a FIT, FIERCE, FIRM & FEMININE woman who loves the skin she is in & wants to take the BEST care of her body that she can!!!


I went from insecure, self loathing, unhealthy & self destructive… having abundant confidence, energy, vitality & a body I freaking LOVE!!!!! Every day I wake up and L O  V  E the body I am in!

I WANT to take the best care of it!

I WANT to appreciate and nurture it!

And I WANT to celebrate it by living a life I love!!!!

Life is too short to not get to live in a body you LOVE & live the life you truly want to. 

My story is not an anomaly. It can be yours too.

APPLY NOW IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT changing your body & life into something beautiful!

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X10 -1 on 1-  coaching sessions exclusively with me (45min sessions via skype of WhatsApp video calls)

(valued at $950)

 * * * * * * *

My Blue Ocean Body nutrition plan that has transformed my body like no other! It is the full 8 week extension of the WFPB 28 day program.

  • WFPB is the natural Whole Food Plant Based Approach to eating and living.
  • It’s structures, versatile & can be adapted to suit each individuals needs!

(valued at $99)

 * * * * * * *

My new 20:20 workout system (no gym, just your body and it WORKS). Achieve serious shape, tone & sculpting for the full 8 weeks.

(valued at $99)

 * * * * * * *

Guided mediation to help reset your thought patterns regarding health, well-being, relationships with food, body image, self-love, body positivist and body confidence.

(valued at $150)

 * * * * * * *

Gorgeous recipe cards on ALL my favourite meals

(valued at $59)

 * * * * * * *

AND email support, coaching and feedback so that you will always have me there in between our coaching calls….I will be there to support you!

(valued at $800)

The best bonus is, once you join this program, you are a member for LIFE!!!

What does this mean?

ANY updates, adjustments of improvements made to the program….you receive FREE

ANY special features or material…you receive FREE

ANY bonuses added to the program (e.g discounts on collaborating brands, products or other programs) ….you receive FREE!

My goals is that you make this program your life journey and once you start, you will always have it for as long as it is running.

If you are ready, make sure you APPLY HERE!

Let’s make yoyo dieting, self sabotaging & self loathing a thing of the past!

Your dream BLUE OCEAN BODY and life awaits, are you ready to go out and claim it???

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Jody has been featured & written articles for a number of leading health & wellness publications including:

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