5 Questions that will transform your body, health & life

transform your body, health & life

How often do you take the time out to ask the right questions? What I mean by that is to sit down in a quiet space, grab a pen a paper and ask those questions that will take you to where you want to be. These are the questions that will transform your body, health & life.


We live so fast nowadays. Monday blurs into Sunday and before you know it you are planning the Christmas holiday madness, scrambling for a new years resolution in the hopes to get “instant” or “easy” results…..This kind of living is not living, it is existing and sadly it robs us of the life we truly want.

Having your health is one of the biggest blessings in life, but unfortunately most people nowadays don’t know what INCREDIBLE  health truly feels like.

Same applies to your body. Loving, embracing and celebrating the body you are in changes everything when if comes to wanted to live a full and complete life.



If we are not energized, confident and happy with our health and body, our life is incomplete. Remember though, your happiness and confidence can be completely different to someone else’s definition of such so that is why these 5 questions are so important.

Lets dive straight in. I encourage you to bookmark this blog page and really commit to this activity because when done with intent and honesty, your life, health and body will change.



  1. What do I really want for my body and health, just for myself?

This can become a loaded question because it seems broad but it is actually very specific. What do YOU want for YOUR health and body?

For some it is more energy, for others if may be to strengthen their back, maybe for some it is to strengthen their heart or quit smoking. You need to get really specific here and ask yourself what YOU want for your body and health.



  1. What past steps or behaviours have I done before that have not worked?

This is essential because as the famous saying goes: “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”. Eeeeeeeek, it’s a hard one to swallow when you write it all out and realize you have been living your life on repeat thinking you are getting somewhere but getting nowhere.

LIST OUT all the things you have tried in the past and why you think it wasn’t working for you.



  1. What has to happen in order to create change?

This often involves “letting go” of old habits, familiarity and comfort zones…..not easy but ESSENTIAL!

BUT HERE IS WHERE MOST PEOPLE MAKE THE MISTAKE…..they believe things will be worse or harder when they step away from their habitual routines and hamster wheel actions. They often believe they will have to let go of the “good stuff” if they want change.

TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!!!! When you let go of the stuff that is NO LONGER SERVING you or your body and embrace the RIGHT STUFF….things don’t get worse or harder, they get better and easier!


Because we begin to SEE change. We begin to FEEL better and we begin to ENJOY life!

Yes, there is always discomfort & unease in the beginning, that’s normal. If there wasn’t it means you aren’t making the changes you need. However the unease and discomfort should have an energy and attraction to it that keeps you wanting more.

Write down now what you KNOW you need to let go of in order to move forward.



  1. What inspired action step am I willing to take now, that will get the ball rolling?

When it comes to your body and health I promise you, the smallest action step can bring about HUGE changes!

Maybe it’s reassessing what and who inspires you, finding someone you connect with and that lives the life you want.

Maybe it’s disconnecting from social media for a while, embracing the present moment and creating more time in your day to achieve the things you want.

Or maybe it’s as simple as drinking a glass of water before every cup of coffee to start the process of increasing your water intake and starting to flush out the body.


All of these suggestions can be done this very moment, it’s inspired actions steps that can be done NOW and will start to bring about instant change.

Write down at least 5 action steps you are willing to do TODAY that will bring about the changes you want for your body, health & life (question 1).

One of those steps could be starting one of my programs!!! 😉😉 They are fun, effective & life transforming! CLICK HERE to get started!



  1. THIS IS A CRUCIAL ONE!!!!! How much pain will I experience (physically, mentally and emotionally) if I DON’T start to change now?

This has been one of the most powerful questions in my life. I always think how I would feel a year, 6 months or even 6 weeks from now, and I had to look back and regret not changing TODAY.

Often the emotional and mental pain is more than the physical. Regret, disappointment and despair floods our heart and soul because we realize the time lost is something we can’t bring back.

Write down the pain you will experience in 6 weeks, 6 months and a year from now if you don’t take action today!




Allow yourself to sit with these questions, meditate on them if you need to. They are important and they are powerful and they are essential to help change your health, body and life!

Share with me your inspired action steps & commitment in the comments below. It can be your place of accountability!



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