I use to have a FEAR of food – especially bananas & potatoes

a fear of food

I shared the short version of this story on my live feed on Wednesday about how I use to have a fear of food. Here is the extended version with some of my thoughts as to why our modern day culture has it so messed up.


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For a very large part of my teenage years and early 20’s I use to have a fear of food. I would see it as a a way of control and punishment and heaven forbid if I enjoyed it…..WELL, in my head I was doing something wrong and needed to “pay” for it. This “payment” would normally came in the form of over training and excessive cardio sessions.

I struggled to understand and accept that I could enjoy and love food WHILE still making healthy changes in my body.

The thing is, I was young, still learning and easily influenced by others and what they said…..especially if they had a title of “guru” or “pro”. Turns out they didn’t know much either because the advice I was choosing to follow did more harm than good.



Food is such a big part in the self love journey because in order to LOVE your body you need to nourish It, not punish it. Food is how we nourish our bodies.

Unfortunately today food is seen as a number and grouped into a choice of 3 macro categories. People are more interested in breaking food apart into isolated elements instead of consuming it in it’s whole form, like it was meant to be eaten.

There is a an extract of nearly every food you can possibly find. Raspberry, green tea, apple, banana, cucumber, avocado, wheat germ, potato and so many more…..each of these foods been pulled apart to find a single “miracle” element only to be thrown into a highly processed concoction of chemicals and sold as the answer to “cure” our body hang ups.


It’s no surprise why we fear food, because we don’t know what we are actually eating.

Food is only effective when it is a complete whole, in balance and in harmony with everything around it

🍌 You want the minerals of a banana, EAT A BANANA!

🍵 You want the antioxidants of green tea, DRINK GREEN TEA!

🥕 You want the Beta-carotene from a carrot, EAT A CARROT!

It is that simple…..but we have been manipulated to believe that by pulling apart the natural whole creation of food and transforming it into a pill or powder, will bring better results. 100% wrong and the reason why SO MANY people are still struggling with their relationship with food…..and struggling to achieve the health and body the want.



I would fear food with every meal I ate. Constantly second guessing my choices and doing repetitive calculations in my head. I would over think everything.

I could never sit down and enjoy what was in front of me, because enjoying meant it was not strict enough. SOUNDS NUTS, but that was my relationship with food for many years.

Some of these fears included bananas, potatoes and mixing carbs with fats. It use to be a big “no no” back in the day because I saw my food as macros and calories instead of nutrition and energy.


🍌 DID you know a banana contains special amino acids and the right kind of potassium to REBUILD neurotransmitters (the little junction where signals are sent down the nerves)? They are also exceptionally high in calcium AND anti viral and anti inflammatory. 


🥔 AND DID you know a potato is one of the most powerful foods to help protect and heal the thyroid (which BTW, are the first to factors that get blamed for weight gain…..surprised)???


These foods are not harmful or detrimental to the body and should not be feared……it’s what we place WITH THEM that created the problems in the first place. Banana with yogurt or processed cereals and potato with cheese, butter or cream sauce is where the problems lie.

When food is eaten it it’s whole form just like Mother Nature designed it, it is pure nutrition and vibrational energy…. It is a little miracle of a creation and the exquisite structure and perfect balance of all the elements to create what it is and DO THE THINGS IT DOES to bring powerful healing changes to the body, that power is mind blowing.


a fear of food no more


SO why do we fear these beautiful creations? Why do we fear something so natural and pure yet be completely comfortable with consuming something so processed and poisonous?

It’s weird and bizarre behaviour of our modern society today, but I believe it is slowly changing and shifting. Peoples awareness and consciousness is being opened and the more we share our journeys of abundant health with real food, the more we will empower others to start to take charge and control of their health and bodies.

What I use to put my poor little body through all those years back makes me want to cry….but at the same time it is a testament to show how strong and resilient the body is and how it can heal and transform itself when given the right fuel and resources. Remember your body has your back, always! It was NOT made to struggle, it was made to prosper!


If you don’t know where or how to start, do not fear! You are in the exact right place and I believe it was no coincidence if this was a message you needed to read.

My 3 day Detox, 10 day Detox and 28 day WFPB program are the perfect starting points to bring effective and prominent changes to your body so that it can heal and transform itself!.

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I no longer have a fear of food. My relationship with food has done a 180 degree flip and what I once use to fear, is something I now value and love most in this world. I hope this story of my fear with food will inspire you  and show you we have the power and ability to heal, change and transform our own bodies .

Food is your friend and it’s time you start enjoying, appreciating and benefiting from it!!!


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