How to stop worrying about the body you don’t have & start attracting the one you want!

Our bodies can be a very touchy subject. It is such a personal & private possession we have but it is one that must be spoken about if you are feeling unhappy, frustrated or disconnected from your body.

The beliefs we hold in our hearts about our bodies & our physical appearance has a massive impact on our lives & ultimately our happiness.


The hard part comes in with the contradictory messages that get thrown at us all the time…..

Either we must work damn hard, sweat blood & tears & “suffer” now to find joy later……OR……we should let go, not care, accept our bodies in their less than mediocre state, be ok with discomfort & pain &  indulge in whatever we like because you only live once right?

I have never heard a message that is in between, “normal” so to speak. Oh but wait, normal is boring. Why be boring when you can be extreme?

I don’t relate to any message of extreme & when I followed these extreme messages & suggestions it only led to more unhappiness, discomfort & heart ache.

So if you find yourself constantly worrying & wishing for the body you don’t have, & feeling completely confused as to what to do about it….you are not alone!


The KEY thing to remember here is that the body always responds to how you think & feel about it. Your body is part of a universal energy that will give you exactly what you want. So if you are constantly focusing on what you don’t want it will give you more of what you don’t want & vice versa

Therefore if your body is designed to give you want you want, why not shift your way of thinking.

But before you jump the gun & go visualize a photo-shopped image of a fitness magazine, that’s not what I am saying.

It’s about resetting your mental & emotional thoughts & patterns to what IS NOW in the present moment & how you FEEL…..not what was or what still has to be.


Self Love


There was a time in my life where I use to wish I was anyone else but my body. I would look at magazine after magazine wishing to be someone else. Wishing I had something else. SO when I did look at myself, all I saw were the things I “didn’t” have instead of seeing the actually blessings & possibilities I did possess already.


These 5 steps will get you started.

  • 1 You have so much to be grateful for

If you are caught up in the narrow mental mindedness of “if only I could have thinner thighs”, “if only my waist was 5 inches smaller” …..”why am I the only one struggling so much with my weight”……SNAP OUT OF IT!

Look at your body & start to see what you HAVE that many don’t have!

Eyes that can see colour

Ears that can hear music

Nose that can smell flavour

Mouth that can taste food

Food… are blessed with food in your house!!!

Legs that can walk, 2 legs for that matter.

Hands & fingers that can touch


There are just so many blessings to be grateful for. I would literally stand in front of the mirror & start to go through everything that I was blessed with & very soon I was filled with the emotions of abundance, joy & gratitude. I still do it when I feel myself start to criticize … snaps me right out of it!


This will place you in a mental & emotional state of feeling blessed & abundant & as a result, more blessings & abundance will come your way.


  • 2 Fear attracts fear

If you are scared of failing or even succeeding, your fear will only attract more fear & in the process make you more paralyzed to taking the next step to change.

As soon as you feel fear creep in, you have to cut it short with a distraction. May it be touching a stone in your pocket that makes you feel steady, or maybe you are a mantra that you can repeat to yourself as soon as your mind starts fearing the “what if’s” or put on some uplifting music ….whatever it is, the quicker you break the feelings & thoughts of fear, the quicker you will move to where you want to be.


  • 3 Focus on the now for you happiness, not on the destination

We are so conditioned to focus on the destination & we believe that it’s there that we will find out happiness…..WRONG, so wrong… many times have you told yourself the following?

  • When I am 10lbs lighter I’ll be satisfied
  • When I can fit into a size 4 pants I’ll be happy.
  • When my kids are at university i’ll have more time
  • When my thighs are thinner I’ll be more confident
  • …..the list goes on & on.


Our minds are constantly set on the destination, & we believe once we are there we will find joy & fulfillment. To read more about my blog on DESTINATION ADDICTION, click here.

What you need to remember is that the JOURNEY is the joy & the destination is the result of that joy. Have a plan, but be present in the process.


  • 4 Your time is precious

Use it wisely. Life is short, very short & it would be wise to use your time as best you can.

That does not mean punishing yourself in the gym or starving yourself in the kitchen. It also doesn’t mean neglecting your health & over indulging in what causes more harm than good.

Do the things that bring you joy! DO things that add value & quality to your life. If you wish you had more time to meditate….MAKE MORE TIME! If you wish you had more energy in the day, create more energy! If you want to feel more freedom in your body, ALLOW IT! Life is short so don’t waste it on stuff that does not fill your heart & life with love & joy!


  • 5 Your body ALWAYS has your back

Your body was designed to prosper, not struggle.

It was designed to succeed, not fail.

It was designed to heal, not break.


When your body struggles, fails & breaks… is not malfunctioning or letting you down, it is sending you a strong clear message that what you are DOING, LIVING, BELIEVING & THINKING is way off track & you need to readjust & reset course.


ALWAYS remember that you body is this INCREDIBLE creation that neither science nor medicine understands! It has such amazing powerful abilities to give you whatever you want, you have FULL CONTROL of your health, happiness & ultimately your life.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


If you are serious about wanting to manifest the body of your dreams without struggling, feeling overwhelmed, being confused or having fears, then I invite you to work with me in the BLUE OCEAN BODY program. It’s time to set your body free!

Self love

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