Natural cellulite treatment, successfully & effectively

cellulite treatment

Natural Cellulite treatment, how to get rid of it effectively & successfully


I know 100% of women have experienced cellulite on their bodies some or other time during their life. Is there a natural cellulite treatment to get rid of it completely & permanently? It depends on many factors. For some people the answer would be yes, and for many others the answer would be no.

Can one reduce and improve the appearance of cellulite naturally? That is a definite YES for most people.

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In todays’ digital world of smoothing, contouring, shaping & slimming (….and that’s just on our phones, never mind plastic surgery) it’s no surprise that cellulite is frowned upon and consider unacceptable on the female form.

REALITY CHECK…..cellulite is natural and it’s ok. But before you raise your eyebrows thinking I am going to ask you to embrace every lump and bump on your body…..relax, I am not. All I want to highlight is that it is NORMAL.YOU get to choose how you want to look as long as it makes YOU happy and keeps you healthy 😉


WHATS is cellulite?

It is the fatty tissue that pushes up against the connective tissue of the skin and can cause a lumpy and uneven appearance to occur.

There are varying degrees of cellulite. Some have it way worse than others and on different areas of their body. Thighs, bums, tummy and under arms are the most common areas.


MANY factors contribute to cellulite, but here are the common ones:

  • Past lifestyle habits (where you active or did you sit a lot, did you smoke, did you drink a lot)
  • Current lifestyle habits
  • Past diet & nutrition choices
  • Current diet & nutrition choices
  • Exercise & activity levels
  • Hereditary & genetic factors (e.g. skin thickness)
  • Hydration
  • Pregnancy
  • Toxin exposure (do you live in a polluted city, do you use a lot of chemical based cleaning products, what is the PH in your water, exposure to heavy metals & plastic)
  • Skin care & beauty products (this is a BIG one……women think their skin is protecting them from the dangerous chemicals in their make up and body cream…..however the skin absorbs the content in about 26sec and the average women absorbs up to 2.3KG of cosmetics a year!!!!!!!!!)
  • STRESS…..let me repeat this STRESS has a huge impact on our bodies which will effect our hormones, which will have an effect on our lymphatic system and skin and will definitely have an effect on the severity of the cellulite you struggle with.

SO as you can see there are many factors that contribute to having cellulite. But how does one get rid of cellulite, naturally and effectively?


✔️ First thing to address is ….you guessed it……DIET!

This is THE MOST effective natural cellulite treatment…..and the hardest because there is often LOADS of “stuff” to work through that’s not easy and not comfortable.

Highly toxic foods are been shoved down our throats in the hopes to “loose” weight only to makes us more frustrated, confused & unwell. Diets that are high in inflammatory foods and processed foods are your biggest culprits.

Think dairy(yogurt, cheese, milk, creamers, whey), all meat products (contrary to what you are been told, meat is one of the most inflammation causing foods you can find….this includes chicken and pork), products contained in plastic (like your well marketed whey shake…’s pulling you backwards, not forwards), sugar, sweeteners, excessive coffee, processed foods (even the ones that say calorie free or sugar free or carb free…..ESPECIALLY those ones), excessive medication and ALCOHOL!

SO WHAT MUST I EAT???? You know my answer and I shout it loud and clear every day…..EAT MORE PLANT BASED, NATURAL WHOLE FOODS.

If you think it will be boring, limiting, expensive & time consuming, think again! Make sure you check out my e-books FRESH, The KETO VEGAN & The 28 Day WFPB Program to see how amazing and effective a plant based diet is).


natural cellulite treatment


It really is a simple, healthy and cost effective approach to feeling and looking amazing.

Always keep things as natural as possible and the rest in moderation, like a glass of wine or a small block of chocolate. If you don’t know how, you can point a finger to big corporate brands who have brain washed you to believe supersizing is good…..


TIP: I have LOADS of FREE healthy plant based recipes on my blog…..sign up to my mailing list HERE and you won’t miss out on any! 😉


✔️ Next you need to address is daily physical activity…..

Many of us are committed to a 60min workout in the day……however the other 96% of our day is pretty inactive and THAT’S where the problem comes in.

Hell, many don’t even make their own beds anymore or wash their cars. Our daily activity level has dropped down to minimal and some cases 0.

Our jobs require us to sit (…like myself, I am sitting right now), our entertainment forces us to sit (social media scrolling, series binge watching, bar crawling, sports watching) and our home life requires us to sit (like I mentioned above, many don’t even make a bed in the morning).

It’s no surprise you are struggling with cottage cheese on the back of your thighs and bum.

Just start to move more! Get up and walk around the office every 60min. If people think you are nuts, they are going to think you are GENEOUS once they notice how good your bod is looking 😉 😉

Wash your car, garden, do walking lunges up and down your passage way, do squats while you brush your teeth, whatever it takes, MOVE MORE!

Over and above daily activity, you need to EXERCISE.

A VERY effective way to reduce cellulite is resistance training. Now you don’t have to take up a body building program…..all you need to do is more body weight resistance work. Like I mentioned above, walking lunges, squats, dips, kick backs etc are amazing ways to build and shape the body and reduce cellulite.

(Need a complete resistance home based workout system? CLICK HERE)


Natural cellulite treatment



It’s a no brainer for natural cellulite treatment but many still struggle and find excuses not to.

“It’s winter, it’s too cold to drink water”

“I don’t like the taste”

“It’s boring”

“I have to pee all the time”

With our over stimulated taste buds and brains thanks to sweeteners & additives, I am not surprised we are bored & repulsed by water. My only answer for that is to suck it up and drink it!

It will take your body a while to flush out all the toxins and excess fluids you are carrying but trust me it is worth it. How badly do you want smooth, firm thighs;) ?


✔️ Reduce your stress levels.

It’s one of the biggest factors that contribute to cellulite because it messes up ones hormone levels, unbalances the body’s PH levels, upsets all organ function and has a detrimental effect on the body’s energy. It also causes us to reach for junk food when we are emotionally stressed & unbalanced.

You age faster, you are more likely to get dreaded diseases and yes, your cellulite gets worse.

If you are constantly living on a stress level of 7-10 then you need to find ways to release it. I would recommend taking up activities that calms the brain and mind down.

We under estimate the power hormones have on our bodies and how STRESS effects those hormones.

Take 10min a day to lie and relax, meditate or listen to music. Get out into nature and calm the mind body and soul. Take deeps breaths of oxygen.

All this has amazing benefits on the body and how it functions.


✔️ Watch what you place on your skin

Oi……..I don’t think people realize what the biggest organ in our body does for us. Your skin absorbs pretty much EVERYTHING you put on it! Like with eating the same rule applies to your skin!

If what you read on the label you don’t understand, don’t know or can’t pronouns…..TRY NOT TO USE IT!

All these chemicals get filtered into the blood stream and then have to be filtered through the liver.

Like with the food you eat, choose natural cruelty free options for your skin!


✔️ AVOID heavy metals, antibiotics and steroids passed on through the food you eat.

One of the most common sources of toxic metal poisoning comes from sea food. Our poor ocean gets bashed with the most dangerous and deadly toxins daily and it is slowly filtering into the sea life.

Any and all commercial sea food you buy nowadays has traces of heavy metals and you would be crazy not to cut this out of your diet.

Same goes for steroids and antibiotics that are pumped into the meat you eat. Don’t be fooled by organic and free range…..sadly it is a well used cover up for many dodgy practises that go on, and the big brands have destroyed that reputation for genuine environ conscious farmers out there who DO try make a difference.

Do your research before falling for any label on a product.


✔️ Choose supplement with powerful active ingredients.

Just because it is a supplement with a vitamin or mineral in it does not mean it is healthy for you. Taking a supplement is important but over consuming pills and powders that contain unnatural concentrated levels of minerals, vitamins, additives, preservatives & stabilizers (among other things) does not do your body any good, especially your liver.


Choose brands that use ingredients that are GMO, pesticide & steroid free & who use ingredients that are still in their most purest form possible (meaning not extracted and pull apart)

My first choice is Synerchi Organics and if you would like to find out more about their products that will help with cellulite and detoxing the body (plus receive a great discount), email me here



✔️  Lastly AVOID plastic!

Not just for your health & cellulite but for this beautiful earth as well.

All those ridiculously over-sized protein shake tubs and containers that you find in your chemist and drug stores, represent exactly what they are…..a tub of low grade food and empty air.

I am not going to tip toe around this subject. I understand it all comes down to money but really my friends…..take some conscious responsibility and wake up.

natural cellulite treatment


How about the non-natural treatments like liposuction & lasering?

I have no problem with this type of treatment but it comes with consequences and like with EVERYTHING else, it still needs change on the INSIDE in order for the results to remain on the outside.

DO adequate research of pre and post treatment requirements and trust the doctor you go to.


As you can see there are many factors to consider over and above your past choices, actions and genetic make up.


If your are feeling overwhelmed as to where to start, I would recommend to start on the inside and work your way out. Clean up your diet….or better yet, give your body a head start by doing a Juice fast or a plant based detox (CLICK HERE for more information)

It is great way to assist the body in flushing out toxins. Even though the current word on the street is against juice detoxing, it is still my #1 “go to” when needing to re-boot, re-set and heal my body. Even though we may be eating loads of healthy things, our bodies STILL needs to process all the other stuff and your liver is responsible. Too much strain on the liver and it can’t do it’s job properly.

By doing juice fasting or plant based detoxing, it will assist your body in healing itself, cleaning itself and becoming more effective in handling the toxins we throw at it.



Above all else, you also need to be patient and committed to the process. Your body might have years of toxicity to work through and this won’t always happen overnight. You NEED to be consistent in your actions and slowly work through all the areas of your life that need change.


Don’t forget, it’s never too late to start NOW!!!

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