Peanut Butter Pancake recipe – Vegan & Keto version

Peanut butter pancake recipe

Sunday mornings are the best! It’s the whole process and ritual of the morning that really makes me happy and this peanut butter pancake recipe is one of my favourites. I have the Vegan and Keto versions for you below!

I like to start off with my glass of warm water while I wait for the coffee to brew. I then prepare my batter, pop them onto the hot pan and close my eyes as I take in the sound and smell of them baking. Once they done, it’s a cake of a quick flip onto a plate and I am back to bed with a magazine or book to enjoy.

Although it doesn’t happen every weekend, I try make all of my meal prepping a process that I enjoy.

We rush through our lives too much and the act of cooking and eating becomes a chore. Preparing ones food is just as important as  eating it and it should be done consciously so that unhealthy choices don’t get made out of haste & lack of awareness of the task at hand.

I began to enjoy preparing my food more when:

a) I actually enjoyed eating what I was making…..none of that bland diet c&%$.

b) I become aware of the impact food had on my body. Not just how I looked but felt as well.

and c) I used it as an opportunity to practice gratitude, visualization, a form of meditation or a chance to spend time with loved ones that didn’t involve sitting in front of a screen.


peanut butter pancake recipe


If you find yourself hating or rushing through meal preps (ps I do understand we all have time limits), maybe consider choosing one day in the week to slow down, become conscious of what you are doing and make it an activity that brings benefits to your body (the food we choose), mind (the thoughts we have while preparing the food) and soul (the feelings we feel during preparation and eating).

DON’T underestimate the effect that our actions and consciousness has on our results.

A meal prepped with haste, irritation, dread and exhaustion will have a direct effect on the food you eat and how your body processes it. Where as if you made your meal with love, calmness, consciousness & enjoyment, you will have a completely different result!

Why don’t you give this Peanut Butter Pancake Recipe a try this weekend and approach the process with a more calmer and conscious attitude.


peanut butter vegan pancake recipe


– 1/2 cup chickpea flour
– 1/2 cup hemp protein (find it here)
– 1 large banana
– 160ml VEGAN milk (your choice….almond, coconut soy or even rice)
– 2 tbsp coconut sugar
– 4 tbsp peanut butter
– 2 tsp baking powder

– 1/2 cup fresh Blue berries or chopped strawberries

– 2 tbsp crushed peanuts


– 1/2 cup almond flour (COCONUT FLOUR CAN ALSO BE USED)
– 4 tbsp hemp protein (find it here)
– 4 tbsp ground flax seed
– 1/2 cup almond milk
– 1/2 cup coconut cream
– 2 tbsp Natural sweetener (choose one that suits you)
– 2 tbsp peanut butter
– 2 tsp baking powder

– 1/2 cup fresh berries

– 2 tbsp crushed peanuts


Mix all the above ingredients together (except the berries & crushed peanuts) until smooth creamy batter is formed. Add extra water if too dry or extra chickpea flour (almond flour) if too wet. Add in half of the berries to the batter.

Cook in a non stick pan with coconut oil over a medium heat until golden brown on each side

Finish off with the remaining berries and crushed peanuts (or an extra dollop of peanut butter if you are feeling naughty).

This serves 2


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