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healthy bread alternatives

I love bread ….I truly do! You know you get those people whole love potato or pasta or rice or whatever else….I am a bread girl, I love bread! But before you jump to conclusions and yell “BREAD IS THE DEVIL”, hear me out. There are incredible healthy bread alternatives & this is the key to enjoying this convenient and versatile food!

It is one of my favourite ways to maximize extra fresh veggies into the diet! I am the Queen of artisan sandwiches 🥪 🥪 😉 😉 I could literally invent a sandwich for any veggie under the sun (….well, almost 😉

Bread has been given SUCH a bad rap these last couple of years UNTIL recently when those famous words came out of talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey’s mouth, “I L O V E bread”! Ever since then, much has changed. Besides the fact that she has lost the pounds and become healthy and happy in her body, she has done it while still enjoying her favourite food, BREAD!


I love many things this amazing woman has quoted, but this is definitely one of my favourites. I have ALWAYS loved bread and have never banished it from my nutrition plan ever.

The only time when it was put on MINIMAL quantity alert was when I use to compete and even then, I still enjoyed bread.

So, what’s the secret to achieving your goals and still enjoying the convenience and awesomeness of a slice of bread? Moderation and QUALITY!


The BIGGEST problem when it comes to eating bread is the QUALITY & QUANTITY!

Sadly in todays modern world, no one likes to be told to eat in moderation. Excess & “supersize” is valued & we like to be told that we can eat as much as we like and not suffer the consequences…..This is a huge mistake and the reason why MOST people suffer with indigestion, weight gain, bloating & intolerance when they eat bread. They are eating WRONG kind of bread and WAAAAAAY too much of it!!!

On top of that, the things we place ONTOP of the bread is also completely wrong. Vast amounts of cheese, processed meats, margarines (even the “low fat” ones are poison) and sugary spread all contribute to the problem!


healthy bread alternatives


The key is that you don’t consume endless slices of highly processed, bleached, GMO grain bread that is found of the shelves of most super markets. The fact that these products have the ability to last “forever” in a bread bin is a red flag. This type of bread, whether it says “high fibre” or multi vitamin, is a BIG no no!

Bread should be eaten in moderation, like everything else….even the healthy kind. It’s not an all or nothing approach, it’s about enjoy & savoring the portion & then leaving it at that, because tomorrow is another day to enjoy a healthy portion.


It’s about choosing bread that contains natural ingredients, meaning the ingredients used are NOT processed, bleached, artificial, chemical or preserved. And the best way to find this is to go to a local farmers market, a local bakery who prides themselves in handmade natural produce.


Did you know a store bought bread can contain up to 30 ingredients?!?!?! But if you make it yourself, it requires 3!!!


WHO HAS THE TIME to make bread?” I hear you ask….well, ALL of us! If you have 60min a day to spend on social media (ps the average person spends 2hours!!!!!!) then you definitely have the time to make 1 loaf of healthy bread every week! Plus, it’s actually really easy and really fun!


High protein Artisan Bread recipe here!!!


healthy bread alternatives


SO what is the “right” bread to eat?

🥪 This type of bread is normally pretty dense in consistency, heavy in weight and nutty in texture and it is made with unbleached, non GMO stone-ground wholemeal flours. These flours can include rye, millet, wheat, rice, barley, chickpea, lentil, oat and buckwheat. Often combinations of these flours are used to get amazing taste, texture and wholesome goodness. Most health stores and local farm stores have options and are more than happy to order for you if they don’t have.


🍞 There are also many other great wheat and gluten alternatives, but very often these alternatives are made from highly processed GMO “white” flours e.g. tapioca, white rice, potato & corn, so be careful there! Rather go for those that are seed based or those that use millet, buckwheat or sprouted grains as their base (PS sprouted grains are very different to the grains we know in the shops).

Take the time to turn over to read the ingredients and if you can’t pronounce it or understand it…..DON’T EAT IT!

My favourite is Millet bread, pumpernickel, stone-ground rye or the good old Nutty Wheat loaf (I will share these on my blog over the next few weeks).

🥪 Choose the right toppings. I PACK mine with fresh veggies, then add a healthy fat like olive oil or avocado and finish off with a little something extra like sprouts, hummus, seeds or tofu.

🍞 Eat in moderation. Eating endless slices of pumpernickel or grain free seed bread can become expensive and a bad habit of over consumption. Have 2 slices a day with an abundance amount of plant based toppings and trust me, you WILL feel satisfied!

Conclusion, eating natural whole grain, GMO free, stone ground bread works for me. It doesn’t work for everyone but I have found a happy balance to enjoy this incredible food while still maintaining good health and a great body! Find one that works for you.


You might completely disagree with my view on bread or you might be elated to hear that you can start enjoying amazing artisan sandwiches (like the one below) and still feel and look amazing! But like I mentioned above, find healthy bread alternatives and keep everything in moderation!


healthy bread alternatives



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