How to guarantee your success with your business, body & relationship goals!

Achieve your goals

How to achieve your goals and guarantee your success in your business, body & relationship! These are 5 essential factors that will determine whether you will achieve your goals or not, no matter when in the year you begin.

1. The ‘realisticness’ of your goals in relation to your life

Wanting to become a Olympic sprinter while you are a full time medical student doing 10 hr long shifts is not going to happen. It’s possible but not probable. Just like trying to lose 10 kilos in 1 month. Also possible but really impractical because you are more than likely not going to be able to maintain it and end up piling all the weight back on.

Evaluate the ‘realisticness’ of your goals in relation to your life and then make adjustments, not excuses, accordingly. You can then guarantee your success in achieving them.

E.g busy mom with 3 kids should not be expected to workout x2 a day at the gym. She needs an effective workout that can be done at home, targets all her “challenging” areas and helps her achieve her goals without expecting the impossible.

2. The people you surround yourself with.

Eeeeeek, this is a tough one but it is important!!! We have all heard the saying, we become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

So, if you are wanting to get fit and toned, but unfortunately your partner, colleagues, parents or friends enjoy coach chilling and Netflix bingeing, you might be sitting with a challenge.

Or let’s say you are studying to be a geologist but the people you spend the most time with are constantly saying how much you are wasting your time and that you won’t make money. You want to be around people who will inspire, support and encourage you.

They don’t necessarily have to do everything you do. Not all husbands want to squeeze in 20 squats while hanging up the washing, HOWEVER having them there encouraging you and supporting you with your effort is extremely important and will actually be a determining factor whether you succeed or not!

Be around people who ignite an energy inside you that will help keep you motivated and moving forward!

3. Your internal belief system about yourself

What do you believe you deserve and what do you believe you can achieve? If you believe you are worthy of the goals you want to achieve and if you believe you are capable of achieving them then by all means, you are half way there.

BUT if you don’t believe you are worthy of such and you believe you will “probably fail” well, in that case, you are failing before you start.

Believing you are worthy of your goals and able to get those goals is just as important as having the right tools and training plan to get there.

All actions start with a thought and that thought needs to be one of purpose & certainty.

4. Your internal dialog.

Just like about, what you SAY to yourself is just as important as what you believe. We may BELIEVE ourselves to be worthy of achieving our goals YET our internal dialog might be contradicting those positive efforts. If we are constantly telling ourselves:

“why, me?”

“I am so sick and tired of looking/feeling this way”

“This is so hard”

“I am so fat”

“I feel so unattractive”

We are reaffirming a negative association with who we are and what we are capable of. It is essential that we have a positive internal dialog with ourselves. You don’t have to lie to yourself by making false statements that will contradict what you see and feel about yourselves. HOWEVER you can make positive statements that will reinforce your confidence, progress and motivation.

For example, instead of saying “I am skinny” in the mirror 10x to try boost your motivation (which by the way I would NEVER recommend in any circumstance), rather say to yourself “I am 10 squats closer to my goal, because I made every moment count and I believe that every effort counts!” BOOM, how positive and inspiring is that!

5. The method you choose

Now, there are hundreds of ways to go about achieving your goals and each one of us have different needs and desires. This doesn’t matter if it’s for your business, love or body. BUT it is so important that the method you choose to achieve your goals matchers your needs and outcome.

We can easily be influenced or seduced by quick fixes, sleek marketing and oiled up abs. The social and media pressure is very intense and stressful and very quickly you can find yourself sucked into a system that just will never work for you.

Instead, be honest with yourself. Evaluate what you are capable of and what you KNOW you can achieve. Asses your life and what it demands from you. From that, see what is realistic and what is not, what will fit into your life and what won’t, what will work and what will cause more stress and anxiety.

Just because a 1000 other people are doing something doesn’t mean you have to as well. Take some time to do some research and reflecting and then make a conscious and confident decision.

If you can get these 5 factors playing in your favour, you are GAUENTEED to achieve your goals, every time. These factors can also be adjusted as you grow and evolve in your journey.

Just take it one step at a time. Focus on what matters to YOU, not what others say. Then move forward with the mindset that YOU CAN achieve your goals because you have put all the elements in play that are aligned with your life and the outcome you want.

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Achieve your goals

2 thoughts on “How to guarantee your success with your business, body & relationship goals!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Great article Jody. Even better I think because with your knowledge and expertise you could probably have said more and made it the 7 best tips, but you didn’t and you kept it short and simple and focused on the main points – and they are brilliant. I’m even going to follow them myself, and as you know I’m a Life Coach and this is what I advise other people but never take my own advice 🙂 So thank you my life coach 🙂
    Take Care

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