3 Key Principles to success – lesson from Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel Peters

3 Key Principles to achieve any goal – a lesson from Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel Peters

No matter how far the goal may seem, you can get there!

I met Demi about 8 years ago when I helped judge a little pageant in Sedgefield. She had taken part, a young girl with a big dream. Last night her dream came true. She was crown Miss Universe 2017! Below I will share with you the 3 Key Principles to success – lesson from Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel Peters.


How far a journey she has traveled to get to that goal. And this incredible achievement reminded me that no matter what your goal is or no matter how far away it may seem, YOU CAN achieve it.

Fair enough, we can’t all be a Miss Universe HOWEVER we can all be the crowning glory of our own life. For a little girl who grew up in one of the smallest, and slowest, towns in South Africa, she has defined the meaning of “going for your dreams”. But what made Demi-Leigh Nel Peters dreams come true was because she applied the 3 key principals of success. Whether you are wanting to become a Miss Universe, become a doc or loose those 10 kilos & turn your health around, these same principals apply if you want to succeed.

Persistence, Consistency and Commitment. If you give it 100% to all 3 of these principals, achieving your goal is guaranteed.

Sometimes our goals really do seem far away or many times impossible. The work that is required or the mountain that needs to be crossed just seems too great and too much. This is where you need to look away from the mountain and to your feet on the ground.  Break that huge goal into tiny steps that you can manage. And when you are feeling grounded and steady, take a step forward.

3 Key Principles to achieve any goal – a lesson from Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel Peters

All it takes is one step at a time to slowly move forward and climb that mountain. Don’t downplay the size of the step you take. For many, doing a tiny pageant would seem insignificant to achieve something as big as a Miss Universe title, HOWEVER, Demi saw it as one of those small steps she needed to take.

And here is the thing, achieving your goals isn’t going to happen next week, next month or even next year! If might take YEARS before you get to where you want to be! There will be times when you will doubt yourself and the journey you are on. You will be unsure if it is the right path or if you can get through the tough times. BUT if you keep your goal clear in your mind and you apply those 3 key principals of persistence, consistency & commitment, you WILL get there!

Demi-Leigh Nel Peters story is truly inspiring and a testament that hard work and dedication pays off. Yes it takes some sacrifice! Yes, you will have to make some hard decisions along the way, but in the end, how badly do you want that goal?

So, if you have a big goal with a big mountain in-front of it, do what Demi-Leigh Nel Peters did.

  • Become grounded
  • Break up that huge goal into smaller manageable steps
  • And then take that first step with 100% persistence, consistency and commitment.

If you have a dream and a goal…..no matter how small it may seem to the world, it is important to you! Believe in yourself, go for your dreams and become the queen of your own life. You are important to this world and so are your dreams!

Well done Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel Peters, South Africa is proud of you! If you want to follow her journey as the new Miss Universe, check out her instagram right here!


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