Busting the myth about complete protein sources

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If you have been told that the best sources of complete protein can only come from animal products, you have been told a lie! Welcome to new age mindset of health & protein.  Complete protein sources, the myth cleared up here!
About 20 years ago you could still be forgiven for believing this complete protein source myth. But in today’s modern world, it is something you should know like you know your favourite Kardashian.
In case you are not sure, “complete” protein sources means, let me explain. It’s when the product/item you are eating contains all 9 essential amino acids. If it doesn’t contain all 9, it is considered “incomplete”. What most people fail to understand is that you don’t need all 9 amino acids at once.
NEWS FLASH, your body isn’t this mindless blob of flesh that consumes and processes food without consciousness, NOPE! It is an highly intelligent “machine” that can out source and USE protein from plants in the most effective way. Most plants contain protein, even if in very small amounts. Your body is able to extract this protein from the plants you eat and use it in ways that benefit the body.
Problem is, modern people don’t eat nearly enough fresh fruit and veg for what their bodies require. This limited consumption and the lack of variety in the diet causes a lack in some essential amino acids. As a result, we started to believe that we can only get complete protein sources from animals and anything else is 2nd grade.
Oh how wrong have they been and it is starting to show in our declining western diet health stats!!!
Not only can plants provide protein, but there are some plants that provide COMPLETE protein sources. They are edible, they are available and easy to find! One of the BEST sources of COMPLETE plant protein comes from Hemp! Yes, hemp is a little miracle plant that can give you all the protein you need,re-shape your body AND positively impact the environement!!!!
Click the video below to find out how you should change your lifestyle to make 2018 an incredible year for your health, body AND WORLD!!!

2 thoughts on “Busting the myth about complete protein sources

  1. Ethan says:

    Inspiring information and it take a brave soul to spread the truth!

    Scary to hear what is in artificial / synthetic products perceived to be a blessing for our #Temples.
    Dump old and embrace NEW #RiseoftheVegans


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