Roasted Pumpkin, Lentil & barley Salad

Roasted Pumpkin Lentil barley Salad

Pumpkin can come across a little boring at times.

I think many people get stuck when having to try and prepare pumpkin. Because believe you me, plain steamed pumpkin is one of the most boring foods to eat, especially if it s bland and tasteless.
Having said that, pumpkin is one of the foods with the lowest calories and highest fibre and water content. There is only 30cal per cup of raw cubed pumpkin! Plus with all the beta-carotene that gets converted into vit A, it’s damn good for your skin and eyes as well.
I use to always steam it with a little cinnmon & honey, because it tends to disintegrate to a paste when cooked. This is divine but sometimes you want something different and pumpkin fritters aren’t always the healthiest choice. However over time I have learnt to roast it and oh my word, it is so yummy!

Here is my Roasted Pumpkin Lentil Barley Salad to help celebrate Halloween this weekend!

  • Roast 5 cups of cubed Hubbard Pumpkin (that is my favourite although any type will do) in a large roasting pan with 3 Tbsp coconut butter and coarse sea salt at 200 degrees Celsius for 60min. Now the key is NOT to stir it too much. Allow it to cook for the first 45min as is, after that you can give it a gentle toss (try not to break it up too much). Once it is baked, set aside for it to cool down.
  • TIP: I normally work it in that when I am making dinner with roasted veg and pumpkin, I make extra for the next days lunch, saves time!
  • Cook ½ cup brown lentils with ½ cup barley (rinse well before cooking) in 2 cups water in ½ tsp salt. I also do this the night before while prepping dinner, another time saver. Once soft and tender, drain excess water and set aside to cool.
Once the above has cooled down, you are ready to make your salad (which is ridiculously easy).
  • Lay your serving bowl with coz, butter or baby lettuce. In a separate mixing bowel, add the following together:
    • Add 2 cups of your cooked lentils and barley
    • 2 cups of your roasted pumpkin
    • 2 spring onions chopped
    • 60ml olive
    • 60ml apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice)…less if you don’t like things too tangy
    • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Mix gently and then spoon over your lettuce leaves onto your serving bowl.
  • This serves 4 main meals OR it can be a side dish to any other meal this summer.
Besides the fantastic benefits from pumpkin, both barley and lentils are super high in fiber, protein and minerals. You have a little super food salad bowl on your hands here! ENJOY my roasted pumpkin lentil barley salad!
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