Benefits of eating FRESH raw fruit

Benefits of eating FRESH raw fruit

Fruit, along with the poor little potato has been given such a bad name these last couple of years. All because of 2 natural elements contained in them i.e. sugar and carbs. 

Both these elements have become so feared, even more so than TBHQ or Acesulfame K. Now if you don’t know what these 2 ingredients are, I recommend you get to know them asap! There are SO MANY Benefits of eating FRESH raw fruit, yet somehow we have been brainwashed to believe that this is false.

Society has been sold such a lie by diary and meat industries, purely for profit. It has become a joke how people have become sucked into this deception. What is even more scary is that no one even questioning it. They are walking around with blinders on and sucking up any BS that is sold to them with the promise of loosing a few kilos…..never mind that they may be damaging their hearts, destroying their livers and killing their kidneys. But ‘that’ doesn’t matter if it means they are guaranteed to be a few kilos lighter at the end of it. You may very well be if you end up loosing one of your kidneys!

As you can tell, I am passionate (and a little sarcastic) about this topic. This is mainly because I care so much about exceptional health and vitality. The thing is, I have tried these crazy and dangerous diets, really I have! Yet NONE of the results that I achieved ever remained! If anything it made things 100x worse once I fell off the wagon. I could never maintain what was required of me. Not before long it become a nightmare of extreme highs and extreme lows, physically and mentally.

One of the food groups I cut out in the past was carbs (of which sugar falls into this group). Fruit was on top of the list just below sweets, chocolates & white bread. That should have been the first warning sign for me, but at that point I was still learning. By placing a pure natural wholesome food next to a highly processed refined food and claiming them to be equally bad, it astounds me how gullible we have become. Such a ridiculous comparison with false claims to support it, clearly indicates the diet is off the charts whacked!
Fast forward years of trials and errors, I have come to completely love, adore and thrive off fruit, and my body shows it ( click here 😉 😉
So, when I get asked about fruit, how much to eat and if it can be eaten at all,here is my answer. Click video below for full vlog

Benefits of eating FRESH raw fruit

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