7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

I have struggled with Body Confidence for a very large part of my life.

However, over the years, I have slowly discovered and learnt what triggers negative thought patterns and what helps create positive self-talk. I am happy to say that Body Confidence is something I can experience and feel every day and I want every other women to be able to do the same. This is why I am sharing my 7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence!

These 7 steps have been the corner stone to developing a positive image for myself in my head. Whats great is that they can be applied now, without any program or special skill needed! Often it is the most simple actions that bring about the biggest change.


Unfortunately in our modern world, health gets depicted as a size 2 or less on social media, when in actual fact health comes in MANY shapes and sizes.Being healthy is key. Feeling physically strong, energized and fit (and I am not implying super fit, but rather lifestyle fit) instantly boost confidence because you are actually physically capable of more. Compared to someone who is constantly lethargic, constantly gets ill and struggles to keep up during the day, it crushes body confidence because you feel weak, literally!

Health is NOT a fad diet or crazy as s*** workout regime, no! It is balance, having the energy to enjoy life and having the strength to take on challenges.

Health is created with simple basics…..

  • Eat more fresh veggies
  • Eat more fresh fruit
  • Cut out processed foods (includes ALL processed foods, from cool-drinks to instant meals)
  • Drink more water (which means drinking less other crap 😉
  • Move (i.e. walking) at least 20-30min a day (can’t go walking, then check this out)

ALL of these points can be applied immediately and even just starting them can make you feel strong, capable and confident in your ability to get healthy.

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Change the people you are aspiring to. IF they have NOTHING in common (physically especially) and they are sending out the wrong message, change it! There is nothing more soul destroying and demoralizing than trying to aspire to someone that is just not on your wave length!

If you find yourself constantly feeling depressed after reading a fitness or beauty magazine, i recommend to stop buying them. Find other forms of inspiration and it does not necessarily have to be people!


Oi, this is hard but necessary one. In our world of social media it’s hard not to compare. But comparing can be soul destroying especially if you are comparing to something that actually doesn’t exist (we see a picture and make up 90% of the story we thing it carries). It’s ok to do a healthy comparison to help determine ones progress or growth, but this constant social media scrolling and idolizing of a body you wish you had will kill your soul, literally! Instead of comparing, find that person who uplifts and inspires, someone you can relate to (like the point about). You will find that instead of comparing yourself to them, you will automatically be motivated to better yourself for YOU!


People don’t do “hobbies” anymore. Too much time is wasted on screens which often lead to point 2 & 3 above(comparison and pessimism) . By forcing the brain to shift focus onto something constructive and creative (and not body related) helps break negative and unhealthy habits and thought patterns about your bodies.

Hobbies can include anything from sports (careful of the ego trip here, if it is a sport do it with the right people), to building something. I recommend a hobby that actually requires some brain thought, that DOES NOT involve a screen and that encourages the use of your hands and cognitive skill.

For me I love sewing. Yip, I LOVE making my yoga outfits, cushion, throws and even bags. For those few hours that I am busy sewing, my brain is completely off ANY negative self talk. In actual fact, the feeling of accomplishment after completing a task or project can boost your confidence level by double!


If the people you surround yourself with don’t encourage and support you, tell them to take a hike! You don’t want to be around people who constantly belittle or make you feel not good enough. Now I am NOT talking about constant praise and ego feeding, hell no! I am talking about people who will give you that extra little motivation when you need it, be honest but caring with you and who will support you during those challenging times. Remember you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with!!!!


It’s been said SO many times before but that is because it works! When you acknowledge what you have and give thanks to it, you actually appreciate it more. Very quickly you will realise how much you have actually been blessed with and automatically you will want to take better care of it!

Very quickly, that self –centered “pity-party” mentality will change into seeing your full potential and wanting to make the most of it.


7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

This is my #1 go to for ALL solutions to life, body confidence is one of them!

Ever looked at a tree or flower and though, “My word, you are disgusting”? Probably quite the opposite.  Why is it that when we look into nature we see beauty but when we look at ourselves we see flaws? Nature is the PERFECT role model. It is the inspiration and “social circle” you need to surround yourself with to help you feel amazing about yourself! You are nature, and like with different trees and flowers (big small, thick, thin, pink, green etc) they are very different but all very beautiful. Being surrounded by REAL beauty, inspires beauty in our minds and hearts. Nature is honest, real and true and there is nothing fickle or fake about it. NOTHING has been photo-shopped, distorted or forced into a social box. It is all PERFECTLY imperfect, just like you!

I hope these 7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence will help you to start living your life to it’s fullest!

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