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5 Things I have hidden from the world about my anxiety

I share my journey with anxiety because I feel if there is someone else out there who is going through the same things, it could help give them some relief to know they are not going crazy and they are not alone…..this blog is short and sweet, so here goes.

I smile more often than I feel like. I don’t like been a dampener on anyone’s mood….even when I am feeling at my worst. I don’t want to be the one responsible for bringing down someone else’s good vibes.
My anxiety makes me feel guilty. There are people (and animals) dealing with WAY more traumatic issues than my little fears, yet I still can’t push my own shit aside and ignore it. I can only be more understanding and compassionate towards others.
I fear that this anxiety might never leave me, my friends and family will lose patience and disappear from my life and I will be left alone in the world with no one who understands (very irrational I know, but it goes through my head).
Animals and nature bring me the most comfort…..even more so than humans sometimes (…then again I prefer animals to many humans I have met, oi maybe a little too honest)
The simplest things can trigger my fears, like sitting in a coffee bar (which use to be one of my favourite things to do) or having to drive someone around in a car (which use to be part of my job when I was an aupair). I can’t quite pin point why but I think it’s to do with not being able to “escape” the situation when things start to go awry.
If you can find someone who you don’t mind sharing your fears and insecurities with, and who really understands what you are going through, share it with them! It helps the process of conquering your anxiety.
You are not alone and this too shall pass….just hang in there xx

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