Why Veganism sometimes feels like a cult…

I wanted to write this blog because I have experienced some really negative and hateful reactions from vegans this last week.
(PS, there is language in this blog, so just a warning 😉 😉
It all started last when I shared a recipe on a certain vegan site which happened to suggest the use of raw honey in the recipe. Well, did I get crapped out on! I was called a fake, false and a 2 faced vegan who does not know the true meaning of veganism ….. To the average person who isn’t quite clued up on the term “veganism”, basically any and all products coming from an animal is prohibited  and this would include honey for many.
Trust me, I get it! Back in my late teens I was a vegan “purest”. I saw anyone who wasn’t vegan or who wasn’t “trying hard enough” as wrong, weak, heartless and cruel. I was what they call an ANGRY VEGAN. At the time my brain was still developing and I didn’t understand the world as a dynamic complicated system.
 As I grew up I learned things, tried things and experimented with different diets and even though I have come full circle back to being veggie I have a completely different approach. This is where I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM with many “vegans” who are turning something positive and good into a cult of dogmatic negative behaviour.
Yes you have a right to choose how extreme you want to go (may it be food choices, politics or religion),it is your right, but when you start contradicting the true essence of what you stand for, well some light needs to be shown on this!!

There are MANY issues I am still very cut and dry with (like dangerous amounts of hormones and antibiotics been pumped into meat and dairy…..or the abuse animals have to endure in commercial farming) BUT there are circumstances that come into play where MY LOGIC kicks in to make the best decision as a whole  for my health and the environment. If I don’t look at these issues as a whole,  I will be shooting myself in the foot. Not all vegans are the same and I would like to explain why here with the example of honey….
Here is why I recommend (and eat) raw local honey….(please note the raw and local is important xx)
Bees provide the FOUNDATION of the food we eat i.e. the fruit and veggies I survive on. They pollinate many of these foods and without them, we will have huge problems.I support local bee farmers who nurture and care for their bees because it is these people who are going to help us in the long run and survival of the bees.Local bee farmers DO NOT DO ANY harm to their bees and they actually thrive better by supporting farmers who protect these amazing little creatures.These bees farmers have taken pre-cautions to keep their bees safe as well as other animals so that no one is harmed.Raw honey is one of the most powerful foods you can find, and for your health it out weights all artificial processed sweeteners !
BUT here is where the “purest vegan” thing just doesn’t make sense to me anymore…………….

It takes LESS natural resources and less carbon foot-print for me to drive past my local farm shop to fill up my RECYCLED CONTAINER of natural local honey than it would for me to buy a sweetener alternative. READ THIS!!!!
 You drive to a HUGE super market (which by the way, these super markets supports and provides tons of other non-vegan foods),You purchase a highly processed vegan alternative (these processes require HUGE amounts of natural resources) This product comes in a new PLASTIC container, which has been transporter miles and miles from source to factory, to warehouse to distribution to store…..Once you have bought this processed product , you now DRIVE all the way back home to pollute your body and throw away another plastic container…..WTF?!? REALLY?!?! And you are arguing with me about the well-being of bees?!?!?!
These vegan alternative sweeteners like agave nector or xylatol are highly processed, very much the same as other conventional sweeteners and although they are “safer” to let’s say aspartame, there are many other factors to consider. So besides the fact that raw local honey is healthier for you, it is also shit load less damaging to the environment. 
Veganism is not just about anti cruelty, it’s about making the best decision for the wellbeing of yourself, animals and the environment. It’s also about doing the best YOU with what you have available! YES, if you want to rather buy a sweeterner over honey, by all means go for it, BUT DON’T argue about staying true to the cause when you contradict it with that very same action.
I don’t expect anyone to be perfect, just be honest and share compassion. Do your bit to make a change and that is good enough! Therefore, when I got bombarded with hate speech about recommending honey, I thought no wonder vegans have got such a negative reputation for being self-righteous and belittling, it’s angry vegans that are making the rest of us look like shit….Yes you are entitled to your opinion, but be nice about it!
Someone came back with the bizarre statement… “Well, if you eat honey then you might as well slaughter a cow”…REALLY? What f%#%%$ planet are you on? I have just saved you enough fossil fuel that could drive your car around for a week by not buying a processed “vegan product” and now you want to lecture me about killing a cow??? If that’s how it is…..you shouldn’t be supporting these  “vegan alternatives” who provide their products to huge super markets that support mostly the meat industry. Oh and by the way, do you drive a eco-friendly car to reduce your carbon-footprint? How finely do you want to draw this line? Why don’t you rather wear a hessian bag and live in a tree with no connection to the real world, that will really represent your fight for veganism.

I don’t want to be associated with negative narrow minded people who can’t see the bigger picture. I support EVERYONE, YES EVERYONE who is making an effort to do what they can to make the world a better place. Whether it is swapping out one of your meals in the week for a vegan alternative or following the green Monday movement, or farming your own free-range eggs with happy chickens, I SUPPORT IT ALL and I am not going to apologise for it!! It’s these tiny steps TOGETHER that will make a difference, NOT some extreme prejudice behaviour!
I am doing something amazing here by spreading the word of how you can help reverse climate change, reverse dreaded diseases and stop immense suffering of animals by following a more plant based diet…..I have friends and family who are not vegan but do their bit to eat a more plant based diet and for me that is worth celebrating!!!! 
I will always share my passion for a plant based diet and how it can change your body, your life and your world…..whether you choose to embrace it or not, that is your choice! I am not going to force you to change, I can only inform, inspire and encourage. And if you don’t agree, that is ok, I am not going to judge you for it either! We are all on our own journey here.
I don’t eat meat, eggs, fish, dairy, poultry, pork, game etc……but I do eat local honey because it is ecologically and environmentally more sustainable! What does that make me? A hypocrite? Stupid ? Or really smart to be able to see the bigger picture?
Truth is, different messages speak to different people. What might frustrate/anger one person could inspire/uplift another. Vegans are a diverse group with many different opinions, and that’s okay. What’s important is that we often share the same goal…helping people think more about what they eat, and hopefully inspire them to make better choices.
So to all these Vegans out there who are so angry, please open your eyes (and hearts) and see that you are doing more harm than good by being so narrow-minded and biased. See the bigger picture! Support and uplift those who are making a change, no matter where they are in their journey. Focus your energy on real shit that matters when it comes to the environment and on not some petty argument about a SUPER SEXY VEGGIE BABE who eats honey and inspires the world to change ( #cheeky 😉 ;).
If your definition of veganism is obsessive, small minded bantering, I am not a part of that. I am a new age VEGAN, a plant based warrior here to make smart decision for the well being of her body and environment……I support everyone who is making a positive change, regardless of how far they are able to take it!
If you don’t like that definition of “veganism”, I don’t care….you can kiss my toned vegan ass!
OK, let me end my rant before I turn into one of these angry vegans……deep breath, I am off to make a green smoothie (will share the recipe ) xxx

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