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How to get your 6th Sense back….

I N T U I T I O N ????That gut feeling when something is right or not right. Our ability to listen to our "gut", or 6th sense ( intuition) is lost and the only way to get it back is to go deep into nature.

The "noise" of the world has suffocated our 6th sense. We are scared that our intuition might be wrong and we will end up looking stupid or become embarrassed by our "silly" action based on a feeling. 
By constantly pushing this aside we have lost our ability to use and trust our intuition. The good news is that you can get it back and when you do your whole world will change!!! GO back into nature, become present in the moment, FEEL that inner voice giving you the most valuable wisdom you will ever receive!
Some of the greatest "a-ha" moments come when you are silent in nature.
Nature is pure, non-judgemental and 100% present and when you are in this type of incredible presence, your intuition will be turned up, your senses will come alive and you will see the world completely differently!
Go back into nature and TRUST YOUR GUT!

These beautiful words will help you make sense of your 6th sense called intuition…. "Nature is actually the silent witness of intuition. Without nature i dont know how we can revive our intuition – the noice of the external world is muting the sound of the internal world, and therefore our intuition pays the price ~ Malidoma Somé auther #sundaysoul #soulfulsunday #intuition #thatgutfeeling #listentoyourgut #vegano #vegansofig  

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