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How to do a Bird of Paradise

I have been asked how to do a bird of paradise pose. A few months back when I was becoming more committed to my yoga again, the first time I saw this pose I was like "How the hell does one even start?!?!"… forward 6 months and it is one of my favourite poses.
I still struggle quite a bit on my right leg, it’s just not as flexible as the left but this feeling of mastery that this posture brings is what makes me love it even more.
Now, there is no "easy" way to just get this right first time. Like with many things (as I so often like to remind you 😉 😉 it requires patience and practise to perfect this pose. I have designed a sequence of 3 core yoga flows to help strengthen all the right areas to improve flexibility, balance and  ….strength! BONUS is, these exercises are amazing for toning and shaping the legs and core!!!
Here is the video. It is a little longer than the others but I have given a solid demonstration of how to do it all with enough visual repetition to make sure you don’t get confuse.

 Know of any friends who are keen to improve their yoga technique? Pass the video on to help inspire them and maybe do it together!!!

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