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High Protein Plant-Based Artisan Bread

OK, so I know bread has received a bad rap lately for it’s carb fueled content, BUT believe me…..a wholegrain, home-baked loaf of bread can change your life (and body)!  It comes down to eating in the right content and in the right quantities. Artisan breads and bakeries have become quite a trend because people have started to realise wholesome goodness is what has been missing from the bread equation.
Bread gets lumped all together in one generalized group but there is a HUGE difference between a slice of highly refined GMO bleached “cardboard” and a slice of wholegrain, natural homemade goodness.
I love bread (just like Oprah so famously proclaimed)…..I have always loved bread and have almost never given it up! Even when I was competing, grilled banana on rye toast was my FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bread has always been a staple for 100 of years but over time it has become a cheap alternative for convenience and gluttony. People like to be told that they can have anything they want in as much quantity as they want without taking responsibility for the side effects. Basically we want our white bread and eat it! Doesn’t work that way……if you want to eat loads of processed crap (like white bleached refined bread), then  you are going to have to live with the consequences of looking like crap….OR if you want to take responsibility, understand that balance is key and that healthy choices will always be your best choice (home-made wholegrain bread), then you will never have to worry about a slice of bread in your life again!
Most people who say they don’t touch bread, usually pig out on it at least x1 a week in the form of Mc D’s plastic burger, toasted cheese sarmies, pizza, pastries or all of the above. And yes, those are all forms of processed bread!!!! Therefore  instead of trying to deprive yourself completely which leads to over-indulging later, just enjoy a little bit of something nutritious and good and keep the balance.
Remember….quality over quantity, whole foods over refined.

SO, here’s the recipe for my super tasty high protein Plant-Based artisan BREAD!!!!! You don’t have to be a highly qualified chef to create a mini masterpiece!
I use Eurika Mills flour because it is stone-ground, unbleached, wholegrain goodness.
2 cups wholemeal Wheat Flour2 cups Wholemeal Rye flour1 cup hemp protein (or pea or any other plant protein will do)½ cup oat bran2 tsp instant yeast1 tsp salt
Mix this all together. Then add the following….
4 cups warm water with 1 Tbsp honey.
Fold in until it is all mixed really well. It should come together in a ball but have a sticky consistency (your hands will be quite messy by the time you done….but it’s fun 😉 😉 If it is dry add more water and if it is very wet add a little more flour.
Divide into 2 parts and place each ball of dough in a well greased bread tin. Allow to rise in a low temp oven (about 30 degrees) until double in size.
Pre-heat the oven to 160 degrees. Once little breads have risen, bake for 60min…..test by piercing a knife in the centre of the bread and it should come out clean. If it comes out sticky, bake for another 10-15min. Cool and store in an air tight container or slice and free to lock in freshness.
Each bread should make about 16 slices and one serving would be 2 of these slices. My favourite topping currently is fresh avo, tomato slices and fresh sprouts…..HEAVEN!!!
If you know any friends who want to embrace more balance and variety into their eating that includes some amazing artisan sandwiches like the pic below, make sure you pass it onto them!!!!

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