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How to change that dreaded Monday feeling

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Do you dread Mondays?

I did such amazing hikes last week and I can’t wait for Monday to come around!!! Do you look forward to Mondays or do you dread it?

Do you dread having to start yet again, with your health journey to achieve your body goals that sometimes feel so far out of reach,  the efforts almost feel hopeless?

This is the first indicator of your HAPPINESS FACTOR with you health and body.

I have been in that position where I use to HATE Mondays. I can’t emphasise the word hate enough. Honestly, I hated my job, I hated my circumstances and I hated body. It was during my late teens when I was struggling with who I was and what I wanted from my life.

It felt like I was a product of my circumstances and I felt helpless that I had no control over it. Little did I know the complete opposite was true..

My health and body was a mess, physically, mentally and emotionally and it was effecting all areas of my life.

Here is the thing, my job, circumstances and body where ALL my responsibility, my actions and my choices. It’s a hard reality to swallow especially when you feel helpless and unjustly treated.

Yes the people in our lives do influence us and there are certain things out of our control but its our choices in those moments that let us rise above or sink below our destiny…. Our purpose and our happiness. 

It took me years to “get it” and understand it. Probably now in my 30s I feel more at ease and accepting of this reality.

When we take responsibility for our actions we place ourselves in a powerful position of change.  It’s at that moment that you realise everything can change to YOUR desired outcome.

 The process to get that desired outcome can be hard and really challenging but it’s part of the journey to growth and prosperity. There’s certain lesson along the way we HAVE to learn in order to achieve a goal.

I apply this philosophy to my work in health, well-being and happiness.

I have personal experience with hardship and lessons about my body and learning to love, appreciate and take care of it.

Once I learned these lessons everything fell into place and my health and body changed into my greatest gift and friend…. something I appreciate, love and nuture everyday.

There are times when I find myself slipping back into old habit and negative thought patterns. This happens especially when things feel so out of my control. However, it’s the hardships and lessons from the past that give has strength to move through the challenges.  Along with an amazing support circle from friends, we can see clarity and move through these challenges.

 If you are struggling with  your HAPPINESS FACTOR, especially when it comes to your health, body and confidence….consider contacting me to apply for the BODY FREEDOM COURSE.

Drop me an email at to find out more…..

 You have the power to change your health, happiness and body now, it all comes down to choice.

Let me end  off with amazing words by Eckhart Tolle;
“Profound transformation is available now, no matter who or where you are” ???? ???? ???? 

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